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Con woman jumps to her death to avoid arrest

Elizabeth Victoria DeMaria was wanted for swindling $200,000 from nine people in a fake investment scheme. When authorities tracked her to a suite in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, rather than be arrested, she jumped 35 stories to her death.

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I believe in accountability, either now or later. She did not truly escape, just prolonged it until later. If I did not believe this way, I would find it difficult to go on. I refuse to believe sociopaths get off free forever.

This story makes no sense. Why would she throw the laptop out the window and then jump after it? Did she think she needed to get rid of the evidence? Didn’t she realize she’d be dead? I think this proves that spaths are completely out of touch with reality.

Ox Drover

Some of them don’t seem to fear prison, (my son Patrick) and others seem like they can’t stand the thought of being caught and shown up.

I think she simply thought that somehow she would “save her good name” if she destroyed the evidence.

Doesn’t make sense to you? Or me? Doesn’t have to. They don’t think like we do.


At least this story had a happy ending.


Con woman jumps to her death to avoid arrest

Good riddance! If only they’d ALL do that!


Sheeeesh…..what a dope.


Hi All,

I feel a bit guilty for laughing so hard at everyone’s responses. Happy ending indeed.



Both make sense to me – that they are both out of touch with reality and driven to keep their name clean even if they aren’t around to know it. My ex, even after we broke up, hid a new girlfriend from me (I lived next door). I wldn’t have cared and wld have even been relieved to know it, as I didn’t know at that point he was a spath or that he had cheated on me and all that other stuff they all do. My only guess is that he was afraid my thoughts wld turn into a direction that led to more horrendous things he didn’t want me privy to or that I’d feel badly of him, which seems ridiculous from where I stand now. They’re dumb.

Other reason her jumping makes sense to me: Poor Impulse Control; Inability to Plan Ahead or Have a Realistic Life Goal; Reckless; Proud; Cowardly.

Good riddance.


This guy committed suicide on June 28, 2012 in an Arizona courtroom right after they found him guilty of arson. He set his $2.55 million home on fire because he couldn’t make the balloon paymen.

He endangered 12 people with the fire, including 6 children, but he saved his Picassos first by storing them in another location before he lit the fire.

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