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Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce flares again

She was a supermodel. He was an architect in the Hamptons. They married, had children and then nastily divorced. Now they’re back in the news, lobbing accusations at each other. Who is disordered? Are they both disordered? From the media reports, it is impossible to tell. Read:

Christie Brinkley on the brink: I’m still being harassed by porn-crazy Peter Cook, she tells court, on

Christie Brinkley is a ‘second-rate celebrity starved for attention,’ ex-husband Peter Cook’s lawyer says as war of words continues, on

Also, watch an interview on ABC news: Peter Cook on his Christie Brinkley divorce.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

Well, donna, I think we can see some TELL POINTS about Mr. Cook from the articles, (I am assuming the statements are TRUE which may not be the case but would point to at least Mr. Cook not being “prince charming.)

1. “The spokesman added: “Christie has always been the sole source of financial support for the children and for the nine years of their marriage she supported Peter, too.”

2. “infamously stepped out on her with an 18-year-old girl, ”

3. “Cook’s alleged abuse got so bad that a year after the 2008 divorce, a judge ordered that he be fined $5,000 every time he crossed the line,”

4 “In court, Cook was also outed as an online porn fiend who spent as much as $3,000 a month on internet smut.

If we assume that these things are true then I think these 4 things would brand HIM at least as HIGH IN P TRAITS. He wasn’t financially responsible, she supported him, he cheated oon her with ann 18 year old girl, and he was using his wife’s money to support a $3,000 a month porn habit. Whatever the “alleged abuse” was the court thought it was bad enough and continued enough that he should be fined $5K for each time he did it again, so I think the court at least agreed it was “not nice.”

Now as for her, I am not sure we have enough information to say one way or another, but it seems to me to be that HE is NO prince charming and has HIGH P Traits. Just my take on the news paper articles linked above.

Ox Drover

here’s a little more information from another article

“Bitter divorce proceedings revealed Mr Cook spent thousands of dollars a month accessing internet porn.

He was also romantically involved with a neighbour’s daughter, Diana Bianchi, who was 18 at the time.

During their 2008 divorce, the court was told that he had paid Ms Bianchi $300,000 in the hope of her keeping the liaison quiet.

Ms Brinkley meanwhile charged that Mr Cook was a bad father who used ‘overwhelming’ physical force when disciplining the children.

The court psychiatrist said both parties needed therapy.

Read more:

So it looks like while Mr. Cook may not be Prince charming and may be high in P traits at least one psychiatrist thinks they are both “in need of therapy.”

donna dixon

Who really knows the true story but my bet is that Mr. Cook is definitely a WOLF in SHEEP’s clothing. He’s an architect in the Hamptons but yet he wants her to pay $25,000 for taking care of the kids while she was working? Isn’t that both parents responsibility? And was it Christie’s money that he used to pay the neighbor girl $300k to keep the “affair” secret?

Anyone with a porn addiction to the extent of his and “porking” an 18 year old neighbor can’t be anything but lacking poor moral judgement. I’m sure he is a CONTROL freak ~ some of his tactics sound familiar to me.

What a shame ~ by looks they are a “picture perfect family” ~

Ox Drover

Yea, to me the CHEATING on his part and add in the porn addiction and paying off to keep the affiar quiet…all bespeaks to me a person who is WITHOUT A MORAL COMPASS pointing in the right direction….that’ doesn’t mean though that Ms. Brinkley is any paragon of virtue either….can’t take evidence of no real negative comments in these three articles as “evidence” of her good character. So my guess is still out for lack of evidence on her part good or bad but I think he sounds like a slime ball.

The problem is many times though two people both lacking in characters, morals, or much conscience hook up in a volatile mixture of gasoline and fire and when it explodes, the investigation turns out to show that BOTH parties were pretty personality or character disordered. Not always, but many times….since they are both putting themselves out as the VICTIMS we know that at least ONE of them is lying….and who knows, maybe both.

donna dixon

I agree Oxy ~ in this situation it seems that beauty really is only “skin deep”. Let’s hope the kids don’t inherit the disorder(s) of one or both of their parents.


yes he is convincing. Wasn’t your spath convincing?

You just wrote a book about red flags. I haven’t read it yet but I assume that some of those red flags are : porn addiction, cheating on spouse, lying about cheating, taking spouse’s money to use against the spouse (mine did that).

So Cook has shown to have many of the BIG red flags to be considered a “spath” by LF standards. Which red flags has Brinkley shown?

