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Con artist faked client’s death, then his own death, in $5.7 million scam

Aaron Travis Beaird of Enumclaw, Washington, sold insurance to family and friends, defrauding them all. Victims called him a “predator.”

‘The worst of thieves’ who faked suicide headed to prison, on

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I’ve always thought “Enumclaw” was a strange name. It looks like something spelled backwards!

“Beaird” is a “weaird” name too, come to think of it. As if the guy’s ancestors couldn’t decide between “Beard” and “Bird,” so they tried to settle for both. (More likely they just couldn’t spell, period.)

I see from the article that this predator wasn’t just operating a “life insurance” scam. It was annuities as well. That’s a different matter. I was wondering how he got $5.7 million out of a life insurance scam. From insurance companies perhaps, though hardly from clients. But this SOB was taking his clients for their retirement savings. Nasty piece of work.

In a letter to the court, Beaird described himself as deeply ashamed of his actions and regretful of their cost.

Yes, well, any bunco artist can SAY they’re “deeply ashamed and regretful.” I suggest that if Mr. Beaird was REALLY so ashamed and regretful, he would have REALLY committed suicide (“honorable Japanese apology”), instead of FAKING suicide in the course of YET ANOTHER scam.

Given that Beaird had never been arrested before the current case, he deserves a sentence short enough for him to make amends, the defense attorney added, suggesting 2 ½ years in prison is sufficient.

Hmmm, so Mr. Beaird had “never been arrested before,” eh? As if that puts him on a par with other “first time offenders”! Well, it is defense counsel’s job to try and get his client off as lightly as possible. However, in the interest of justice I prefer a different argument. Since Mr. Beaird was practicing his frauds for a full decade without being arrested in all that time, I suggest that makes him an outstandingly slippery customer who’s just too good at getting away with crimes. He should therefore be locked up for as long as possible to safeguard the public from this unusually dangerous predator!

Ox Drover

HHy RED!!!!!! So good to see you back!!! And you are so right! This guy is a MULTIPLE OFFENDER, just a first time caught and that should not give him any brownie points for sentencing.

Yea, this guy is a scuuuuuuum bag delux. A would be Bernie Madoff if he had the brains.


Hi, Oxy! A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! 🙂 (I do hope I’m not too late to wish that for you—and to others here, naturally.

Ox Drover

Never! Good to see you guy, sure have missed you and your great comments!

Redwald,you said it well!As does this verse in Ecclesiastes 8:11,where it says “Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily,that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad.” -New World translation

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