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Con man Kevin Trudeau claims poverty, then spends $900 on cigars

Kevin Trudeau peddled weight loss and other products for decades on infomercials products that didn’t work. The Federal Trade Commission slapped him with a $38 million fine which he claims to be too poor to pay, even as he spends $900 on cigars and $180 on haircuts.

Infomercial king Kevin Truda thrown in jail after lavish spending, on

Kevin Trudeau, the pitchman the Feds can’t stop, on

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Hi Everyone, I think Kevin Trudeau is being used somewhat as a scapegoat for our corrupt FDA/Pharmaceutical industry. One needs to be careful to not paint everyone with the same brush. I work in the health care industry with the largest HMO that could care less about one’s overall health and welfare. The HMO collects data on unsuspecting members and sells it to the government. We are a testing ground for pilot studies on the side effects of drugs. The members are in the dark that any of this is going on. Drugs are pushed like candy. No real effort is given towards the importance of, “You are what you ingest.” Healthy eating is so vital to one’s well-being. I have bought meat from WholeFoods that has cost me $28 a pound. I work hard everyday and I will continue to do so, so that I can afford the best I can. Garbage in, garbage out. I think this headline does Kevin Trudeau a disservice. Con man can be applied to several members of Congress and Senate. Has anyone stopped to think for a minute that the $38 million fine is criminal in itself. The IRS is criminal and corrupt. A wonderful journalist, Jim Marrs, has written several books on the reality of the workings on this planet. “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.” Another great book is “Side Effects:Death, confessions of a pharma-insider, by John Virapen Remember, that if one rocks the boat of the government agenda, you will most likely become a target. Dare to think for yourself. The system will put in the news tidbits about someone’s personal life and expenditures that will surely rile the masses. Take care in the best way possible. Heidi


Kevin Trudeau is a die-hard bullshitter and con artist who latched on to ideas like Scientology’s dangerous Purification Rundown (used also in the Scientology front-group Narconon), which consists of extremely high daily doses of vitamins mixed with hours-long trips to a sauna. This has absolutely no medically proven effectiveness, and could very well cause lasting damage to organs because of the insane amount of vitamins used.


Also, it’s important to note that Kevin Trudeau has an almost cult-like following and those folks will come here to defend him while ignoring the damage his pseudoscience has done to people who were desperate for a cure for cancer.

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