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Christopher Coleman charged with strangling his family

A Lovefraud reader alerted us to news from Waterloo, Illinois—the small town that was the scene of a gruesome murder on May 5, 2009. Sheri Coleman and her two sons, Garrett, 11, and Gavin, 9, were found strangled in their beds. Yesterday, Christopher Coleman, Sheri’s husband and father of the two boys, was ordered to stand trial on first-degree murder charges.

Coverage of the case in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reveals that:

  • Chris Coleman himself called his neighbor, a police officer, for a “welfare check” on his family. That’s when the bodies were discovered.

  • Coleman claimed everyone was alive when he left to go to a gym at 5:43 a.m. An expert says the family was probably killed between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.

  • Obscenities were spray-painted on the sheets covering the boys and on the walls. There were also other words—one of them was “punished.”

  • Previously, threatening notes had been received by the family. One of them was sent from Coleman’s work computer.

  • Coleman was having an affair with a Florida woman who was a former hostess at a gentlemen’s club. They had a joint credit card and met when Coleman traveled for his job as a security manager with Joyce Meyer Ministries.

  • The Colemans took out a mortgage on their home for $202,269 in 2005. On October 6, 2008—as the economy was mired in recession—they refinanced for $230,850. At that time, Sheri signed a quit claim deed for the home so that it solely belonged to her husband.

Lovefraud will be keeping an eye on the case. Media coverage hasn’t indicated much about Christopher Coleman’s demeanor. I’m anxious to see it.

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Oh My God! That poor poor woman, those poor darling sweetheart children. This story breaks my heart, to its core. Psychopathic lust strangles his kids and beautiful wife to death and tries to justify it through spraying “punishment” messages. Plans it way ahead and sends threatening notes from his own computer. Some “security” guard. Securing his own lustful needs at the expense of the most beautiful loving family in the world. I dare say these three people were tortured and traumatised all of their short lives with this disgusting excuse of a human being. He is the epitomy of everything I despise. There is no forgiveness in my heart for this alien animal. I wish they would give him the lethal injection tomorrow so our planet could be rid of this scum.


P.S. His demeanor will be identical to the psychopaths in both Oxy’s and my lives. He will feel smug, with no remorse and planning his “escape”, while bignoting to his new prison mates. He will say to the court that he is innocent (on whatever grounds) till the day he dies. He will play the part of whatever is required to get sympathy and infamy and to get off his charge of first degree murder. if it requires tears, guarrantee they will be there. If it needs blank looks to keep people guessing, then that will be his demeanor for the day. He is a dangerous cold blooded reptile and nothing good can come from him being alive.


Thanks for following this story on Christopher Coleman. I heard about this a few weeks ago and was happy to hear about his arrest. This and Drew Peterson makes two in the Illinois area. As one poster on the link writes. “here we go again”…

Sad that a parent could kill their own family for a lover. When I asked the question “how cold can these people be?”. I guess the only answer is “as cold as ice”.

We will have to wait until the verdict come down to see if he is guilty or not but in my book there is more then enough evidences to say he is a good bet for a guilty verdict.


James: Isn’t this the same state that brought us Governor “Blagy”?



The one and only, Guess this is way I really for a change of pace and other living in another state starting to look mighty good to me. But really no matter where one lives they will be there in the dark with fangs waiting to drink deeply on one’s soul.

But yes three are now waiting for a cell in the Illinois prison houses.

Drew Peterson
Last Gov “blagy”
and now Mr. Christopher Coleman…

Sad but True 🙁

Oh and I forgot about this one as well…

When will it end?


When will we wake up?
When will the courts system wake up?

Damn it Damn it Damn it!!!!!


this is absolutely tragic. Those who know the legality of things, can the court order be appealed if Unsupervised visits are allowed?
This scares me all the more, because my ex is 65 and he already told me he’s got “nothing to lose”


James, Katya — when we see this pattern, we need to name it.

