Con artist evokes the Almighty and the Apostles

You gotta give the guy credit for imagination. James A. Rivera, 42, formerly of Carson, California is heading for Club Fed. He claimed the Nigerian government was investing in windmills manufactured by his companies, called Apostles, Inc. and Almighty Wind, Inc. The entire thing was a scam. The following link was sent by a former wife of Rivera, who is a longtime Lovefraud reader.

God makes the wind, the Apostles market it, and James Rivera sells it, on

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Star I am hearing growth in most of your posts the last few weeks. I think you are working on the right areas for you right now. Over coming those abandonment issues will make good progress in your relationship issues too. Keep trucking I think you’re headed in the right direction.

Thanks, Oxy. But tell me, why is it that once you’ve become disinterested in a man, he starts coming around? Is this one of the laws of nature or something? It’s a wonder how men and women EVER get together with all these silly games.

I bet his ex-wife just did a little jump for joy, though, after learning that he was sooooo caught this time that he was in the news and she could show anyone who doubted her that it’s REAL.

I am actually hoping that my ex does something like this so that I can finally have something tangible to show people when I am trying to explain how fubar he was. My friends and family don’t totally get it yet. Some of them aren’t even sure if I’m not exaggerating the whole thing.

This whole scam here with Rivera just has spath written all over it, with the use of God and the sale of WIND for goodness sakes. Where to begin? Classic spath.

Melly, I’m so sorry to hear of your experiences. It sounds a great deal like what the soon-to-be-exspath was doing to me via my adult son who came to live with us for “stability” a few weeks before I discovered his perversions and theivery.

Divide and conquer is the name of the spath game. They want to make sure that EVERYONE views their source target in a very bad light. The exspath would say to my son, “See? She’s forgetting things, AGAIN!” when I clearly hadn’t.

These types of people never get better, regardless of their promises to get “help.” This is a fact, not a feeling. They cannot and will not address the damages that they’ve inflicted upon others.

Today is “Valentine’s Day,” and I’m so grateful that I am NOT still with that worm. Sure, I have my days of sadness and feelings of loss – but, those feelings are based upon a carefully manufactured illusion and the person that I “loved” all of those years does not exist, and never has.

And, Panther – indeed, FUBAR spaths create such an atmosphere of doubt. Tangible proof is often hard to obtain, but they cannot maintain their actions, forever. They eventually trip up on their own lies and arrogance, and they bring themselves down better than anyone else could.

BLESSINGS and HEALING, everyone! 😀

Stargazer – I also have abandonment issues. A book was recommended called, “The Shame That Binds Us,” and it explained a great deal to me about abandonment and other issues.

For anyone who has had contact (life-altering, or just fleeting) with a spath, I would strongly recommend this book. Not everything contained was do-able for me, at the time. BUT, I finally got a grasp on what the core of most of my issues has been.

AND….I cannot stress this enough: I’m involved in some very strong counseling therapy, and I would surely have lost my mind if I had not made this choice. OxD said it so eloquently that a broken arm/leg needs medical attention by a professional, and a broken heart/mind needs emotional attention by a professional. Seeking emotional healing does not – DOES NOT – mean that we are insane. It simply means that we don’t know all of the answers or have all of the tools/techniques available to facilitate our own healing.

Once again: blessings and healing, everyone.

Truthspeak, I will see if the library has that book. I’ve been thinking about getting back into counseling, but I need someone who can give me a safe space and facilitate me in have 2-y.o. temper tantrums if I need to. That’s where I feel I am blocked is expressing rage. I cannot do it in my condo – people will call the cops if they hear screaming. But it’s very complicated because I’m also grieving for the loss of my cat, so I am feeling numbed out much of the time and emotional in bits and pieces about all of it. The neighbor’s coming around is making me think about him again, which triggers longing feelings which triggers more abandonment. So it’s all kind of sucky right now. I wish I had a really good counselor who could help me through this.

I posted a long while back about having random screaming rants while I was driving, and wondering if it was “normal.” LOL!!!!

The best way to find a “safe” counseling therapist is to consult your local mental health (misnomer: should be EMOTIONAL health) referral service and specifically ASK for counseling therapists who specialize in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, domestic violence/abuse, and surviving sociopathic relationships. A good, no-nonsense counselor will not mince words or cause their clients to “feel” as if they somehow brought their angst on of their own accord. They will speak plainly, honestly, and truthfully – sometimes, a client may interpret their words as being “harsh,” but our experiences require serious examination for us to set our feet upon our own healing paths. A good counselor will also provide tools and techniques to manage our rage and anger – YES, we have every right to be furious, and YES, there are very healthy and proactive ways to express that anger without harming ourselves, or others.

BIG hugs, Stargazer – taking steps to save your Self (Self = the unique empath that YOU are) from continued damage by proxy – bearing that burden that was foisted upon you at the hands of a soul-less sociopath.

Thanks, Truthspeak. I cannot afford any kind of counseling at the moment on an ongoing basis unfortunately. I can usually get a set of 6 session through work that don’t cost anything. I don’t know why but I have an aversion to going back to my old counselor there, though she was very nice. Probably because of some other of my issues. Sigh.

Well, Stargazer, there’s always the domestic violence hotline – nearly all localities offer ongoing survival counseling at no cost.

Perhaps, the hesitancy to go back to the same counselor is somehow translated in a perception of personal failure, regardless of how erroneous it is. I mean, we all have these issues to some degree or another, and it’s “normal” to feel hesitant when we’re returning to someone that should have helped us “fix” the issues the first time around.

How funny. That’s the first time I found this blog amusing. My x-husband subcategorized the 10 commandments by amending VII and X. He goes to church every sunday, tithes, raises his hands and goes to the strip club for what he does not get at home because he was married to an angry woman. That he was a fraud, evil, abusive, abandoned me, sucked the life and money out of me, and spent more time with girls gone wild, drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with it.

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