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Con artist evokes the Almighty and the Apostles

You gotta give the guy credit for imagination. James A. Rivera, 42, formerly of Carson, California is heading for Club Fed. He claimed the Nigerian government was investing in windmills manufactured by his companies, called Apostles, Inc. and Almighty Wind, Inc. The entire thing was a scam. The following link was sent by a former wife of Rivera, who is a longtime Lovefraud reader.

God makes the wind, the Apostles market it, and James Rivera sells it, on

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donna dixon

Oh my goodness!! What an imagination with a lot of “hot air”!!
I don’t know about the rest of you readers but my mind isn’t even sharp enough to dream something like this up!

Ox Drover

One scam that went through here a few years ago was a “raising worms in the chicken litter that comes out of commercial chicken houses” Even the banks fell for this and highly financed the farmers.

I knew one in particular that got into it big time and built all these worm beds…well, it turned out that the worms couldn’t actually grow in the chicken litter that he had mega tons of, but he had to buy this special soil for them…. and these were not just ANY worms mind you but a special kind of red worm that would eat garbage and the price for them in land fills was $13 per pound and apparently all they did was to have sex and make new baby worms like rabbits mating and so it reeally was gonna be a big pay day. Of course you had to buy equipment from the company to sift the dirt and harvest them, but your bank would loan you money for that as farm equipment.

I found out the POTENTIAL BUYER FOR THE WORMS TOO—THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR LAND FILLS. LOL The whole freaking country is giant land fill and the people are starving and the government is worried about organic land fills with worms? LOL ROITFLMAO This guy also decided previously to get rich raising ostriches too….and paid $20,000 for a breeding pair…..and so on. LOL ROTFLMAO

This “made b y God” and financed by the Nigerian government is a good one though! The worm sellers got off without a squeak and everyone just tossed out the worms, dirt and all and went back to raising chickens and trying to make a living on the farm. LOL

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…look at all the “green companies” that got BIG millions in bail outs and then went belly up without producing a single solar cell…there are folks all over who will rip off the government or private individuals. Most of them never go to prison. Too b ad.


The Nigerian government was a tell.


‘almighty wind’ indeed!

new sectors are ripe grounds for con artists. we had one come through our organization – even attended my conference last year. he was a ‘solar developer’. had a nice little website, great little online presentation, yada yada. complete con. the fellow was long gone out of this community by the time we knew what he was.

my board handled it by raising his name at monthly meetings and asking anyone who had been in contact with him get in touch with us, and then we would let them know. they handled it in a tactful way, but i would have liked to have seen them be a bit more aggressive in exposing him.

Ox Drover

When the guy I knew who was raising these special high dollar garbage eating worms I was a bit suspect….sounded so “green” but at the same time any “get rich easily” scheme usually isn’t true. When I found out that the worms really couldn’t live in the chicken liter…I asked myself what value they were to the farmer if he had to buy media for them, AND house them inside some sort of building in special “beds”—–then when I heard that the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT was going to buy these worms at $13+ per pound and ship them over there by sea to eat the garb ate in the land fills in Nigeria…that is what the people eat for goodness sakes….there ain’t no garbage in a famine stricken country for special worms to eat! LOL

Sure enough wasn’t long before the whole scheme fell in…the first ones in got back some of their money but most got nothing but stinking worm beds, not even good for fish bait. LOL I guess they could have fed them to their ostriches and emus and pot bellied pigs.


Oh Yes, Oxy

Every other property in my area had the worms, the ostriches, the emus, the pot bellied pigs. Now it is mini horses and sadly pure bred puppies. The Amish are such easy targets.

Donna D. ~ I was thinking the same thing, how many of us would be sharp enough to come up with all the planning and cover up’s something like this took. Imagine if these con men used their “skills” doing something constructive (and legal), if they worked for their money. There has to be a great amount of wasted potential.

I’ve got to go feed my worms now.

