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Con man lies about Iraq injuries to get government benefits and a free house

In this video, Brandon Blackstone gives his heartfelt testimonial about his devastating injuries in Iraq, and how a charitable organization helped him recover. Problem is, he’s lying.

Brandon Blackstone, 35, of Arlington, Texas, pleaded guilty of lying about injuries sustained in Iraq so that he could bilk the government and charities out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Blackstone did serve as a Marine in Iraq, but he was not injured in a humvee that hit an improvised explosive device, as he claimed.

Blackstone co-opted the story of Casey Owens, who suffered terrible injuries in an explosion, including losing his legs. Owens eventually committed suicide because of his ordeal.

Blackstone, in the meantime, enrolled in a program to help soldiers deal with the “invisible wounds of war,” like PTSD. Blackstone was such a success that the foundation videotaped his testimonial and posted it on its website.

Owens’ friends outed Blackstone’s lies. The con man faces up to 21 years in federal prison.

Former Marine from North Texas admits lying about combat injury in Iraq to get free house, VA benefits, on

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This is a horrible lie.

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