The most recent high-profile victim is Sandra Boss. The jury was still out on the kidnap trial of her abusive, pathologically lying, con artist ex-husband — the so-called “Clark Rockefeller.”

The comments of the uneducated public against her have been horrible. She married this fraud when she was still in college. By then — the suspicion, but not proven — he had killed the people who owned the place where he lived in California. She may be smart and pretty, but up against a high-level sociopath, she had no chance against his manipulations, coercion, and outright threats.

He kidnapped their daughter, after he was already subject to supervised visitation because the courts didn’t trust him. And on the first visit he assaulted the social worker and kidnapped the girl.

And in the courtroom, lying so-called mental health “experts” have testified to give him an excuse that he doesn’t deserve. (They got paid big bucks for their “opinion.”

If you want to make an immediate difference, track down any article about Sandra Boss and the so-called “Clark Rockefeller” kidnap trial, and make your public comments under the articles. Go ahead and refer people to LoveFraud, because it’s people who don’t understand the diabolical “logic” of these disordered minds who will let a dangerous, manipulative criminal like “Clark Rockefeller” back on the street.


This is such a sad story, and Chris Coleman such a monster. The whole thing is almost more than my mind can comprehend.

Ox Drover

This kind of story always seems to make the news, and it amazes me just how CLUMSY AND STUPID some of these guys are—like sending the “threat” from his own computer.

You can go to just about any book store and find HUNDREDS of “true crime” books written about these people—both men and women who were about as “smart” as the proverbial “pet rock” when it came to offing family members, business partners, and lovers. If you were to factor in the number of SMART killers who get away with it, it isn’t “rare” at all.

I wish these cases were “rare”—most don’t make the national news because they are NOT rare. This case is I think, just another piece of the TIP of the iceberg of abuse that is floating in our national waters, and in the waters of MOST of the world.

Since the day that Cain killed his brother, family violence has been part of our human heritage.

I guess it saddens me a bit more because of the “near miss” of my X-DIL trying to kill my son C, but just off the top of my head I can name several people I KNOW PERSONALLY who have gotten away with murder, some have been tried and acquited, others managed to get around the trial, though there was suspiciion.

Right this minute there is a psychopath I know from my living history group who lived with his elderly mother as her “caregiver” and he was found in the house with her, she had been dead at least two weeks. They finally arrested this man for “abuse of a corpse” but I have NO doubt in my mind that he killed her, either by neglect or by some other way and was waiting for the corpse to decompose enough that evidence of murder would not be apparent. Sure, I’m “jumping to conclusions” without any “evidence” but I KNOW THIS CREEP well enough to have my “suspicions.”

If my egg donor’s attempt (by hiring an attorney for him) had succeeded in getting my P-son out on parole so he could come live with her before she died, I can almost guarentee, she would have “died of apparent natural causes” in probably exactly the same manner that this man’s mother did.

When people don’t heed the RED FLAGS and WARNING SIGNS that these people are MEANER THAN A SNAKE (sorry Star!) they leave themselves vulnerable to just what happened to Coleman’s family. Without the education to WHAT a psychopath LOOKS AND ACT LIKE, and education about HOW DANGEROUS they are and can be, it will keep on happening.

I am 110% sure that this man abused his wife and/or kids in some way before he killed them. There had to be red flags there, but for whatever reason, that poor woman did not see them or chose to ignore them, as we all have done in the past—that’s why we are here. We DID manage to see the RED FLAGS eventually and get out, and escaped her fate, and for that I thank God.!

I live in IL- add my x to the list of socios in Illinois. And my first x for that matter. I’m not dating these days…I think there is something in the water around here. My sister has had her run with losers too- she’s dating a new guy who does not give off the “douchebag vibe”. He’s from NEBRASKA, not IL.

I’ve been watching the Coleman case, before he was charged he looked, well, annoyed, that the police had questions for him. He lost a little of his bravado once arrested and dressed in orange…but those eyes are still so very cold.