Ox Drover

Sky, I’m not donna, but I think YES cook has shown many of the red flags with his cheating, porn addiction and bribing the girl to keep quiet, but the LACK OF POSITIVE EVIDENCE indicating disorder for Brinkley (at this point) doesn’t prove she is not ALSO got problems as well….

the ONE thing I have seen so far is that the psychiatrist thinks BOTH of them need therapy….which could only mean that she is “insane” from dealing with him the way we were all “insane” from dealing with our psychopaths. LOL

But look at the Mel Gibson thing…sure he is a card carrying psychopathic abuser, but the girl friend (mother of the baby) is a conniving manipulating woman out for M-O-N-E-Y (sung to the tune of the alphabet song) LOL


I am not defending Christie Brinkley b/c she has far more capable defenders.

I do notice that Mr Cook BLAMES Christie for HIS UNETHICAL IMMORAL behavior. If she was so terrible, he could have left and got a divorce. Instead, he humiliated her, screwing an 18yr old employee.

No matter what my abuser did to me, I do NOT have an affair, embezzle or defraud him, NOR smear his reputation. ALL this was done TO me, and More. I did not MAKE my ex treat me this way, he did it b/c that’s who HE is.

This is what also Mr Cook did to Ms Brinkley. The idea that she should pay a penny in order for him to be unfaithful to her is NUTS. I don’t care WHAT the porn bill was, it was NOT her responsibility to pay it. His defense that he didn’t spend as much as she said he did is MOOT. Blaming her for using hired help is also ridiculous. She doesn’t have a “wife”, her work is the same now as it was when he married her and when she had babies. She didn’t hide the fact that she was going to hire help.

He’s still blaming her for HIS bad behavior and that stands out to me. And She did not the initiator to take this latest squabble into the public, HE did, which BTW was against their divorce agreement. No matter how nice he is in an interview, THAT’s The TRUTH.

I’m sorry his feelings were hurt when she called him a deadbeat dad, I am sure her feelings were hurt back when he blamed her for his cheating and porn. But there is one thing that stands out in my divorce, it’s that FEELINGS don’t matter, Numbers do. So he can take his feelings and do with them what SHE had to do.


But Oxy, WHY would we assume, or even suspect, that there are hidden red flags regarding Brinkley?
If we lack evidence that she is disrordered couldn’t it be because she isn’t?
My question is WHY have a book about red flags if we aren’t going to base our ability to judge, on the red flags?

If we were shown evidence that she gives to the poor, that would not prove to me that she isn’t disordered because she could be using that as a cover (as my spath often did). The only thing we have to go by are the red flags and if they are there we can make a safe assumption. But if they are not, why can’t we take that at face value?

Spaths ALWAYS show you a good side. They are often good looking and well spoken. Charming, even. That is what makes them a spath – the mask. That and the fact that they have 2 sides to their mask, the good and the bad. They use that fact to confuse us and make us think that “they were just thoughtless.” or better yet, WE drove them to watch porn
as peter cook claim that brinkley drove him to watch porn.

His accusations of her are projection. He says she wants attention, but in fact she is Christie and doesn’t need court cases to get attention. He is just an architect, and can only get attention through her.

The red BANNERS are flying over his head and people are still saying, “well maybe we aren’t seeing the whole picture. lets keep our eyes open just in case she has a flaw we can jump on.”

I think she does have a flaw, she is naive and keeps attracting loser spaths, just like us.

donna dixon

Skylar ~ BINGO! “I think she does have a flaw, she is naive and keeps attracting loser spaths, just like us.” I do believe your comment is accurate, considering her past with husband #3.

I wondered why she would leave her divorce records open but then maybe it was so the world could see the real Peter who dropped his mask. Afterall, what better way to show his true colors of manipulation, cheating, addiction, etc.


Donna Dixon,
In the state where I filed my divorce, those dissolution records are public. She may not have the option to “close” them.

Ox Drover

Sky and Donna,
What I am saying is I haven’t read enough about her to know what is going on in her life….just the things he has been NAILED WITH publicly paint a big red BANNER on his face, but I dont’ know enough about her to make a judgment or even an ASSUMPTION on her as a person or a parent.

I’m not “looking for a flaw” in her, just not rushing to judgment that he is some kind of a saint because he is so rotten. I repeat, look at the Mel Gibson thing….he IS ROTTEN but she is ALSO rotten, poor kid got it on both sides, a vicious nasty mouthed controlling father and a money grubbing mother.

