Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce flares again

She was a supermodel. He was an architect in the Hamptons. They married, had children and then nastily divorced. Now they’re back in the news, lobbing accusations at each other. Who is disordered? Are they both disordered? From the media reports, it is impossible to tell. Read:

Christie Brinkley on the brink: I’m still being harassed by porn-crazy Peter Cook, she tells court, on NYDailyNews.com.

Christie Brinkley is a ‘second-rate celebrity starved for attention,’ ex-husband Peter Cook’s lawyer says as war of words continues, on NYDailyNews.com.

Also, watch an interview on ABC news: Peter Cook on his Christie Brinkley divorce.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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I am THRILLED that we have taken up this matter. I think I sent something to Donna a year or two ago, or commented here about it — to the effect that Ms. Brinkley raised some questions about her own behavior by, on the one hand, claiming that she wanted to protect her children from all this publicity, and on the other hand, subjecting them to a really nasty, tabloid-ready court fight. I think even her daughter by Billy Joel, Alexa, was called to the stand. So much for her mother-of-the-year claims!

It was said that she only went that far when Cook threatened to fight for some of the real estate holdings. At first glance, his claim to be such a great “adviser” that he deserved some of the houses seemed ridiculous. But actually, his advice made Ms. Brinkley a lot of money. A lot. Hamptons real estate is not chump change.

But now I’m not so sure about Mr. Cook. He was so convincing in a previous TV appearance. But spaths are always convincing, right?

Taken in again!

I suppose the best test of his character would be to examine his previous marriage(s) and relations with people other than Ms. Brinkley.

Just yesterday I was thinking….wonder what Donna has to say about Christie Brinkley…and the latest Lovefraud email was in my inbox this morning….

I’ve always thought it was a ‘red flag’ when someone claims they use porn because their spouse doesn’t turn them on any longer, etc. I’m not sure about Christie, though. She does seem to have a history of attracting this type of man…remember 10-15 years ago the guy in Colorado – think his name was Ricky and he was thought to be a millionaire – they married after the helicopter crash in a snow storm? She was pregnant then, I believe…but I think she was preggers by another man? She also claimed he was a fraud and they divorced right away. I do recall in the last year or so, Christie was quoted as saying she would never be involved in another relationship…which would point more to someone who is relatively normal and has found themselves in chronic relationships that turn very sour.

This is a long shot…but, what if making these kinds of claims against their husband(s) is part of their psychopathy? Could this be a sign she is a P? P’s always diss the other person. It’s always someone else’s fault. My personal impression of her has been ‘wholesome’…which would attract the P’s. Then again, it could be as Donna mentions, she is a chronic victim. Even supermodels can be chronic victims…words I never would have put in the same sentence until now.

Oh, before I forget…here is the reason I’ve been so interested in Peter Cook. Many years ago I dated an architect. There were 3 guys in his firm. All 3 were blazing Narcissists, some of whom were carrying on multiple affairs. Their bustling romantic lives were drama filled. Someone could have written a book from the different scenarios. Not only did these guys work in the same small office, they also spent their non-work hours socializing….with other architects 🙂 This made it very easy to notice what was going on in all aspects of their soap opera lives. Their girlfriends were highly intelligent, successful women and were in horrific relationships with these little boy-men architects who didn’t have a clue about being honorable and decent.

Because of this experience, I have assumed that architects as a class are very similar to these 3++ guys. The field I worked in brought me in contact with other A’s and many of them seemed to have the same personality type. From my observations, most are womanizers and N/S/P’s. There you go…

Fast forward. 15 years later, I discovered one of my girlfriends had dated one of their A friends, and he was a REAL loo-loo. He and his girlfriend of 15 years earlier had one of the most drama filled relationships of the bunch. Now I recognize she was also an N. Once he was driving her car out of the parking garage. He scraped her car on the side of the garage and never said a word to her about it. Anyway, my present day girlfriend who dated this A was my “friend” who I later found out was a very toxic N. She and I are no longer friends because of it.

Interesting. My ex Psychopath is an architect, also.

Great remarks, Emi. Christie as a serial spath-attractor. It could happen. She claimed Billy Joel was a “nightmare,” and I never believed it until his drummer sued him and said Billy had a drinking problem. There’s his trouble! And her trouble is, she bailed him out with several million dollars early in their marriage. Go figure. She just has a “kick me” sign on her, and these guys take her for a ride as far as they can.

Actually, Peter Cook said their marriage was chaste after a while. Perfect in every way except that they just didn’t have sex. That’s a bit more than his spouse just not turning him on. That could be a red flag about Christie, the untouchable doll who’s never been taken out of the box. Supermodel, indeed. I wonder if he’s not exactly a spath, but more like a garden-variety a-hole who would solve a problem like that by paying off a teenager to keep quiet about their affair. Pretty bad, but not exactly a guy who doesn’t admit his mistakes later. And she just has a problem dealing with her serial victimhood problem — much easier to parade around the tabloids as a pure, innocent rube.

I mean, come on, putting her kids through that publicity? That’s what a good attorney is around to prevent. He brings things to a settlement, even if you lose a few houses. This is a woman who actually had that kind of money to lose in the first place. Where did she get all that cash? Playing honestly? Really? Or threatening famous husbands with bad publicity?