I agree Oxy, despite the wife’s family stating that Sherry never complained about her marriage, I’m sure there were things going on. There always is; we just don’t always know it has a name. It’s a shame that too often we hold the pain inside thinking no one will understand and we somehow have to bear the burden alone. Once I opened up, I was bewildered at the love and support I received. There were the naysayers too- but I figure (now) anyone who places value in anything the perp’s family says is misguided or disordered too…so what do I care what they think? Their words have no value either 🙂



“I live in IL- add my x to the list of socios in Illinois. And my first x for that matter. I’m not dating these days””

Same here I tried dating a few times but haven’t been able to find “the one” in the Chicago area. I just wonder at times why so many of these type of sociopathic people come from Illinois? Is there something in the water? I wonder?

Well, I hope you don’t give up completely on dating Glinda. It’s rare to find someone who understands what we know here at LF and really get it.



“Since the day that Cain killed his brother, family violence has been part of our human heritage.”

I wonder if Cain was also the first sociopath in history? Remember how God protected Cain in that if anyone would kill Cain they would be cursed and suffer 7 times. This no doubt allow Cain to lay his seed around leaving us with “little Cains” and maybe the start of this kind of person?


How tragic and sad. I saw the pictures of the Coleman family and marvelled at how “normal” the killer looked. As for how stupid Christopher was, in leaving incrimminating evidence and so on, I think this comes back to a point Dr. Steve made a while ag0, the “invisibility” of the S. They feel entitled to whatever it is they want, and in the case of violent S’s, feel entitled to removing whatever or whomever is thwarting their disordered needs or wants, and feel invincable, or “invisible”. Even when they lie- they feel entitled to being believed. This sense of entitlement seems to also makes their lies appear convincing. Their conviction that they “deserve” whatever it is they want allows them to tell it whichever way best serves them without flinching.

I won my day in court this week, and succeeded in having my X’P’s assets frozen, computer and passport seized in an effort to find assets he has stolen/hidden. What does he do? Rant and rave to anyone who will listen about his vitimhood. Calls me crazy. He will WIN he declares. In the face of a 12″ thick court filing, proving that he forged my name and took substantial $$ from our business accounts, in the face of a sworn affidavit signed by him, that he took $$,he then denies the same in another sworn affidavit. The forgeries, ie bank fraud? So what, big deal, no problem.The ranting and raving about how poor him is so broke, when I can prove he took out 250K in the last 18 months? No biggie. He needed it.

I was astounded when the judge granted my order without so much as a question. I imagine he has seen everything during his days on the bench, and my P’s behavior was all too familiar.

I may never see a dime, but man is it nice to have him twisting in the wind.

I know my sordid tale is nothing compared to the victimization and tragic end to the Coleman family. But my point is that their arrogance and entitlement messes them up. They make mistakes. They lie to serve their own interests and feel entitled to being believed. Anything else enrages their massive ego’s.

Several close freinds and family member are fearing for my safety. But living my life in fear and cowing to his pillaging and emotional rape are no longer an option. If I dropped dead tomorrow I would die happy, having reclaimed my mind, my emotions, my sanity. Having escaped the fog, having seen the world again, no longer through the prism of his fake reality and having stood up to him makes me feel strong, and ultimately, he is just a hollow burnt out con man. Well, basta you bastard.

The Coleman case and tragically so many others makes me wish once again that we could educate others more effectively. I shudder to think what torment the poor boys and wife went through over the years. If that poor woman had known what she was dealing with perhaps she would have fled for safety and survived. I wonder if she had ever sought help and if she was ever validated.

In my case when I did seek help, repeatedly over the years from therapists, they jumped on the FIX band wagon, ignoring the red flags, dismissing my concerns about his behavior patterns. Until I stumbled, somehow, on “The S Next Door” I was helpless, trying to hold the family together, trying to fix, trying to rationalize.

Every person couselling the abused should work with the P checklist, and at least warn their clients. Lives are at stake and could be saved I am sure, if we ould only educate more people about these despicable excuses for a human being.