But it looks like this pair of kids have a nasty father and a mother who is at this point to me unknown except from what I read in 2-3 short news reports. So I’m not claiming she’s a saint, or an abuser, but being NEUTRAL about her at this point.

donna dixon

KatyDid ~ That’s a good point but usually celebrities and the rich have their own rules and if a case is detrimental to the well being of minors, etc., the judge can make an exception and seal the records.

By ousting him to the public perhaps she felt she was protecting herself from his manipulations as well as diminishing his chance for custody.

the sisterhood

I remember following the case back in 2008 and pegged him for a user and spath back then (even though I didn’t know the term spath back then).

With saying that and without trying to make a sweeping generalization about the celebrities, I think that there is an epidemic of Narcissism among the “Hollywood” types. Dr. Drew even refers to it all the time. It is an NPD that is formed from celebrity as apposed to it being there from childhood.

I do, without a doubt, think that Christie falls into this category. She was on an Extreme Makeover that I volunteered at and seeing the behind the scenes and all of the hoopla that was made over the “design” team was a bit nauseating. We, on the inside, were snickering when the bossses were making a big deal about having a “super model” coming to help out. She didn’t lift a finger to build that house. It is all smoke and mirrors to produce an exciting show. Do I think the end result outweighs the “fakeness” of the show…absolutely. I still love the show and was sad to see it end because of all the good it did. But I guess my point is, I don’t trust anyone in that industry (hollywood) and I think a lot of them have severe issues with the need for admiration and attention. Image is everything to them.

Again, Just my simple observation and opinion.

Ox Drover


I watched the show a bit, not often, but I read something about the people who got these big expensive houses couldn’t keep up the taxes and the upkeep and utilities on these houses and ended up having to sell them. I kind of thought about that when they were building these million $+ homes for these poor people, how could they maintain such places?

I agree with you that celebrities sometimes become very narcisistic just because they are fawned over by everyone, sometimes it brings out their inner psychopath as well.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Her many marriages says to me too that she doesn’t make good choices about that, and she may be either a “chronic victim” or in number of things, but I don’t have enough information to make are real guess even at her character. Besides, sometimes news stories are really skewed.


I wasn’t familiar with the Cook-Brinkley divorce because I don’t read “celebrity” stuff as a rule—though I will read up on it if a case is particularly interesting. For instance, I do have a habit of reading anything I see about Lindsay Lohan; not because I’m a “fan,” more with a feeling of horrified fascination: “What has that menace on two legs been and gone and done NOW?”

I do agree though with Sisterhood’s remarks about narcissism among Hollywood folks like Christie Brinkley. Lindsay Lohan is just a particularly egregious example of it. What else can we say about someone who claims, apparently in all seriousness, that “I’m not going to get in any trouble, because I’m a celebrity”? She said that even after events had already proved her wrong!

The only thing I wonder is how much of this bad impression of “celebrity types” is a product of the media. Newspapers and magazines are in business to sell stories, and sensationalism always sells, far more than normal people’s everyday lives. Is the behavior of Hollywood stars as a class really that much worse than normal people’s? Or is it the media who pick on the worst examples and publicize those to the exclusion of the better behaved?

To put this another way, what if celebrity stories were placed out of bounds and the media were restricted for an entire year to reporting only on the doings of the residents of Plainville, Kansas, say? Wouldn’t they manage to make a soap opera out of that as well? Even if most of the townsfolk are plain ordinary respectable citizens doing their best to lead good lives, I’m sure the town, like any human population anywhere, must have its share of thieves, robbers and abusers of all kinds—even a few murderers—along with drunk drivers, alcoholics, cokeheads and gambling addicts, promiscuous alley-cats and sluts jumping in and out of bed with one another, Peeping Toms and child molesters, prostitutes perhaps, or a wife-swapping club, quite apart from the usual crop of tempestuous marriages and nasty divorces. With a population of just over 1900, statistically the town ought to have 19 psychopaths as well. Any journalist worth his salt should be able to make the town—or any other town—look like a den of iniquity as bad as any Hollywood Babylon.

Still, I can’t deny that a lot of Hollywood stars do seem narcissistic (among other vices), and the only question I’d ask about that is the chicken-and-egg one. Which came first, the stardom or the narcissism? I’m sure that being fawned over so incessantly can inflate their egos beyond all bounds. But didn’t a lot of them seek stardom because they were narcissistic in the first place, clawing desperately for all the “narcissistic supply” they could get?

