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Con artist takes on the identities of missing children

As a teenager and young adult, Frederic Bourdin convinced the families of missing boys that he was their long-lost child. Read:

The Chameleon revealed: Incredible deception of French conman who tricked U.S. family into thinking he was their lost teenage son, on

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Ox Drover

This guy is the proof that psychopaths do not have any conscience, and that they will do whatever it takes for them to get their desires. It also proves that WE must be vigilant to protect ourselves from being conned by what seems “too good to be true.”

New Beginning

Such a horrific experience for the parents. I’m beginning to think the “official” estimates of the percentage of population who are P’s/S’ is greatly understated.

For me, this guy is proof that psychopaths do not have any being! How/Why else could he wear so many different identities?

He wasn’t getting rich doing this, he was just being treated like a kid. His motive must’ve been to actually steal the identities of people who were actually loved by their families. Yet, he has no regard for the people who were providing that love. No feeling at all for how they felt. sick.sick.sick.

New Beginning

The only reason my ex married me was to be part of my family so he could “feel the love”. Didn’t work out so well for him because he wasn’t like the rest of us. Like always, they blame others for whatever their issues are, including “not feeling the love”. What a miserable existence.


What a horrible story. Simply horrible. Godalmighty.

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