Eyeswideshut…Good for your! Another lovefruad Victory celebration… Bittersweet I am sure, but you stayed the course and believed in the strength of your convictions with this evil man! Towanda…I hope it continues to be a successful journey for you in seeking justice! Hang in there!!!

I read that Coleman was having an affair with his wifes friend she went to school with and lives in Florida. He had been planning on marrying her in a few months. They vacationed together…began making a new life together based on him telling his mistress that a divorce was underway..also alleged that he started sending “threatening” letters to the house months ago (in an attempt to make it look like someone had a vendetta against the family)…computers were seized and they found that it was sent from his computer at his place of employ…he also opened a new email account the day after murders to contact mistress and wrote her ” I have an alibi, I did not do it”…. also surveillance from neighbors show him leaving at 5:45 am…coronor puts time of death between ll and 3 am…evidence was found along the highway route he travelled to gym, etc…. and so much more (he had the deed to the house switched and put in his name months ago) etc..

This is a sick man. I almost wonder how much his wife, family and children were aware of his capabilities, intentions and evil ways. It seems as though he decided to not only live a double life and pursue an affair and file for a divorce (or claim to his mistress he was doing so) but also gain money from the passing of his beautiful wife and children..


I’m sickened and very saddened by this.

The obscenties the killer Coleman sprayed on the sheets and walls reminds me so much of the psychopath Jeffrey MacDonald who blamed the gruesome, brutal slayings of his beautiful family on those “drug crazed hippies”……

He didn’t get away with it either. Oxy is so correct in stating that these sick killers of their own precious families are stupid and clumsy. Must be their reckless impulsiveness, their outrageous sense of entitlement, and their retarded belief that they are sooo much smarter and superior than even the police detectives. Uh…no. They are not.

It must really suck for them (psychopathic killers) to be so easily figured out by the police. Here they were believing they were indestructible, invisible, untouchable and wham!…..busted, busted, busted.

In a sidenote to the killer Jeffrey MacDonald, he was at one time in the same federal prison as my P-dad. My mom took me and my two sisters to visit him (why, no idea) when we were pre-teens.

I don’t remember much of the conversation with him as I had already written him off years before and had only contempt and loathing for him, but I DO remember one specific part of his conversation with us. He said he had “struck up a friendship” with Jeffrey MacDonald. That he thought JM was “a decent fella and he didn’t do it”. That is, my p-father firmly stated that the ex military man did not murder his family in cold, vicious blood.

Can you believe that, folks? A psychopath covering for another psychopath. Unbelievable and truly evil.

My heart goes out to Sheri and her two boys, Garrett and Gavin. Rest in peace, dear ones.


Eyeswideshut. THAT IS WONDERFUL! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eyeswideshut, Towanda! Victory Dance! We both won. It must have been an eyeswideopen day for judges. Awesome, Awesome, news. Such a sad thread here. Never ends the destruction they cause. My family now fears for me, too. I think we were all in a little denial until he opened his mouth and without an ounce of emotion told only lies. Even when the courtroom burst out laughing which would have mortified the normal person he displayed no blush, no discomfort, only puzzlement as to why his inability to tell the judge when he was married, when he was divorced, or how long the marriage lasted was funny. Why should one remember anything about a 10 yr long relationship that only ended 6 months ago? It is like asking a very successful actor with a ton of movies under his belt to recall details from a part he played a while back while he is in character for his new leading role and the tape is rolling.

Congrats eyewideshut! Good for you!!


WHAT? In the World was he thinking when he sent the threatenting email????!!! Please don’t answer, since I am sure it is not worth examining. Clumsy and, what is the word…?

Heedless, wreckless, off-handed, nonchalant, cavalier, sloppy, slapdash, imprudent, unconcerned, rash, indiscreet, arrogant, indifferent, supercilious, devil-may-care, cocky, curt, disdainful, impromptu, indiscrimate, infantile, and unplanned are a few listed in my crossword puzzle dictionary.