We may get a clue to the answer by examining people who are not yet “stars,” but are clearly “wannabe” stars. One hunting ground for that type is shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Mind you, I have to admit I’ve never watched either of those shows either, only short clips here and there. So here again, what’s caught my attention might not be representative. But what I did see included that ghastly pair, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, who in my opinion were as bad as one another! Certainly “clawing for attention” was a notable personality trait of both.

They weren’t the only examples. What brought them to mind was idly leafing through a copy of Us magazine in my dentist’s waiting room last Friday, when I came across another right pair of prizes on the same show, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson. She seems to be downright mean, while he supposedly only got into the show to publicize his winery! They both sounded as fake as a $20 Rolex. Later when I was chatting with the dental hygienist I mentioned this, and asked her “Why on earth do they call a magazine like that ‘Us’? The people in there are nothing like US! They’re all so plastic! Why don’t they call their magazine ‘THEM’ instead?”

Ox Drover

Redwald, ROTFLMAO Snort, Snarf! THEM????? GREAT!!!!


Rewald – Great post, thanks for the chuckle..I would say the narcissist came before the egg…I know a few infamous narcissist that deserve an Oscar..

the sisterhood

Redwald, that is too funny. You made some excellent points. I especially like the changing of the title of Us Magazine to Them.LOL

I also think that the narcissism was there before the celebrity and agree that it was that narcissism that made them want to be at the top of that scene.

I know a few wannabe folks that fall into that category.


In the second article, Mr. Cook wrote a rebuttal comment, under the name “Ilivedit”, signing with Peter Cook at the end. Not just a rebuttal comment, but a whole chapter of a book it seems. Towards the end he blames her for his porn use. What a toad.


I stopped kissing toad’s and kiss dog’s instead. Life is good.

Ox Drover

Amen, Henry! Kissing dogs is much better than kissing toads, and they are a lot warmer too.

I finally figured out that you can’t pet a toad or a snake enough that it will ever grow fur or love you…It just ain’t gonna happen. They are still what they are.


I was worse than kissing toads. I sucked up to spaths, thinking that if I just appeased them enough, they’d leave me alone. I was wrong.

ps My doggie is a wonderful snuggle bunnie on these cold rainy nights. We bundle on the couch and watch british comedies. Or rather I watch; she falls asleep. Althought I don’t know how she could miss Stephen Fry. He’s SO funny!

Ox Drover

KatyDear, that was T*M*I sugar…YUK the visual makes me gag! pa—-la-eeeeze!


Okay Oxy. Yes, I see it is a visual grossout. Amended. Have to remember country gals know things that don’t register with cityfolk.

Ox Drover

Thanks Katy dear, I am not a city girl and being medical makes me usually WIN at the “gross out at the dinner table” fights, but that one was just too much for a blog! Thanks for the [email protected] LOL


I noticed in Cook’s interview that he said Christie “made me do this”. For me, that was the tell that Cook is disordered & abusive. No one “makes” an adult do anything. It was Cook’s choice to give the interview & create publicity.

I think both of them are disordered & are engaged in an abuser-victim dance. Hope they & the children get help.

Ox Drover

Clair, too many times that “two abuser relationship” is the “norm” in some of these situations and this very well may be one of those. I’ve heard it called “gasoline and fire” relationships and I think that just about sums it up.


Yes, Ox Driver, “gasoline and fire” relationships. Unless one of them stops participating, it will continue.

Ox Drover

Too many times I have seen the one that gets burned the worst present themselves as a “victim” when in fact, they are just the loser of the 2-abuser war. It reminds me of “War of the Roses” movie. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to see that they are not indeed a “true” victim, but just a burned-out loser-abuser.


Yes, it’s the Karpman Triangle: The Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor Game

Ox Drover

Of course it is, and too many of us are too good at playing that game, and of course not realizing that we are playing it….which when we become AWARE of it, it is POSSIBLE to stop playing it, but ohhhhh, how tempting to fall back into that so-comfortable pattern.

Ox Drover

Clair, thanks for posting this link….I appreciate it very much. I can see you have done your homework!~ Thanks!


