Classic psychopath convicted in the UK

A Lovefraud reader forwarded a link to a newspaper article about a con artist convicted yesterday in the United Kingdom. The guy was known as “King Con,” and for good reason.

Bounder with a barrister’s wig preyed on women from lonely hearts page ads

The guy did everything from masquerading as a prominent barrister (lawyer) to stiffing cab drivers to swindling women he met through personal ads. The guy was actually diagnosed as having an “untreatable psychopathic condition.” I hope it means he’ll be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail.

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Oh the accent part……
Mine developed a accent from whereever he was at or whomever he was around…..
He sounded like such a dope!
If his friends were from NY with a hard accent…..he became mafia…..
If he visited Italy….it was ciao this and ciao that…..
France offered a stupid bonjour gig or ‘we-we’……everything was answered with we-we with a bowed head…..(can you picture that?)
and god forbid…..Hawaii…..he developes the pigeon tongue…..there is nothing (IMO) more repulsive than a mexican/white dude speaking pigeon as if he was raised in the islands….it’s a very ignorant sounding dialect.
OMG…..this would come after 1 day on vacation…..

He so wanted to belong…..I thought he was an idiot and called him on it and would ‘tease’ him…..HE HATED IT!!!!

Good thing he wasn’t more ‘international’…..



Hi Style 1, if you haven’t already done so, check out the article “a psychopath’s bewildering way of talking” and the comments with it. Just found it on the site – it’s in “scientific research”, page 2. I had no idea there was so much on this site!! It is another tool for parsing sociopathtalk…it triggered a lot for me. Big words but spelt wrong or misused; unfinished sentences (that left me wondering if I was stupid because I thought there must be a joke there but I just didn’t get it!) etc. My sociopath wasn’t the genius nor the intellectual he claimed to be…definitely not!!


ouuuu, spath speak! will go read it right now!


eileen, are you sure it’s in scientific research?


Yes, go to scientific research, click on “next page” at the bottom, and you’ll see it, just before the picture of the woman with a gun!


Erin, that is hysterical.. yes, they want to belong and to appear so ‘with it’ and knowledgable.. like they are ‘above’ the average person, but they have nothing that actually sets them apart, but their airs.. I am watching LIFETIME and a movie is coming on. The true one about Sante and Kenny Kimes, a mother and son con team. When I first met this man and he told me about his mother ..I thought of this movie.. His mother asked me on our first meeting if my new townhouse had a downstairs bedroom. She couldn’t walk up stairs and was in the downstairs master bedroom in the house where they were renting. I thought that a wierd question and then when she got ill and was in the hospital and later in a nursing home and he told her that he was closing down their house and selling all of her things. She got really angry at her son. I suggested that he rent a two bedroom apt. and he never even looked. He was set on moving in with me and he worked it that way.. We got rid of all his things and he was planning on moving in with me. His mother was getting worse and worse. When I think back, they were looking for a place to move .. a woman with a house.. and it just worked out as it did.. as I don’t have a downstairs bedroom and even if I did I would not have his mother and dog move into my house. He didn’t have a good enough credit report to lease and apt.. he was getting ready to be evicted. And looking back when he wasn’t with a woman, he and his mother lived together.. I haven’t lived with anyone in my family since I left home and got married for the first time. I am thinking that she was in on the con.. in on knowing that they were sinking fast and needed a place to move.

Eileen, thank you. I will read that article..
I got depressed yesterday.. just thinking back and feeling lonely. I also had dreams last night.. I recalled things.. like he was talking about these huge deals to ‘business partners’ yet every so often, he would need to wire like a hundred bucks to one of them.. I would ask why would this business man be in such dire need of 100 bucks and he would answer.. don’t ask? This former CIA guy and this big banking deal that they were working on and this guy would need 100 bucks overnighted.. inconguous… don’t you think?
Being still and thinking is revealing more and more in my memory..
Then one night I asked him if he was ever accused of being involved in his last wive’s’ death in some way.. and he got so angry .. shouted at me..
Instead of just talking to me about it..
I mean the woman died of a perscription drug overdose and he told me that she has called 911 and accused him of abuse… but he told me she was just crazy… I mean he told me that he couldn’t afford a divorce and that is why that she still lived there.. then she dies.. Did he have something to do with her death.. in one form or another? Geez, I am feeling sick…


didn’t see the next page, so searched for it. wish i’d seen the gun first. 😉


style, i was wondering about his wife’s death also. if it helps, you may be able to do some research on her death. but only if you think it will help – and not make it more difficult for you.

i know i am a mix of needing to know more, do more over time AND work at letting go.

i am not sure what i need to do about the spath in the long term. but i know i need to be patient, and take care of myself in the doing.


one step,

Yes, it freaks me about the death.. in that, he told me that the marriage went bad after the first few months and he married her really fast like in two weeks.. and moved her from Chicago to Texas.s Then what he says is that she has health issues that he didn’t know about from a car wreck and other health issues and that she took all this medicine and she lived in an upstairs bedroom and his ill mother in the downstairs.. it was a large house.. and he came in on the weekends and took care of them both. And when I met him the house was practically empty.. except for his mother’s wing.. He slept on an air mattress with children’s cartoon sheets and an altar in the room so that he could meditate….It was bizarre .. yet I continued to date this see, he was so charming..attentive and had been though so much and I was the love of his life..his soulmate.. the one that he had been looking for his whole life…
Yes, how convenient for him . that this woman died.. he turns my stomach just thinking about it… he is so manipulative.. he could’ve just mentally messed her over that she had no will to live.. according to him.. she became violent and he had no idea why.. just crazy…
When I was helping him move out of that place.. I found hidden notes from her to him.. and they read like she was broken hearted and confused… and she wrote things that I came to realize..
That he is never wrong about anything.. etc..

AND I CONTINUED to DATE him.. although I felt really off about it.. and I felt ill many times that I was around him.. like this vague anxiousness… and I had stomach upsets.. I thought I was tired from the stress of moving, from meeting him, from his mother’s illness.. but it was more…something I recognized and couldn’t quite put my finger on..

If a man I was married to overdoses, I would be truamatized. I would be upset.. I would not be looking for a new husband in three months as he was with me..
He was like on the hunt…
This ex that died of his didn’t work and she was living with another man wheh he met her … and he commented that she had good credit..
The more I recall and write.. the sicker that I am feeling..
This guy was worse than I even realize..
And, yes, I did call the police dept in the town where this occurred to see if I could find out anything.. but no one got back to me… I think it might upset me more to try and find out …
He wasn’t charged with anything so….


style, seems he has a ‘story’ that he repeats and repeats – they don’t have to change the story, just keep dangling it until one of us bites.

but YOU lived, and now you also will heal. you ARE on your way.

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