Ox Drover

Yea, Milo, funny thing, the worm guy I knew also did the ostriches and emus…but not the pigs. The b oar goats at $50K a pop for a buck when they first came over were the same way, b ut they are actually a good breed, but the High dollar ones were a ponzi scheme.

Yea, the Amish are too trusting sometimes…not always though, they can skiin you in a horse deal pretty well without a lot of remorse that I’ve seen. LOL

Yea, the “minature” horse bit is a mess, useless critters for the most part…Crazy Bob had a mini stud that ran loose on the entire section, cute little thing…no fence stopped it and it was on the highway where there are heavy trucks going head to tail at 60+ Mph and old ladies in cars….getting into my fields when the mares were in heat…a general hazard. He made no effort to take care of it. It disappeared one day. No idea what happened to it but it wasn’t hit by a truck or a car.


Oh, those $$$$ boar goats! That is how we got into goats, AFTER everyone had lost their shirts on them. They are really not suited for our northern climate (no duh coming from Africa) and also have a huge problem with internal parasites. We took what was left of people’s herds, AFTER they decided they were not such a good idea. We bred them to dairy goats. The half breeds do fine in this area.

I always tell the Amish “horse dealers” – look I don’t speak Dutch, but I ain’t stupid. LOL

Ox Drover


They brought the angora goats here from Texas to die in our climate and of worms. My vet says there are only two things that will kill a goat coccodiosis or worms…every other problem is caused by one of those. Only ONE wormer works around here, the purpose stuff for cows that is a pour on but you give it to goats by mouth. Starting at 15 days and every 21 days thereafter for several rounds then 3 rounds twice a year, and I treated for the cocco 5 days a month. My friend a good sheep and goat man lost almost his entire boar goat herd one year a few years back. Now only keeps a few dairy goats for milk. Breeds to a boar buck though. I’m out of the goat business since I lost my collie…no more goats, no more collies….just too much trouble, getting old and lazy in my old age. No use for gallons of milk either, and would have to get a guardian dog again too. My last one was murdered in her own yard by a gun happy kid the year of the chaos, never had another one since. I only keep the cows (3) to provide meat and because my renters feed them and fix the fences. LOL And the donkeys because I love them….and my horse because I dream (fantasy) about riding again one day. LOL Too far to fall really. LOL She’s getting old too.


Hi everyone!

It’s been a long since this I’ve ventured on here. With the festive season and the Aussie summer holidays diverting my thoughts to my happy place of lazing around the beach and hanging out with all my family and friends… I guess I was distracted with the illusion that my SP was changing and starting to perhaps turn over a new leaf! How wrong was I!

Forgive me please if I appear to offend anybody, but I’m still so confused with the concept of a sociopath or perhaps I’m more in denial of allowing myself to accept that it is a real prognosis of a nasty human being.

I spent my summer vacation with some friends of mine (a married couple who I have known for 20 years) and my partner and our children. However beautiful the weather was and the fun I had with the children, the adults I shared accommodation with were far from ideal. At first I thought it was merely just a case of close friends living on top of one another for 2 weeks that wore thin on me, but then by the last few days I left my holiday with a completely different perspective on not only my friends, but also myself and my life!