Well darn, I didnt get to read Katy’s gross post. It couldnt of been that bad?
Katy it is raining here too ~! Me and the two wieners have our flannel jammies on, watching ”Game Change” on HBO…I am not a Sarah Palin fan but that poor gal has been crucified ~!


thanks for noting the Ilivedit comment. I checked it out.
He intimates that he had to use porn because Christie is so ugly. That’s the reason it’s all her fault that he used porn.

I equate my short-lived interest in âPornâ with being Brinkleyâ s husband. No more Brinkley, no more need for porn. I donât care what she looks like or the public’s perception of her. In reality sheâs just a shell of a person with a good makeup artist and a crack PR team.


Um, well that makes sense then, he needed someone more deep and more real than his ugly supermodel wife, so he turned to that well of spirituality: porn. Who wouldn’t?

Is anyone here still doubting that this guy is anything less than a dyed in the wool spath? The word salad ALONE indictes him.


wow, sky that’s a word salad with shit on top! like your, ‘that well of spirituality: porn.’

At some point during my time on lf i started to wonder about my dad’s use of porn – it’s been continual and escalating. I wonder if this isn’t a hallmark of all spaths – or rather that ‘continual and escalating’ porn use isn’t a marker for spathy and narcissism.


one joy
perverse sex is a red flag because they need to dehumanize other humans, since they long ago dehumanized themselves.

Porn, with it’s lack of emotional bonding, is a form of dehumanization.

Most people, I think, will look at porn out of curiosity and then usually get more than their fill, but a spath wants more and more.

The subject is way beyond my “alphabet grade”, but I’d say that there aren’t too many people who escaped childhood without some scars related to sexuality and shame (such is our culture), so sex is going to be a stumbling block for anyone.


clair: thanks for the link. very interesting and thought provoking. hope you don’t mind if i share it.

interesting discussion here you guys…

but yes, porn and perverse sex is a part of their vernacular, isn’t it? just one more facet they use to dehumanize …

there is no ‘loving’ sex for them. it is only another way to disrespect and to use….a true ‘bonding’ experience in every sense of the word; hm?


Ox Drover

Sky, I quote you “that well of spirituality: porn. Who wouldn’t?” I thought I would fall off my chair laughing, yea well of spirituality! LOL ROTFLMAO snort snark bray choke


sky – an old friend told me about some of the porn my dad kept in one of his shops. way more perverse than the porn he kept beside his bedside (that i knew about from at least the age of 9), or hidden in the house. i wonder, would have made any difference to my mom if she had known about the more perverse stuff? Would she have seen him differently? Would she have realized that he wasn’t okay?

Fast forward 30 years and I was wondering why my dad’s computer was so password protected, why he had so much anti-virus protection on his computer. Then I had the chance to get on his computer when he was gone. Lot’s of paid sites in his history.

Found one that wasn’t password protected – a yahoo group, called ‘false memory syndrome.’ ‘false memory syndrome’ was a big backlash against woman outing their sexual offenders in the 80’s and 90’s. My dad had pushed back against my sib’s accusations against him, so I wasn’t surprised to find this link in his history. But it wasn’t about ‘false memory syndrome’, it was ‘written fantasy’ about an incestuous urban family. then their were all the Russian bride sites….found one of those open on his computer once, when he was in town. I mentioned it and he outright lied to my face.


it’s possible that your mother would have moved her boundaries back even further if she’d known about the perverse porn. I certainly kept moving my boundaries for my spath. I didn’t have much of a boundary there to begin with anyway.

Without knowledge about spaths our experience of living with them creates so much cog/diss that we don’t know what’s real anymore.

If your dad is a spath, then it certainly goes to show that some spaths can and do stay married to one woman for long long periods of time, for as long as she will put up with his sickness.

False memory syndrome – of course! that’s the perfect solution: gaslight the victim. He can say that all this stuff didn’t actually happen in the past. My spath actually said, “the past does not exist.”


sky- my mom was/ is very conservative and ‘proper’, but she was also groomed supply. (Makes me sick to my stomach to say that, but her enduring lover for her murderous, philandering, abusive, alcoholic father proves it out.)

She used to be quite embarrassed if my sib or i mentioned anything to do with sexuality (which we did a couple of times as teens – just to have her on).

she was so repressive with me – probably with my sib, too. i remember her coming into my room one night after bedtime, to ask me if i was a virgin. when I told her that i wasn’t she got up and left the room. there was no discussion whatsoever.

when i left a book about menstruation in my room ( a while before I started to menstruate) she took it as a sign that I was menstruating and her happiness about it made me so terribly uncomfortable. did i mention that she was a nurse?

