Classic psychopath convicted in the UK

A Lovefraud reader forwarded a link to a newspaper article about a con artist convicted yesterday in the United Kingdom. The guy was known as “King Con,” and for good reason.

Bounder with a barrister’s wig preyed on women from lonely hearts page ads

The guy did everything from masquerading as a prominent barrister (lawyer) to stiffing cab drivers to swindling women he met through personal ads. The guy was actually diagnosed as having an “untreatable psychopathic condition.” I hope it means he’ll be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail.

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Hi Style1,
My sociopath’s ex-girlfriends were all “crazy” and “deluded”. Turned out they were not girlfriends – but girlfriends, including one wife-to-be. If you really want to know the truth – I’m not sure it’s a good idea, but for the sake of argument let’s say you want to find out – try other sources of information – anyone except him. Could his daughter be an accomplice instructed to validate his lies? My sociopath had a friend doing that for him whenever I got too suspicious.


I never really met any of his friends.. just his daughter, her husband and his mother… I think his daughter was just messed up from all the trauma..of the death of her brothers and whatever her mother did to her.. two brothers dying and one survived cancer.. then her father married four times and the last one dying and her grandmother just dying.. he was not from here but from Fla… and he talked on the phone alot to business people.. his mother confirmed alot of it.. I think that it all happened just not exactly like he recalls it with the women or the whys of things.. of course they were from his perspective..

This is what is weird.. I was doing so well and lately like I worked out today with a friend then went to Starbucks then drove around and it is a beautiful day and I am all alone.. We spent a lot of time together both last Christmas and the one before it.. and this was when his mother got ill two years ago.. there are lots of memories related to him and the recent holidays.. I find myself wondering or actually thinking is he somewhere having a great time.. and I am left here with all these memories.. in that, he may very well have attached to another woman or rather ‘soulmate’..and I am living amongest the memories of where that we went and what we is quiet and peaceful and too much time to think.. the world seems still… and it is nice in ways and not in others… I am doing all the right things… but ir is weird how life changes from one year to the next.. we were always running here and there .. and this year was pretty much boring with terrible dating experinces and too much time to think.. it is like a void.. and I don’t want to avoid the void.. I want to experience it.. I have reached out to others.. I workout .. I go through my day.. I watch TV.. I go to movies.. I saw It’s Complicated and it made me sad.. I am like that woman in ways..I love to cook and have a great house.. was an interior designer..I know how to create a warm loving home.. and I do so for myself and others but I did for him… and other men in my life and it all ends up for naught…I am weary of it all…

What’s it for.. to learn .. to experience… I have experienced enough for three lifetimes where men are concerned…and I mean in an honorable way.. and what for.. to learn I am better off alone…
what was all that with his mother? THat I helped her… then I am turned on by his daughter.. and ultimiatly him..when I wasn’t exactly as he planned it..
I have never been one not to be independant..
I am just confused right now.. and I guess that is okay… it’s just what it is…


I can’t remember where I saw that article written by Donna on the site, she makes a distinction between 2 types of lies: the blatant, outrageous ones, that have no connection with reality; and the lies mixed with truth. I know my sociopath for instance tended to “borrow” stories about things that happened to other people, and made them his own. Alternatively, if he wanted to boast about his affairs, he’d claim he was talking about his friend’s affairs…Their webs of lies can be infinitely complex and you could spend ages trying to unravel them. With time, you’ll see more clearly though, and you’ll think in terms of “likely”/”unlikely” instead of “true”/”false”, and eventually you’ll reach a point when you don’t care anymore… don’t worry about him having a “great time”, he can’t , sociopaths are too shallow for that. How could he find a “soulmate” if he has no soul…


Thanks Eileen..I am cleaning out stuff tonight and I tripped across one of his early emails 4 months after we met..
Here it is…

“I am usually not at a loss for words, but this time I have to think carefully as to how to convey my sense of of wonder, thankfulness, and appreaciation for you and all that you bring to my life.
The difficulty lies not in realizing that it is happening but in taking in the full impact of it and feeling its repercussions and reverberations through the corridors of out time together, out emotions, feelings and the future of our conmingled life forces.
You and I have always known that we are not like other people. We have had to go through several experiences for our sake and the the sakes of others. Now all that is past. The certiamty of each other and out own individual identities, echoed back through the intuitions of several others around us, convery the celebration of our getting back together. I feel the whole Universe shares and rejoices in our love.

