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Church official indicted in sex abuse scandal

A Philadelphia grand jury has indicted three priests and a Catholic school lay teacher for sexual abuse of boys. And, for what may be the first time, an aide to the former archbishop of Philadelphia was also indicted for endangering children by shielding pedophile priests.

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lesson learned

This is a very triggering article in a lot of ways.

I grew up in the Catholic Church. The extent to which child sexual abuse has happened, with so many, was/is staggering and alarming.

This may sound trite, however I wonder WHY there are so many pedophiles in the catholic church. Is it that it is easy to conceal a pedophiles intentions to harm as a result of a patriarchal boys club sort of mentality that the church supports?

Is it the oath that is taken for celibacy while becoming a priest, aka: no sex, that is also a contributing factor? That one must deny their sexual desires to comply with church “rules” and “standards” for serving God?

All of this is not only astounding, but sickening to me and one of the BIGGEST reasons I do not attend the church any longer. I still think the “boys club” mentality is widely accepted in the church, which has me believing that the behaviors (unless discovered) will only create a situation for the hierarchy to be even better at hiding and protecting pedophiles.



I had a book of prayers and in it there was one page that said we must never question a priest. We must never accuse a priest even if we know he’s done something wrong. The only thing we can do is pray for the priest so that he may see his flaws and mend his ways.

Now if you were a spath, wouldn’t THAT be an attractive position to be in? The Catholic Church has created its own problems with all the secrecy and smoke and mirrors. It actually encourages us NOT to think. Just pray. Sad because Christianity has so much potential to improve our lives. That’s why I take the 4 Gospels and discard the rest. Jesus’ words are good enough, why do I need anyone to interpret them?

I don’t believe all the accusations are true. But secrecy is the bread and butter of spaths, participating in secret or clandestine activities puts us in the middle of their cons. Vampires hate the light of day. It kills them.

Ox Drover

This whole thing sickens me, and I don’t think is about allowing priests to marry or not, because even MARRIED PEDOPHILES molest children—sometimes their own. It isn’t about the priests being gay (preferring male children) it is about the priests preferring CHILDREN to adults.

Every one of these men could have hired a hooker and not have committed a worse “sin” of violating their vows about sex, it is about WHY this type of man becomes a priest—maybe so he can be given a TRUSTED POSITION with children? Like why some pedophiles become coaches or teachers or whatever position of trust they assume with children.

Charles “jackie” Walls III one of THE worst serial molesters of known crimes who was a Boy Scout leader for over 20 years and molested that is known 1,500 (that is FIFTEEN HUNDRED) children, including his nephews (one of whom killed himself afterward) and got one of his victims who had “told” to kill his parents (and that was how Jackie was eventually caught and prosecuted)

I knew Jackie and I knew he was an arsehole of the first order, but IT NEVER DAWNED ON ME that he would molest children. I went to church with his wife and kids, and knew his family, his father, a judge and believe it or not an honest lawyer was a close friend of the family. I just thank God that Jackie’s mom died before he was arrested I am not sure she could have borne the pain. His father became almost a hermit in shame.

Jackie is doing life without parole and the DA said “if we could have asked for the death penalty we would have.” (You can look him up on the Arkansas prisons website where all Arkansas inmates are listed with their date of arrest, sentences, photos and release date –if any)

My son D works with and has worked with the Boy Scouts since he was 14 both in a volunteer capacity and paid staff member as well. Boy Scouts of America have some of the most strict staff rules and enforce them about no staff member or volunteer is supposed to EVER be with a child or children without another adult having a visual contact with what is going on. If an adult needs to speak privately with a child they are to still be within view of another adult at all times.

Of course with some of these priests though, I’m not sure there wasn’t hanky panky going on even with two or more of the priests there at the same time, so if you have two pedophiles looking out for each other, I guess even the 2-adult rule wouldn’t work. These creeps are so good at what they do and so willing to do whatever it takes to find victims.

I’m glad to see that one of the ones COVERING UP for the others is getting charged too. I think they are JUST AS GUILTY as I would be if I knew someone robbed a bank and I didn’t call and turn them in. I ought to be charged as an accessory after the fact for robbery—they should be charged as accessory as well.

I think the “conspiracy” to cover up goes all the way to the Vatican and until some people do some hard time and there is some more monetary costs and some hard prison time as well as public exposure of the “conspiracy” it isn’t going to stop. Even the fear of getting caught won’t stop them, but life without parole will stop them from doing more of it.


I agree that the cover up is global! They play hide the offender with these vile beings.

I don’t understand why the policy of professional crucifixion is not employed. But are Criminals people too? This is an age old question. And not one I’ll tackle to answer.

Its just that the notion of social justice which protects the perpetrator (an adult) with more resources than it provides the victim. In this, the church behaves like an unethical corporation.

I believe it is true also that priests should not nor ever be above the law.

Ox Drover


In THEORY they aren’t “above the law.” In PRACTICE it isn’t the case though. It is unfortunate, but in most societies there are those who are somewhat above the “regular guy” as far as the enforcement of the Law is concerned. Look at “LiLo”—speaking of making me want to puke!

Anyone who thinks that Justice is BLIND is out of their mind. She wears the blindfold so she won’t see the corruption.

Ox Drover

I just read this article….and you know, while we have some pretty bad situations here in this country, there ARE countries where the entire culture seems by our standards psychopathic and uncaring and lacking empathy. Here is an example.

I say get down on your knees and thank God our your higher power or the universe that you are not living in one of these countries.

Ox Drover

Here’s another article about 37 (THIRTY SEVEN) more priests who are being investigated in this same situation that were STILL working in situations where they were active “priests.”

Hopefully, this kind of thing will help expand the arrest, prosecution and punishment of people who molest kids.


Has anyone heard of a psychiatrist called DR. RICHARD FITZGIBBONS in the Philadelphia area? He is also the “in-house” psychiatrist for the Catholic TV channel EWTN.
He is counselling priests who have abused children. THAT’S HIS SPECIALTY $$$$. Adopted 2 small children of his own in his 60’s.
Any info appreciated.

Ox Drover

Dear Paradise,

Nah, no information on the guy. Just curious why you ask though. Sounds like you know or suspect something.

My personal opinion of pedophiles is that the “counseling” should start with a sentence of life without parole at hard labor with a 35 pound ball chained to their leg on a tropical island somewhere….but then, that’s just my opinion.

Ox Drover

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