I always felt that she was very invasive and it was years before I became comfortable with her hugging me as an adult. i know teenagers are people who are figuring out their boundaries and many parents suck at their children’s transition from little ones to older teens. so, that is part of it. it wasn’t until my late 20’s that i could hug her and not feel invaded, not feel like she was trying to take something from me emotionally, that i did not want to give. she really sucked at boundaries. she went out of my life when i was 9, and when she came back all damaged and fucked up on painkillers, it took her at least a year before she could go upstairs. once she did, she was relentless in snooping about our rooms. it was like she missed something and she couldn’t get close enough to us in a normal way, so she snooped. she was damaged from childhood – her emo skills sucked.

i feel very sick writing all of this, and have no idea why it’s rising up in me this week, but it is. we lived through some very difficult times when i was a kid. i know more about teenagers now and that gives me a bit of perspective on my own experience. i also realize how much she missed us, and how ill equipped she was to get close to us. all that said…she was still grooming me (and probably my sib), and she was invasive in many ways. As an adult I have put boundaries in place, ever increasing ones, as I understand more clearly what my parent’s are about. Regardless, all of this makes me feel very sick.

when my sister accused my dad of molesting her, my mother held fast to dad. my sister really is quite loopy and has been as long as i remember. i have never doubted another person’s insistence that they were abused (she also said mom beat her – which muddied the waters for me), but i do doubt my sister. i guess i don’t trust any of them and their accounts. my father tried to ingratiate himself to me around this – i told him I was staying out of it. and i believe that is why he stole my money (that, and my claim against HIS father). it’s a big n injury.

my sib is an n. she has always acted entitled and privileged. sexual abuse is horrible. lord, i hope this doesn’t get me into hot water here – please people do not freak out at what i am about to say – beyond the horror of abuse for the non disordered, i wonder how this affected her as an n? this is a horrible injury for someone not disordered, but it would also cause an n injury in her. she hated and resented me. when i was young i had what looked like a close relationship with my father…. lots of puzzle pieces. i am going to end this post, as i just freaked out at the prospect of anyone taking me to task for belittling the experience of sexual abuse by posing this question. i am only trying to figure out the reasons why she hates me so much.


sky – i think we may be all working out of our pay grade with this stuff.




I am THRILLED that we have taken up this matter. I think I sent something to Donna a year or two ago, or commented here about it — to the effect that Ms. Brinkley raised some questions about her own behavior by, on the one hand, claiming that she wanted to protect her children from all this publicity, and on the other hand, subjecting them to a really nasty, tabloid-ready court fight. I think even her daughter by Billy Joel, Alexa, was called to the stand. So much for her mother-of-the-year claims!

It was said that she only went that far when Cook threatened to fight for some of the real estate holdings. At first glance, his claim to be such a great “adviser” that he deserved some of the houses seemed ridiculous. But actually, his advice made Ms. Brinkley a lot of money. A lot. Hamptons real estate is not chump change.

But now I’m not so sure about Mr. Cook. He was so convincing in a previous TV appearance. But spaths are always convincing, right?

Taken in again!

I suppose the best test of his character would be to examine his previous marriage(s) and relations with people other than Ms. Brinkley.


Just yesterday I was thinking….wonder what Donna has to say about Christie Brinkley…and the latest Lovefraud email was in my inbox this morning….

I’ve always thought it was a ‘red flag’ when someone claims they use porn because their spouse doesn’t turn them on any longer, etc. I’m not sure about Christie, though. She does seem to have a history of attracting this type of man…remember 10-15 years ago the guy in Colorado – think his name was Ricky and he was thought to be a millionaire – they married after the helicopter crash in a snow storm? She was pregnant then, I believe…but I think she was preggers by another man? She also claimed he was a fraud and they divorced right away. I do recall in the last year or so, Christie was quoted as saying she would never be involved in another relationship…which would point more to someone who is relatively normal and has found themselves in chronic relationships that turn very sour.

This is a long shot…but, what if making these kinds of claims against their husband(s) is part of their psychopathy? Could this be a sign she is a P? P’s always diss the other person. It’s always someone else’s fault. My personal impression of her has been ‘wholesome’…which would attract the P’s. Then again, it could be as Donna mentions, she is a chronic victim. Even supermodels can be chronic victims…words I never would have put in the same sentence until now.

