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Complaints allege improper conduct by two women in the law

Two stories currently in the news, if proven true, show a female cop and a female judge stepping way over the line of appropriate behavior.

Lisa Steed, Utah State Trooper, allegedly makes fake DUI arrests, on

Part-time judge accused of having sexual relations with inmate, on

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Ox Drover

You know, the seeming “proliferation” of news stories about this kind of behavior and the proliferation of news stories about FEMALE teachers molesting or even becoming pregnant by these young men, in one case a “special needs” boy, and the teacher is pregnant.

Now a judge, a female at that, having sex with a criminal, and I saw two different articles the other day about female prison guards that were both pregnant by inmates they were supposed to be “guarding.”

It of course makes me wonder if the “problem” has not really proliferated at all, that the behavior has always been going on it is just that we didn’t have this much news coverage to get those stories out nationally and internationally. We know of course that the physical and sexual abuse of children, even by priests and nuns and parents is nothing “new”, if it was “found out” it was just hushed up and the perp protected from exposure and the child left to deal with it as best they could.

Lisa Steed was certainly greedy for power and didn’t care about who she stepped on or who she hurt in the process.And she wants her job back?!!!There are probably alot of readers who are thankful they didn’t pass though Utah and meet Lisa!

As for the attorney-pt time judge in Indiana;that is woefully sad.That’s not something she could do on her own though-it takes two.And we here all know about ‘losing our better senses’;being in a fog.Something needs to be remembered here.These inmates are criminals;many are possibly sociopaths.They’ll do anything to get out of ‘doing time’,even if it means romancing a guard or attorney who promises to help them.I recently read of an inmate who impregnated a guard to try to have his life sentence reduced.I do agree however,that anyone who has taken a legal oath has a responsibility to uphold that should always be upheld before fleshly desires.If necessary-REMOVE YOURSELF FROM TEMPTATION!

Ox Drover

At the prison my son is in a female secretary had an affair with an inmate, and also a major. She and the inmate were both found dead iin a closet with theiir throats cut. The official report saiid the inmate killed her then slit his own throat. The convict telegraph said the major did it. Who knows?” But it is major stupid to have an affair with a convict.

Liane Leedom’s x married the prison nurse where he was locked up. Not too long after his release he was arrested for trying to get a job as a doctor. (He’s not a doctor) I realize that they (psychopaths) are good at deception, but I can tell you for sure, that anyone who is messing around with a convict or ex convict has a GOOD chance of being hooked up with a psychopath.

Both the cop and the judge VIOLATED THEIR OATHS and that’s a thing, if we let down our own HONESTY we can get into some bad trouble.


What astounds me is that Lisa Steed arrested people who were stone-cold sober (and/or under the legal limit), putting them in jail for DUIs. This is CRAZINESS. All of the techno-gadgets (that are used by law enforcement) would oftentimes prove that the arrested individual was innocent of their “crime”. This ex-officer comes across as off as a bit of a loony, not in touch with reality.



Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

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