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Christie Brinkley receives public apology from ex-husband’s 2nd ex-wife


Christie Brinkley

Suzanne Shaw, architect Peter Cook’s second wife, realized she should have listened to Christie Brinkley. The supermodel — Cook’s first wife —  tried to warn Shaw of Cook’s philandering before she married him.

Shaw and Cook have now split up due to Cook’s “skirt chasing.” Shaw felt that a public apology to Brinkley was both ‘appropriate and deserved.’

Peter Cook’s ex apologizes to Brinkley for ignoring warnings, from

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Good for Suzanne Shaw! Good for Christie Brinkley! They both showed tremendous courage.


When the mask of a narcissist falls & his triangulation of two victims ends when the two victims have a conversation the whole world will learn the truth about an evil man.

Christie Brinkley & Suzanne Shaw two ex’s of narcissistic Peter Cook have joined forces and their power together is endless!!


Another article Suzanne Shaw calls her ex husband a “pathological predilection for young women”. Hopefully the young women of the Hampton’s will heed the warning of both Christie Brinkley and Suzanne Shaw

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