Joy, your courtroom story is a classic tale of these total emotional imbeciles (which is WAY too nice a phrase). They don’t have a clue how ‘the rest of us’ really live and decide and choose and carry on about life. I think we understand that more when we get to see these kinds of moments–where everyone is laughing and they are looking puzzled, and a bit outraged. When their ‘superpowers’ are impotent.

CONGRATULATIONS to you Joy, and to Eyesfilledwithjustice!


These stories are horrific. P’s make the news on a regular basis through their sick, selfish acts on innocent people.

The last, and final P, was also from IL. Or is that ILL?! He tried to take everything that mattered to me, and three years later I am still healing. The education has been priceless, as I cannot afford to continue the pattern in any way.

Prior to getting fully educated and integrating the knowledge of P’s and my own vulnerabilities, I didn’t understand the stories in the news. Curious, appalled, sickened — yes. But understanding how the classic scenario plays itself out with nothing but death and/or destruction in its path — no. Now I understand them all too well.

When will they end?


When I first saw the coleman case and they said chris was going to a {GYM} at 5:30 in the morning I knew he was guilty…anyone that gets out of bed that early to go to a gym is a narcissist – go ahead beat me with the skillit – I despise gym rat narcississt that idolize themselves in front of mirrors….

Ox Drover

Henry, darling, I would never beat you with the skillet for telling the TRUTH! It is only when you bash yourself that I BOINK you with the skillet, sweet one! LOL

I agree, these folks that do all this narcissistic working out, rather than for health reasons, are twisted.

This creep was almost as DUMB as my P-son in his crime, and how ARROGANT they are thinking they are so freaking smart and that the DUMB cops (who have seen just about everything) couldn’t possibly catch someone as SMART as they are! It usually takes a day or less to catch them. In my P son’s case it was less than a day before he was arrested, and eventually they did find her body and the murder weapon because they tricked MR SMART GUY into telling where they were! DUH!!!

I realize that SOME get away with crimes for years (the cop that killed his wife (wives), Ted Bundy, BTK killer, etc. but in the end the majority of them that are killers get caught by their own arrogance….even that fake Rockefeller guy got caught, DUH! Plus, he may eventually go up for the murder he probably committed.

Jef McDonald (I have read several books –pro and con–about the case) seemed to be utterly arrogant.

It does my heart good though when one more creep does go down the river without a paddle, even if it isn’t for life.

Jim in Indiana USA

henry…”gym rat narcississt”…LOL!

Coleman case…saw it on the news when it broke…ugly situation.

“What was he thinking?” The normal mind can’t comprehend or explain them. I don’t think I want to. Just bad. Sorry the wife and kids were in his way, and prayers and sympathy for their families…that’s all I got.


Joy, That is most excellent news!. I am sure that throughout the process knowing what they are, prepared us well. In every encounter we can virtually see Dr. Hare’s PCL list in our head and go, check, check,check.


Slimone, Eyesfilledwithjustice cracked me up. Always appreciate a good laugh especially when linked to such happy victory.
Henry, right on with that gym comment. but some think the opposite that they can let their bodies go to hell in a handbasket because they are so charming and desirable that looks are irrelevant.
Jim, you said all.
eyeswideshut, it does help to know what they are at least so far as healing goes. Not sure it helped me in court as I was truly shocked at the length of his lies that he would go so far and the directions that he went attacking my kids more than me that was shocking. To deny any relationship with the child at all for over 2 yrs that was shocking. I think in my case he had no witnesses and no evidence. He appeared disconnected to dates and facts so me knowing all dates without hesitation and speaking with passion and conviction but not overly emotional and being truly innocent of the charges made all the difference. The bottom line is we both faced them down, were brave and did not fall apart, run and hide, and we WON! WOOHOO! At least, sometimes justice is served.