It appeared that everything I said and done was ’nagging’ my partner…. My friends (who know the pain I have suffered over the years with my partner) appeared to be attacking me at every turn of the post. My male married friend who I’ve known since I was 13 years old found it funny to pinch my arm and bruise me terribly at his own amusement. They both seemed to put me down alot. Anything I said and done was annoying, nagging or bitchy. I made a mental note of everything I was saying or doing and honestly could not work out what it was that annoyed them about me. I pulled my weight around the cabin (even though my friend’s wife would lay about for hours on her iPad playing games). I constantly had all 6 boys with me (plus the extra tag along friends they had made) and I would take them to the bitch all day or go for a bike ride with them. I cooked some lovely meals for us all and basically tried my best to live in the communal situation we were living in. This was all to no avail though. My partner was pulling his weight too and helping with the cooking and cleaning of things. The comments I would receive from my friends were comments like, “Wow we don’t think we believe you anymore Mel, your partner hasn’t stopped. It’s hard to believe he does nothing for you at home”. He was appearing to be the picture of a perfect boyfriend. I was wrong, I was a nag and I have a drinking problem??? One night when we all sat around and had a few drinks I became fairly intoxicated. I was having a little stir with my son about a little girl that fancied him. He was most upset with my teasing him (tongue in cheek of course) that he turned around and pushed me. The female friend jumped to her feet and starting yelling at my son and was in complete disbelief that my own 9 year old child would push me like that. Something inside me instantly reacted… not at my son or not at my friend…at my partner. In my drunken haze I expressed all my feelings about everything I had bottled inside, about his history of pushing me around when things didn’t go his way, holding a pillow over my face to stop me from rambling on, about his dishonesty with his finances and how I’d kept the peace about that because I didn’t want to ruin the children’s Christmas. I blurted out how the women he was having an affair with for 2 years behind my back many years ago when we first got to together, is suing him for $5600. She leant him money to pay his legal fees when he was fighting his ex wife in court for custody of the children and conveniently he never paid her back. He promised this money to her for over 6 years, the poor women lost her mother and father, battled with breast cancer and he still didn’t pay her back the money she so generously leant him. I also accused my partner of being the reason that my son thinks it’s ok to push me around as he has witnessed it in the past. My whole world came crashing down that one silly drunken night. I said things I should not have said in front of these people and the children for that matter. It was a complete meltdown on my behalf. My partner stormed out of the cabin in complete embarrassment and humiliation. I was restrained by my female friend. My partner was consoled by my male friend and we all went to bed in an air of confusion. I awoke the next morning with a hangover from hell and the lectures to go with it. My partner had stormed off in his car and said he was going home and that I could come and collect my things when my vacation was over. My friends told me how nasty and horrible I was and reminded me of the things I said. I totally humiliated my partner….. My partner said he would return if I apologised for my unacceptable behaviour. Naturally I spent the rest of my holiday on egg shells. Yes my partner returned, yes I was reprimanded on every single emotion I had from that night onwards. “Oh watch out, be careful…Mel is having a wine with dinner tonight, let’s get the punching gloves out…”

I walked away from my summer holiday feeling even more confused, more unsure of who I am, and even more questionable about what a sociopath really is. All these people surrounding us (my cousins and their children) in their cabins seem to think my partner was wonderful. My emotions are buried even further in now because I feel as though maybe it’s me that has problems? Maybe I expect too much from people? I have a different outlook on my friends and their judgement of me despite the endless times they have seem me cry because of yet another deceit from my partner. Do they simply accept him because I have? Or are human beings just in it for themselves and their own peace and serenity regardless of how their friend may be feeling? Either way, I’m back at home with him, back to work and back to routine again. He still does absolutely nothing to help me around the house, he still drinks a bottle or 2 of red wine every night, he still accepts me to organise, clean up after and look after his 3 boys (plus mine is 4) whilst he works until 7pm every night. Nothing has changed, he still doesn’t help me, he still makes his false promises, he still has debts lurking about which he refuses to discuss with me and there is still that certain secrecy about him that I now put down to my own paranoia. After his endless cheating and/or flirting over the years it’s hard to feel differently. He promises me that he is not interested in any other women, he was emotionally messed up before from his divorce. If someone hasn’t changed in other ways, why would that part of his personality change? I know I am my own worst enemy and my fear of leaving him has increased now because I question this whole SPath concept and what is real and what isn’t real. I am real or do I bring out the horrible side in his personality because I expect too much?