Oh, before I forget…here is the reason I’ve been so interested in Peter Cook. Many years ago I dated an architect. There were 3 guys in his firm. All 3 were blazing Narcissists, some of whom were carrying on multiple affairs. Their bustling romantic lives were drama filled. Someone could have written a book from the different scenarios. Not only did these guys work in the same small office, they also spent their non-work hours socializing….with other architects 🙂 This made it very easy to notice what was going on in all aspects of their soap opera lives. Their girlfriends were highly intelligent, successful women and were in horrific relationships with these little boy-men architects who didn’t have a clue about being honorable and decent.

Because of this experience, I have assumed that architects as a class are very similar to these 3++ guys. The field I worked in brought me in contact with other A’s and many of them seemed to have the same personality type. From my observations, most are womanizers and N/S/P’s. There you go…

Fast forward. 15 years later, I discovered one of my girlfriends had dated one of their A friends, and he was a REAL loo-loo. He and his girlfriend of 15 years earlier had one of the most drama filled relationships of the bunch. Now I recognize she was also an N. Once he was driving her car out of the parking garage. He scraped her car on the side of the garage and never said a word to her about it. Anyway, my present day girlfriend who dated this A was my “friend” who I later found out was a very toxic N. She and I are no longer friends because of it.


Interesting. My ex Psychopath is an architect, also.


Great remarks, Emi. Christie as a serial spath-attractor. It could happen. She claimed Billy Joel was a “nightmare,” and I never believed it until his drummer sued him and said Billy had a drinking problem. There’s his trouble! And her trouble is, she bailed him out with several million dollars early in their marriage. Go figure. She just has a “kick me” sign on her, and these guys take her for a ride as far as they can.

Actually, Peter Cook said their marriage was chaste after a while. Perfect in every way except that they just didn’t have sex. That’s a bit more than his spouse just not turning him on. That could be a red flag about Christie, the untouchable doll who’s never been taken out of the box. Supermodel, indeed. I wonder if he’s not exactly a spath, but more like a garden-variety a-hole who would solve a problem like that by paying off a teenager to keep quiet about their affair. Pretty bad, but not exactly a guy who doesn’t admit his mistakes later. And she just has a problem dealing with her serial victimhood problem — much easier to parade around the tabloids as a pure, innocent rube.

I mean, come on, putting her kids through that publicity? That’s what a good attorney is around to prevent. He brings things to a settlement, even if you lose a few houses. This is a woman who actually had that kind of money to lose in the first place. Where did she get all that cash? Playing honestly? Really? Or threatening famous husbands with bad publicity?


SisterSister…good info and observations. Here is what I read about spouses who “suddenly” don’t want sex. When people are married to sex addicts, one of the “symptoms” is that the non-sex addicted partner suddenly no longer wants sex. This therapist said when a couple presents in this way, it is a red flag for a therapist to probe for sex addiction in one of the spouses. Not saying this is true about Christie, but it could be. And, I guess we’ll never know 🙂

As far as bailing out Billy Joel…it is possible that just shows her kindness. Christie comes from humble roots who made it big as a supermodel. Even if it’s millions instead of a few bucks, her actions showed that she is a giving person who saw that he needed some help. She had been blessed with financial wealth. Thought and kindness was behind it. That is how many of us were raised…to help someone in need. In Christie’s case, she happened to be very wealthy, so her giving reflected the level of her wealth. Since we’ll never really know, it could also be just the opposite. But I’m thinking that it was more kindness and generosity.


That’s interesting. I didn’t know that about sex addicts turning off their partners. . . . How is it that people marry such people? Do they really wait until marriage to have sex? They never sample the goods?

I don’t know how Christie made that much money — honestly or dishonestly. (Was she Joel Brinkley’s daughter?) It was of course kind and generous of her to bail out Billy Joel, who, by the way, had been ripped off by his previous brother-in-law, whom he had hired as his manager. He himself may have been the victim of a spath. At any rate, Billy seems to be unable to help himself, too. He just doesn’t take care of business.

We’ll never know all the details, but my goodness — if you’re going to be a supermodel, and have millions of dollars to lose to husbands and such, grow the hell up. Kick the tires before you buy that jalopy. C’mon, Peter Cook was married before, and so was Billy Joel. References, please? At least read the prior divorce complaints. And don’t parade around the tabloids with your kids as the poor, unsuspecting ex-wife. After 50, that little-girl act just isn’t cute anymore.

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