Coleman murders: Friends tell of victim’s fears

Back in 2009, Sheri Coleman and her two sons, ages 9 and 11, were found strangled in their beds. Christopher Coleman, the husband and father, is charged in the murders. His lawyers are trying to prevent prosecution witnessees from testifying before a jury a about the victim’s fears, claiming it would be hearsay.

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Thanks for posting that link Donna. Glad he was convicted. Hope he at least gets to spend the rest of his miserable natural life in prison.

I do feel sorry for his parents and sibs though in being unable to believe he is guilty….I think that is going to be more painful for the family than the acute pain of realizing he IS GUILTY….

Keeping up the family pretense of “everything is wonderful, we’re just one big happy family” though many times does go with some uber religious families and this may be one of them…who knows? I do know though that this man sounds very high in P-traits to me. A sad story, but glad that at least some closure and validation for the victims’ family and friends.

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