Ox Drover

Dear Melly,

Welcome back, I suggest that you educate yourself about sociopaths, and that you use that knowledge to decide just what kind of life you want…what kind of person you want to allow in your life. What kind of example you want your son to see of a “man.”

Yes, I think you are ONE of your worst enemies, but I think he IS the worst enemy and as long as you deal with him, you cannot deal with your own issues…like learning to set boundaries, and not allowing others to pinch and hurt you. You need these “friends” like you need another hole in your head. Friends don’t hurt friends like that.

The details of the vacation aren’t what is important I think I think the over all environment in which you live is toxic, but only you can change that. Welcome again, and God bless.


Dear Ox,

I know that you’re right and I know I am the only one that can help myself. I know I need to start building the road to make that happen. I don’t even know where to begin! Signing on here again was actually a rather big step again for me. I’ve tried to avoid dealing with reality I guess. Speaking to a professional is probably my first step, stop living in a fantasy world in believing that people like that change. I just don’t know if I’m strong enough to make all these changes in my life even though for many years I know that being walked all over is not a solution to making people like me. I’m failing at raising my son because I am allowing him to be in an environment where being a push over is acceptable!

Thanks Ox… You’re always here to give each and every one of us the advice we need to hear x o

Ox Drover

Dear Melly, YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH!!!! Look inward, and realize that little boy deserves a mom who will put him first, and not some jerk who mistreats them both! Put your son and yourself first, you both deserve that! (((hugs))) and God bless.


as Oxy said, please educate yourself until you can spot a spath a mile away. I would suggest, “Why is it always about you? The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism” by Sandy Hotchkiss. Living with spaths is hard enough when you DO get it, but it is impossible when you are still confused.

I want to also suggest that your friends are fence sitters. They blow with the wind and they have no standards of behavior. Your spath partner seems fine to them because he’s “fun” to be with. That’s all that matters to them. These people are shallow, so I wouldn’t count on them to be on your side. In fact, historically, fence sitters always side with Satan – I mean spaths. They are OK as friends as long as there is no spath around, but as soon as there is, they will turn on you. The spath turns them into his minions and they will do exactly as he says. This makes the spath much more powerful and dangerous. I hope you don’t allow yourself to be in the company of this group of people again. It’s not safe.


Skylar ”“ your much appreciated and educated interpretation of my ’friends’ feels like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I’ve never judged others and their choices in life, but this summer I realised after knowing these people for so many years… I never really did know them and I know the difference between human decency and plan narcissistic bullying behaviour. Your insight made things clearer in my head and I certainly have every intention to educate myself further in order to maintain my own sanity. Thanks so much for your words, they can work such wonders when you speak with people who know what you’re going through 🙂

Oxy ”“ I know I’m going to look back on this one day as merely a cloudy time in my life. I will find my inner strength, discard all the trash in my life and look for the bigger picture. I know it’s out there somewhere…I just need not be afraid to search for it. Thank you once again for always being available 🙂


Well Oxy and Sky,
I was pretty much over the whole thing with my neighbor this week. I hadn’t heard from him and have actually hardly thought of him. Then I get this email about his band playing tomorrow night. I quickly deleted it so I wouldn’t get triggered. I figured he just put me on his mass distribution list. Then my phone rings. It’s him. “So, Sherri, are you going to the gym tonight?” So we ended up going to the gym, just as friends. He did the stairmaster right next to me, and we actually pushed each other to work out harder on the stairmaster. Then we hung out in the steam room. It was fun. I realized that there is nothing doing in the romance department with him. I didn’t really feel much attraction for him, surprisingly, and it’s probably mutual. We are very ill suited to be a couple. Where did the attraction go? I didn’t feel anxious. I didn’t feel the need to have any kind of “talk”. Just went to the gym with a neighbor. I think the gym thing will become a regular thing because we can really motivate each other to exercise harder. We also talked about his new band possibly playing at my company holiday party this year, which would really be cool. But that’s a long way off, so we’ll see. I was very surprised to hear from him again. I thought I’d been discarded. Life is so funny. Just when I think I understand someone, I’ve read them all wrong. Musicians….sigh

Meantime, I’ve had the Costa Rica guy on my mind. I’m still grieving over him – another round, can you believe that? I’m working on these deep abandonment issues, but I feel like I’m making progress and getting healthier all the way around. Not quite ready to start dating again. But I feel it isn’t too far off.