You are very right that love is the Magic and what’s being mirrored back is love, But above all, we ourselves are the Mirrors on which that love is reflected and amplified through the intertwined wholeness of our consciousness the triumphant expression of Divine Love unfolding to express itself and find itself amidst the Creation. There’s nothing like it .. it enfolds me and sweeps me away. It’s a mystical experience in the First Magnitude.
It is that Realization that upholds me no that I am physically away from you. I can’t wait for us to start our lives together;to put our Rings on our fingers; to restate and reaffirm our eternal sacred trust in each other in the presence of God, the Universe, His and Angels and all those who have eyes to see.
I am so proud of you and what you have become and achieved in this life against great odds. You have face disintegrating ungratefulness and tearing evil and have remained unsullied and have not responded in like kind. I know the Mother is very proud of Her Daughter. I feel it in my soul. She tells me so. Our time is here now .. In Love with you forever.”

All this was in response to my thanking him for the roses and a wonderful Valentines weekend and telling him that I miss him. He made me a card, gave me chocolate and we went out all weekend..

Does his email creep anyone else out?
As a back story.. he thought that we had spent lives together somewhere in China and we were like a King and his Queen..
I didn’t feel it.. sorry to say….


witsend and Style 1 — My ex also described women from his past as being “crazy.” I recall telling him I bet he had something to do with it! He once replied that “they either become crazy or become saved (as in saints returning to church).”

one_step_at_a_time: I agree with your point that stress ages us, hangs heavy on faces and bodies, and the N/S/Ps still look good because they are oblivious/disordered conscience and have little to no stress response to — but they sure are good at causing stress for others.



All of mine were intimidate by his intelligence, were either violent, alcoholic or crazy or all of the above..

That email was written when he was like four months behind in his rent.. and by the next Valentines.. it was over…

I wonder if the Universe told him that…


I like the opening words “I am usually not at a loss for words”…I can well believe that! It’s quite revealing that he then writes “but this time”. Something didn’t work out according to plan the previous times? I don’t understand the second sentence at all – sounds quite vacuous to me – verbose, flowery language that makes no sense but impresses nonetheless. The mirror metaphor is adequate – a smooth, cold surface with nothing underneath. Then mystical stuff, except for the rings – that’s what he was getting at, then. And you haven’t responded to evil by evil, that’s interesting for a sociopath planning to do something evil to you…
Creepy enough indeed… All in all very vague, nothing concrete, no real promise nor plan, just words…


Eileen.. thanks and yep.. he wrote and talked like that alot.. like to run large words together and even say a french word in french while speaking English … he is an affected boor..
And I for some reason I am angry this evening.. like at myself for even having a freak that writes like that in my life.. and that I bought it ‘kinda’ for awhile.. it’s all jibberish..
He reads ‘spiritual’ things all the time.. and reguritates them..for his purposes..
thanks everyone for letting me vent..


French words, ha, mine preferred Latin! Except that sometimes he didn’t know what they meant!


I read on here somewhere that the language and accent deal was a part of their deal..

Mine was a word master in that if we went to a Chinese restaraunt he could read the words on the bakc of the fortune in the forture cookie.. to impress.. but like who cares! Everything was to impress with his intellect..

I have been around lots of learned and intelligent people and never had one act like this piece of work..

then when I would ask why he did that.. he would state that I was initimadated..when I was BORED!…

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