Right on Joy, I am so happy for you. Dr. Hare and Dr. Stout should be required reading for all attorneys, judges,therapists,counsellors etc. But luckily, some of these pro’s have seen it all and are on to them. TOWANDA!!
(can someone tell me what the heck TOWANDA means? I love it but don’t have a clue)
PS One more teensy weensy gloat. My X has three weeks to prepare his rebuttal to the case that took me 18 mos. to prepare. Self rep, because poor him is “broke”. Unless of course he “finds” the $$ for a lawyer. Lots and lots of $$. Awwww……… : )


Eyeswideshut. BOOHOO for for broke him. Hope he cries himself a river and then drowns in it! The story of TOWANDA if I’m recalling it correctly is that it is from the book or movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” A character shouts it as she rams her car into someone who stole her parking spot or some such thing that upset her so she stood up for herself and in essence said I aint taking this garbage no more and I’m doing something about it. I could be totally wrong but that is how I remember it being explained to me a while back. Everyone feel free to correct me or improve upon my explanation.


towanda on yourexplanation of towanda – the character was kathy bates and she had her eye on a parking space and was about to pull in it when a little volkswagon bug whipped in it from the wrong direction and these brain dead valley girls get out all chewing gum and gave kathy a look that was something like ‘the finger’ so kathy rams her big lincoln in the back of the vw bug 6 times and screams ‘Towanda I might be older and fatter but I have more insurance’ something on that line……


You can tell by the strained posed smile on the childrens faces that they are distressed underneath.
I agree the children would have been badly abused all their lives.
As Coleman was planning on killing his wife he may have been being “nice” to her to get her off guard.


Henry, Thanks for elaborating on Towanda more for me and eyeswideshut. I had the essence right minus the supporting facts. I think that I shall go rent that movie soon. I’m thinking I can really appreciate it’s humor now. LOL!

This article reminds me of a joke. During a trial a defense atty starts hopping up and down while the prosecutor discusses some evidence, “I object I object!” The judge asks, “On what grounds?” The atty replies, “On the grounds it makes my client look bad!”

Coleman’s lawyer’s seem concerned that he won’t get a “fair” trial. I don’t know that they can come up with a jury who condones murdering your children. At least, I sure hope they don’t come up with a jury of Coleman’s peers; 15 sociopaths in one room seems like a bad idea to me! (15= 12 jurors, 1 defendent, 2 defense attys)

Another checkmark for Chris Coleman in the sociopath playbook. What IS it with sociopaths and “top secret” and “spec ops”? I get that they want to people to think they are larger than life, but why always stealing valor to get it? Why is that such a common thread? The xs claimed to be a Navy Seal- even forged documents to prove it to me. With today’s freedom of info act, maybe it will be harder to these dunderheads to get away with it.

Ox Drover

The bottom line in this article by Donna says that she is ANXIOUS to see the way this guy acts.

Last night I was watching primetime crime and they were doing a story on Michael Jackson’s doctor, and as they described this man’s life style, and interviewed his friends etc. and gave his life history (he was the illigetimate son of a Houston physician that was revered by his patients. The interviewer who was talking to the minister friend of Jackson’s doctor, and was talking about the father, who had lost his license for improper narcotic dispensing, and the minister refused to BELIEVE it. How many times have WE and others we know REFUSED TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH about a P? Even when confronted with EVIDENCE and FACT?

Jackson’s doctor had a financial history of running out on debt, lying and cheating others financially, skipping out on responsibilities including child support and student loans, self aggrandizing behavior and appearing to want to “live in the fast lane” and to be associated with “stars.”

He obviously is a very smart man but there is a lot of “smoke,” though the expert in prosecuting physicians for manslaughter in cases such as this (several were named) said that making a criminal case for the manslaughter is very difficult if not impossible. The report said that the Jackson family were talking about a wrongful death suit….I imagine that the result, even if the family won the wrongful death suit, would be about like the families of Nichole Brown and Ronald Goldman, they would only get vindication, but not any “award” but maybe vindication is enough. Sometimes we don’t even get that.