Hi Star,
It’s nice to have a friend around, but I wouldn’t count on his new attitude staying platonic. People are strange, musicians are stranger…LOL! You’ll see, as soon as you start dating someone else, he’ll get interested again. been there done that.

But Costa Rica guy is OLD news. Why do you think you are still thinking about him? Because of the best sex ever? My spath was amazing at sex, most sex addicts are. Didn’t CRGuy end up marrying a manipulitive CR woman?

Maybe you just need some tranquility in your life for a while. That way, when you are ready to date again, maybe you will attract a tranquil guy and be attracted to him too.

Ox Drover


I wish I had some wisdomly words for you…there just isn’t any way to work through the “abandonment issues” except to confront them and DO IT.

The CR guy is only a symbol I think of those issues….I think Sky is right, he is “old news” but a symbol of those even older issues. Hell, Star I’m 65 years old and I really wish I had a “mommy that loves me”—so yea, abandonment, abuse, emotional trauma….but just one day at a time, ultimately. (((hugs)))


Sky, I’m craving the sex but not just the sex, the emotional connection that made the sex so great. Also, I think the loss of it is triggering my early abandonment by my father, so I’m just allowing myself to feel all the feelings.

I doubt the neighbor is interested in me except as a friend. But if he is, I’ll be very flattered because he’s such a cutie. But it’s pretty clear to me that we are so not right for each other. I don’t feel the right emotional connection with him, and I feel we are really incompatible. I just don’t see us dating. We are such different people. I’m glad I had the opportunity to find out, though. If he really were to show some serious interest and was willing to actually open up to me and really put himself out there, I might reconsider. But I really think this ship has passed. I honestly was shocked that he even called me again.


Oxy, we posted over each other – we are on the same page. Abandonment is really my big issue, and I’m dealing with it. I do it in small increments, and I’m starting to feel more grounded all the time.

Ox Drover

Star I am hearing growth in most of your posts the last few weeks. I think you are working on the right areas for you right now. Over coming those abandonment issues will make good progress in your relationship issues too. Keep trucking I think you’re headed in the right direction.


Thanks, Oxy. But tell me, why is it that once you’ve become disinterested in a man, he starts coming around? Is this one of the laws of nature or something? It’s a wonder how men and women EVER get together with all these silly games.

I bet his ex-wife just did a little jump for joy, though, after learning that he was sooooo caught this time that he was in the news and she could show anyone who doubted her that it’s REAL.

I am actually hoping that my ex does something like this so that I can finally have something tangible to show people when I am trying to explain how fubar he was. My friends and family don’t totally get it yet. Some of them aren’t even sure if I’m not exaggerating the whole thing.

This whole scam here with Rivera just has spath written all over it, with the use of God and the sale of WIND for goodness sakes. Where to begin? Classic spath.


Melly, I’m so sorry to hear of your experiences. It sounds a great deal like what the soon-to-be-exspath was doing to me via my adult son who came to live with us for “stability” a few weeks before I discovered his perversions and theivery.

Divide and conquer is the name of the spath game. They want to make sure that EVERYONE views their source target in a very bad light. The exspath would say to my son, “See? She’s forgetting things, AGAIN!” when I clearly hadn’t.

These types of people never get better, regardless of their promises to get “help.” This is a fact, not a feeling. They cannot and will not address the damages that they’ve inflicted upon others.

