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Christian rocker to stand trial for plot to murder his wife

Tim Lambesis of the Christian metal band “As I Lay Dying” is ordered to stand trial for attempting to hire a hit man to murder his estranged wife. According to a deputy who testified at a court hearing:

Lambesis explained he wanted his wife dead because she was going to get up to 60-percent of his income and would not allow their children — ages 4, 8, and 10 — to go on tour with him,

Dozens of vials of what appeared to be steroids were found at Lambesis’ home. Steroids are known to increase aggressive behavior.

Rocker to stand trial on charge of hiring hitman, on

Steroids found in Christian metal singer Tim Lambesis’ home: Detective, on

I also found a Q&A interview with Tim Lambesis, in which he mentions his understanding of theology. There’s a music video of one of his songs at the end. It gave me a headache.

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I’m so glad that with the quick investigation and “hit man” that Tim was arrested! And with the steroids and male enhancing drugs as well as the large sum of money,he certainly wasn’t up to any good!I wish his wife and children the best!


Maybe most of you know that so-called “Christian” people are not Christian. “Real” Christians don’t bug you about religion or try to get you to go to church (and certainly don’t scheme up ways to kill someone).

I think that these pseudo-Christians are narcissists and use religion as their “front”. They know the truth about themselves deep inside and are very afraid that others will see this truth (that they are evil and conniving). Becoming overtly religious and Bible thumping can make those who are gullible believe they are really nice people.

I know. I worked with one. The pain this woman caused me led to my leaving a job, one that I really needed and was convenient for both my husband and I. We saved on gas because he worked there too. She had him fooled, unfortunately for me. We had a fight about her more than once.

She succeeded in convincing others as well. People who thought I was jealous of her stopped acknowledging my presence. It was like I was not there at all. Meanwhile she ate up all the attention like a sponge. One other girl noticed what was going on and came to visit me at my home. She figured out “Little Miss Nosy-Brat” and I was able to divulge all the things she had put me through.

The department managers at this company never figured out that the problems in the office were due to her. They had also blamed another woman before I was there. How sad.

I feel sorry for this girl (and one time I actually got under her wig). She chirped away about how her husband was going to be a minister at their church. I knew she loved money and beautiful things, and without even thinking I said, “I thought ministers took a vow of poverty.”

“Sometimes the gods shine on you, my friends” (taken from George Costanza on Seinfeld).

The look on her face was priceless. I thought she was going to pass out. She had it coming, people.

It’s true that many people,no matter whether they claim to be Christian or some other religion,do not live up to their claims.In fact,it would be better if they just kept silent.Because they really bring reproach and shame on their God and congregations by their conduct.


Thanks, Blossom4th (cute)

That is why we are here…to support each other.

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