I’ve been following the case (it’s local to where I live) and until this article, there wasn’t really much in the way of insight into his life, his REAL life. (Aside from the allegations of murder and having a gf, that is). Reports so far indicate that there wasn’t anything “amiss” or Sheri just wasn’t telling anyone about it. ( I put my money on Sheri not talking about it.) Of course, with that much of his time spent traveling for work, he had the perfect cover to do whatever he wanted to do approx 120 days of the year. He could have done a pretty good job hiding the monster he was when he wasn’t home 1/3 of the time. The media has focused on the Tara Lintz affair in Fl, however, I have to wonder if he didn’t have lesser “players” in other cities. I wonder if we’ll get much more in the way of behavior insight into Coleman…his atty is doing a much better job of controlling his client and what is being said and released than Baez has had with Casey Anthony and her family.

I have seen some of the same coverage of mj’s doctor. There were so many disordered and disordered sounding people in his entire life (Starting with his father and possibly ending with this doctor of questionable ethics.).

There is just too much crazy going around.


The description they wrote over here in the glossy magazines about the state of Jacksons body was horredous. “Bald except for one tuft of orange hair, anorexic and malnourished, puncture marks all over his body from hitting up pain killers, bruises everywhere from falling while he was rehearsing, etc.” It is hard to know what is true and what isn’t.
One thing is for sure, i.e. he wasn’t happy and hadn’t been for a very long time.


Whenever i see a picture of the Coleman children and Sheri it breaks my heart.

Ox Drover

Tilly, I don’t think there is ANY doubt by anyone that MJ was “disordered” and “dysfunctional” and/or WORSE. The tales of his father’s abuse of him and others etc. are probably somewhat true, or maybe not “true enough”—who the heck knows with all the crap that is published.

I heard last night that the rehearsal tapes of his last rehearsal was sold for $60 million bucks. I know that many people worshiped his talent, but I have never been a big fan of his, and feel extremely sorry for the children this man had. I personally don’t believe they are HIS GENETIC OFFSPRING, as they look nothing like the rest of his family or what he looked like as a child before all the surgeries etc. In any case, for anyone as dysfunctional as he apparently was, for him to have children (natural or otherwise) I think was a crime. But, I’m just an opinionated old bat, so what do I know! LOL

I think there are LOTS of people who should not reproduce or raise children…those people are in the news daily, and I bett’ya there are people here who could testify to that statement personally!


I agree his kids are doomed, like a lot of celebrities kids. And no they couldn’t be his blood family. The whole “event” of his life had to end the same way Anna Nicole Smiths and Heath Ledger did I guess. Just one tragedy after another.

I agree Tilly. I think of her family and thank God the xS didn’t decide the same fate for us. Life sometimes hangs on a thread and we don’t even know it. I can’t imagine the grief her parents are going through.


I couldn’t agree more. But for the Grace of God go I.


Well, my narcissiopath brother has struck again, trying to hurt me as deeply as possible, I made the mistake of reading an email from him, I’ve just been deleting without reading, and will return to that.

It is SO HARD to comprehend why and how these narcissiopaths want to hurt you just for the thrill of the power of hurting you and watching you hurt. Just unfathomable. And if you point out what they are doing to other family members, they look at YOU like you are the nut because it IS so unfathomable!!!

Thank god I have a husband who gets it. He truly, truly GETS IT. Otherwise, except for him and LF I’m not sure I would have survived these last couple of years. OY VEY!

But I read on here about what others have gone through, including murder victims and take a deep breath and put my troubles in perspective. Pain and hurt go away! The narcs in my life don’t deserve one more minute of my time.

Love you guys.

Ox Drover

While not every psychopath is a murderer, it seems you cannot “tell” which ones will and which ones won’t until the “chit hits the fan” and they DO IT. I would never EVER hve thought my P-offspring would murder, much less so casually. It is only for the GRACE OF GOD it was not me. I also would NEVER have thought my DIL would be a murderer either. Dishonest, yes, greedy, yes—murder, NO! Came ()this close to losing my son C to her murderous attempt.