Today is “Valentine’s Day,” and I’m so grateful that I am NOT still with that worm. Sure, I have my days of sadness and feelings of loss – but, those feelings are based upon a carefully manufactured illusion and the person that I “loved” all of those years does not exist, and never has.

And, Panther – indeed, FUBAR spaths create such an atmosphere of doubt. Tangible proof is often hard to obtain, but they cannot maintain their actions, forever. They eventually trip up on their own lies and arrogance, and they bring themselves down better than anyone else could.

BLESSINGS and HEALING, everyone! 😀


Stargazer – I also have abandonment issues. A book was recommended called, “The Shame That Binds Us,” and it explained a great deal to me about abandonment and other issues.

For anyone who has had contact (life-altering, or just fleeting) with a spath, I would strongly recommend this book. Not everything contained was do-able for me, at the time. BUT, I finally got a grasp on what the core of most of my issues has been.

AND….I cannot stress this enough: I’m involved in some very strong counseling therapy, and I would surely have lost my mind if I had not made this choice. OxD said it so eloquently that a broken arm/leg needs medical attention by a professional, and a broken heart/mind needs emotional attention by a professional. Seeking emotional healing does not – DOES NOT – mean that we are insane. It simply means that we don’t know all of the answers or have all of the tools/techniques available to facilitate our own healing.

Once again: blessings and healing, everyone.


Truthspeak, I will see if the library has that book. I’ve been thinking about getting back into counseling, but I need someone who can give me a safe space and facilitate me in have 2-y.o. temper tantrums if I need to. That’s where I feel I am blocked is expressing rage. I cannot do it in my condo – people will call the cops if they hear screaming. But it’s very complicated because I’m also grieving for the loss of my cat, so I am feeling numbed out much of the time and emotional in bits and pieces about all of it. The neighbor’s coming around is making me think about him again, which triggers longing feelings which triggers more abandonment. So it’s all kind of sucky right now. I wish I had a really good counselor who could help me through this.


I posted a long while back about having random screaming rants while I was driving, and wondering if it was “normal.” LOL!!!!

The best way to find a “safe” counseling therapist is to consult your local mental health (misnomer: should be EMOTIONAL health) referral service and specifically ASK for counseling therapists who specialize in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, domestic violence/abuse, and surviving sociopathic relationships. A good, no-nonsense counselor will not mince words or cause their clients to “feel” as if they somehow brought their angst on of their own accord. They will speak plainly, honestly, and truthfully – sometimes, a client may interpret their words as being “harsh,” but our experiences require serious examination for us to set our feet upon our own healing paths. A good counselor will also provide tools and techniques to manage our rage and anger – YES, we have every right to be furious, and YES, there are very healthy and proactive ways to express that anger without harming ourselves, or others.

BIG hugs, Stargazer – taking steps to save your Self (Self = the unique empath that YOU are) from continued damage by proxy – bearing that burden that was foisted upon you at the hands of a soul-less sociopath.


Thanks, Truthspeak. I cannot afford any kind of counseling at the moment on an ongoing basis unfortunately. I can usually get a set of 6 session through work that don’t cost anything. I don’t know why but I have an aversion to going back to my old counselor there, though she was very nice. Probably because of some other of my issues. Sigh.


Well, Stargazer, there’s always the domestic violence hotline – nearly all localities offer ongoing survival counseling at no cost.

Perhaps, the hesitancy to go back to the same counselor is somehow translated in a perception of personal failure, regardless of how erroneous it is. I mean, we all have these issues to some degree or another, and it’s “normal” to feel hesitant when we’re returning to someone that should have helped us “fix” the issues the first time around.


How funny. That’s the first time I found this blog amusing. My x-husband subcategorized the 10 commandments by amending VII and X. He goes to church every sunday, tithes, raises his hands and goes to the strip club for what he does not get at home because he was married to an angry woman. That he was a fraud, evil, abusive, abandoned me, sucked the life and money out of me, and spent more time with girls gone wild, drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with it.

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