SisterSister…good info and observations. Here is what I read about spouses who “suddenly” don’t want sex. When people are married to sex addicts, one of the “symptoms” is that the non-sex addicted partner suddenly no longer wants sex. This therapist said when a couple presents in this way, it is a red flag for a therapist to probe for sex addiction in one of the spouses. Not saying this is true about Christie, but it could be. And, I guess we’ll never know 🙂

As far as bailing out Billy Joel…it is possible that just shows her kindness. Christie comes from humble roots who made it big as a supermodel. Even if it’s millions instead of a few bucks, her actions showed that she is a giving person who saw that he needed some help. She had been blessed with financial wealth. Thought and kindness was behind it. That is how many of us were raised…to help someone in need. In Christie’s case, she happened to be very wealthy, so her giving reflected the level of her wealth. Since we’ll never really know, it could also be just the opposite. But I’m thinking that it was more kindness and generosity.

That’s interesting. I didn’t know that about sex addicts turning off their partners. . . . How is it that people marry such people? Do they really wait until marriage to have sex? They never sample the goods?

I don’t know how Christie made that much money — honestly or dishonestly. (Was she Joel Brinkley’s daughter?) It was of course kind and generous of her to bail out Billy Joel, who, by the way, had been ripped off by his previous brother-in-law, whom he had hired as his manager. He himself may have been the victim of a spath. At any rate, Billy seems to be unable to help himself, too. He just doesn’t take care of business.

We’ll never know all the details, but my goodness — if you’re going to be a supermodel, and have millions of dollars to lose to husbands and such, grow the hell up. Kick the tires before you buy that jalopy. C’mon, Peter Cook was married before, and so was Billy Joel. References, please? At least read the prior divorce complaints. And don’t parade around the tabloids with your kids as the poor, unsuspecting ex-wife. After 50, that little-girl act just isn’t cute anymore.

I can relate to Chrisite’s history/story. Not because I am tall and gorgeous and rich. Not because I have kids. Not because I live in the Hamptons and sell stuff on QVC.

But because I have attracted multiples of addicted and outright disordered men, in a variety of ‘costume’. And I have looked like a total crazy for my ‘bad’ choices.

When I broke it off, or was dumped by, these crazies I also acted crazy. I defended myself in some of the most dysfunctional ways. I behaved badly in the relationships. I was so out of control myself I was easily influenced to behave in some pretty reprehensible ways.

AND, my own blind narcissism was part of why I think I was attracted to, and was a sympathizer with these abusers and users.

It wasn’t until I went through a transformation, via therapy and painful self-assessment, which facilitated an opening in my defenses and my heart, that I woke up and started to truly manage my own life.

And I ended my last spathic relationshit with dignity and awareness.

Spathic/narcissistic behaviors, traits, and wrong headed thinking exist on a continuum. Cook certainly seems to present as the one with the classic red flags of a disordered man: porn, lying, cheating, not having sex after married (lots of spaths with hold sex, and blame it on the spouse), mooching. Chrisitie doesn’t seem to me to scream ‘disorder!’.

To my way of seeing things it is likely Chrisite has some level of narcissistic disturbance. It would be pretty hard not to considering her circumstances, and all the accolades she has received, just for being born beautiful. This doesn’t mean she is ‘disordered’. But could mean she has some serious poop to work through in order to change her life, and make better choices.

That’s a really brave confession there.

And well put, that Christie, though not a spath or complete narcissist, probably needs to work through some stuff herself.


I guess I posted this because I think it’s important for all of us to be able to accept and work through our own issues. We didn’t all come to know these Bad People through the same set of experiences. But even if we came to know them when we were in ‘bad’ psychological spaces ourselves, we still did not deserve it, and may have suffered more than our fair share of blame for our attraction to them.

Some of us were in relationships for decades, with one spath. Some with numbers of them, for shorter periods of time. Some of us had only one brief encounter.

Regardless, we all, from exactly ‘where we were’, suffered the cruelty of deception and devastation.

Christie seems not to be an exception. She is just rich and famous. But just as human as I am. As we are.

Some of us here have led pretty thoughtful, honest, and perhaps ‘conservative’ lives. Some of us not. Most are inbetween.

I came from a very coflicted background, and suffered alot of narcissistic injury as a tiny one. This left me with some deficiencies in knowing who I was, how to handle my emotions, and how to live honestly in the world. My mother was a teenager, and was prone to high levels of narcissism herself. She was not fully disordered, but it was a rough ride for an infant and toddler. Not a nurturing, mirrroing, loving mother. The rest of her family were addicts, spaths, PD’s, and child molesters.

I vacillated between what I learned from her (being cold and selfish and histrionic), and trying to be a saint and forgive EVERYONE, every indiscretion. Neither one is balanced. They both felt inauthentic. Both came from a lack of healthy narcissistic integration. Also some extreme guilt and shame (beyond what might be considered helpful in creating an empathetic person).

I hope that my sharing can somehow validate others’ who may have also had the experience of being a not-so-together-person, attracting users, and feeling they ‘deserved’ it.

No one is stupid and deserves it. No matter our age. We just don’t know what we don’t know. Whether it is about ourselves, or about others’.

I love this site!



Your post above is very thought provoking and caring. Thank you so much for sharing that deep part of yourself. I feel sure it will be helpful to any number of people here. Thanks again.

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