How to recognize narcissistic abuse


Just about everyone who visits has experienced narcissistic abuse, although you may not know it.

If you go for therapy, your counselor may not know it either. Why? Tiffany Ketterman, LPC, explains a big reason: The mental health community has yet to agree on an official definition of narcissistic abuse.

Still, there is a cluster of behaviors that are typical of narcissistic abuse. And there is a cluster of symptoms in people who are on the receiving end of the abuse.

Tiffany explains all of this in her upcoming Lovefraud CE webinar, Understanding and Recognizing Narcissistic Abuse, which will be offered on Monday, Feb. 13, from 7-9 pm ET. The cost is $49.

Psychologists and social workers can earn two continuing education credit hours for this program.

This webinar is beneficial for survivors as well. Tiffany’s program is chock full of great information. She explains patterns of narcissistic abuse. She details how a narcissistic parent affects family dynamics. She explains trauma bonding truly eye-opening information.

Sign up today!

Understanding and Recognizing Narcissistic Abuse, on Lovefraud Continuing Education

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