You’d think by now I would be pretty paranoid about Ps murdering others (me) but some of them are so good at keeping up their mask, or masking their attentions.

I think anyone can be DRIVEN to violence if they are cornered bad enough, but though I have been in the corner and come out fighting, it was not a planned murder attack…but only in self defense. I never really could have carried out a murder, but the Ps do not have any restraint by conscience, though some do seem to have some restraint about getting caught, others, like my P son are so arrogant they think they can do it IN PLAIN SIGHT and get away with it. Scot Petersen I think is that ARROGANT P who thought he was soooooo smart he could get away with it. glad he didn’t. I am sure that is not a lot of consulation though to Laci’s mom, or Kelsi’s mom. Or that stupid anthony woman who killed her daughter, or Susan smith, or Amy Fisher…what arrogant Ps they are. UNFORTUNATELY, THE LIST IS ENDLESS. Raises my blood pressure to think about it.

I agree Oxy…not every S is a murderer…but knowing what I know now, killing wouldn’t have been that much of a stretch for him…heaven knows I found out enough other garbage to take my breath away. My daughter worries that he’ll kill us when he gets out of prison. We won’t go down w/o a fight.

Gets my blood up too…I feel the need to tenderize a steak or something! lnhale. Exhale.

Ox Drover


I used t o have a tee shirt that showed two buzzards sitting on a limb. one said to the other “Patience my arse, I want to kill something!” LOL ROTFLMAO Well, we have now had that come true in my neighborhood, a NEW species of PSYCHOPATHIC buzzard has moved into our area. It watches and if it sees a cow or mare or goat lying down having a baby, it will get around behind her and peck the eyes out and kill the baby before it is completely born. YUK! fortunately this kind of psychopathic buzzard is not common here yet, but apparently they are growing in numbers. difficult to shoot too.

I won’t go down without a fight either, but will be PRO-ACTIVE in defending myself.

If it is legal in your area, you might want to take a concealed hand gun course and get a license to carry. Check out your local laws. I would not live in an area where I could not have a concealed carry permit, and limit my travel in areas that prohibit “carrying.”


If you carry a weapon, BE SURE you have been trained in weapons retention. Otherwise you may be carrying the gun that will be used on you.

Ox Drover

JAH and Glinda, in order to GET a concealed permit (if one is legal in your area) you must go through a 2 day training on gun use AND legal issues, but I also suggest additional training by a professional or a very safety conscious and well experienced person. I grew up with guns and training, so I know and have known HOW to use one since I was a kid, as have my sons. You also need to make sure you are WILLING to USE it and not “second guess” yourself or JAH is right.

People who have not become VERY familiar with their hand gun or are not TOTALLY sure they would use it, should not carry.


Deputies here go through quite a course JUST in how to hang on to your weapon. so it is more than just the will to use or comfort with it, but how NOT to be disarmed.

Another part of the training is every time you see a clock, say to yourself “I will survive”….that helps build up your automatic “fight” response, so you never give up hope, no matter what dire situation you find yourself in. They have an inspirational film about a female deputy whose weapon was taken from her, and she was shot several times, but she still managed to calmly radio for help, describe where she had been taken and did survive.

I live in IL- no conceal and carry but I do have my license to buy one. I have a little time. (And I don’t want a gun in the house with a small child- locked up or not. He’ll be 8 when I will need to have one handy.) Besides, the xS is REALLY obnoxious so I’m really hopeful he won’t be walking out of prison in 2014. That would make things SOOO much simpler and would prevent the inevitable crimes he will commit once he gets out.

I got familiar with the difference between feeling hunted and helpless and becoming the hunter. The darkness isn’t so scary when you learn to walk in the shadows, when you need to. By 2014, I plan to be more like Linda Hamilton’s character Sarah in Terminator 2 than Terminator 1….lol.

Love the buzzard tshirt!

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