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Comeuppance for an abusive lawyer

A veteran lawyer known for, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “his impatient, bombastic and confrontational approach,” has had his license to practice law revoked by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

A Lovefraud reader alerted us to the news about Alan D. Eisenberg, a Milwaukee lawyer who has a long history of professional discipline problems in Wisconsin. By long, we mean the guy is 68 years old. The first time he was reprimanded was in 1968. Then, Eisenberg publicly predicted that a judge would resign rather than face prosecution for an unspecified crime. The judge committed suicide.  Eisenberg, of course, said the judge was mentally ill.

Eisenberg was reprimanded and suspended multiple times over his career. The case that finally got him disbarred was a 2001 divorce case. Eisenberg represented a man who had battery charges filed against him for allegedly attacking his wife. Eisenberg got the guy off—a jury acquitted.

The very next day, Eisenberg filed a civil suit against the wife, saying that she had lied to the police in order to get her husband arrested and defamed him. Eisenberg also represented the man in the divorce case, and actually told the wife’s attorney that he filed the civil suit to gain leverage in the divorce. He also called a local newspaper to publicize the lawsuit.

The court found that Eisenberg had “filed in bad faith to intimidate, harass and milicously injure his client’s estranged wife,” according to the newspaper.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The woman’s attorney asked that the claim be dismissed as frivolous and harassing. It was, and Eisenberg was ordered to pay damages and her legal fees. He appealed. He lost. He was ordered to shut down his practice.

Read the article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The photo of Alan Eisenberg says it all.

For a blow-by-blow account of the case that brought him down, see the Appeals Court decision. It’s easy to read, and gratifying to see an abusive lawyer so thoroughly skewered.

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Wow – what a pig! And in such a powerful position too. Reading the list of barrings he had makes me wonder why the state didn’t revoke his licence earlier. I am sure he made plenty of money from behaving in such a nasty way and having the reputation of being tough. Good job he’s gone and you’re right – the picture does say it all!

Ox Drover

You know, “99% of the attorneys give the other ONE PERCENT A BAD NAME!” (Sorry, Matt, we know you are a good guy!” LOL)

I think it is just like in medicine, the worst of the physicians seem to me to be protected by the Medical Board and the same with Attorneys! “The Good old Boy” network as it were.

Ditto politicians!

Unfortunately, I thinnk, many “professional” organizations to NOT “police” their own, or weed out the bad guys, even though they say they do. Sort of like putting Hitler in charge of the Jewish welfare fund, I think!


I love the picture. He looks like lady Gaga with his hat




Lady Gaga? She looks like a psychedelic nightmare… she isn’t even pretty, she has an overbite and no one seems to notice. she’s a made up clown.

Oh, is this sarcasm?


Quantum Solace

I found this particularly interesting since I have been tortured by a similar individual for the past 13 years. I’ve always said that god makes them and the devil brings them together and my ex and his lawyer are the perfect example of that. It was lawyer that caused all the problems and it is him that continues to create issues where none exist. The guy is so blatantly dishonest and beligerant that goes as far as recycling papers in order to add wood to the fire. Since the ex is a socio/psychopath/narcissist, this lawyer is like food for his soul, he feeds his fantasies, crafts the lies and furthers the abuse. And he is also a sadist who does it not only for the money but also for the sheer pleasure of inflicting pain and suffering. When the first round was over – the divorce – the Spath owed him more than $10,000 and wouldn’t pay him. How’s that for gratitude? The lawyer had to sue him and put a judgment on him which he wasn’t able to collect until – you guessed it! – round two. He’s back at it again and milking it for all it’s worth. The second lawyer in the case (yes, he hires them two at time!) is still owed about $3,000 and won’t be collecting either. Ha! I hate the guy with a passion and, next to my ex, he would be the one person I would take most pleasure in watching his misforture and misery. However, there is no such a thing as poetic justice, karma or whatever and I know that them too will continue to torture me till I pack my bags and leave the country.


I still laugh at the lawyer joke in the movie “Philadelphia” (which I watched again last night on AMC channel) – it goes like this:

“what do you call 100 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean>”

“a pretty good start!”

cheers, all,


Could someone please tell Alan Eisenberg that Huggy Bear (from the 70’s cop show, Starsky & Hutch) wants his hat back?

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