Con woman ordered to repay male victim

Brenda Miguel admitted to stealing nearly $165,000 from an elderly New Jersey man in a sweetheart scam. She was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to make restitution.

Read Woman who swindled West Orange man out of $165K is sentenced to 5 years probation on Nj.com.

Brenda Miguel must also testify against her accomplice, a woman who is still at large.

For more about the scam, read Newark fugitive accused of stealing $164K from elderly man in captured in Florida after 3 years on Nj.com.

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I read the story and then the comments—the comments mentioned that the “woman” in the photo looked more like a man than a woman, and I agree a very prominent adam’s apple.


Well, first I am actually suprised that it was prosecuted at ALL. But if you are going to prosecute this, why probation? Like there will ever be one cent repaid to the old man.

I hope this con artist ROTS!

OxDrover the last sociopathic woman I was with had an adams apple too which stuck out. Without being graphic a large clitoris too. It’s the mega levels of testosterone female sociopaths nearly all have.

Bluejay, does “she” look like a man to you?

Brenda Miguel won’t repay anyone anything, being without any shame over her crime(s). This woman doesn’t care one whit about her victim.


She does look somewhat mannish, yes.

I didn’t think much more about “her” until I looked at the COMMENTS under the article —by others (not on LF) about the ADAMS’ APPLE and I got to looking and yes, to me she looks like a guy in drag.

I used to live in Hollywood, CA down behind Hollywood Blvd and saw lots of guys in drag all the time and I could usually spot them (in those olden days before hormones were available) by the adams apple. Even now, Hormone therapy doesn’t usually get rid of that even after a “sex change” operation. Just wanted another opinion.


I don’t know if it’s the picture, but her neck is noticable, looking big. I read (earlier today) Frank Lee Speaking’s comment about his former spath girlfriend having an adam’s apple, stating it could be due to high testosterone levels. I have known (not a lot) tomboyish looking women, looking somewhat masuline, being friends with one. The woman doesn’t look like a very warm person.

That is not an Adams apple, but more like the Adams apple tree.


I would hate to have a problem with my gender, needing to have a sex-change operation. Going through that inner turmoil would be rough. A person who is experiencing a sex-change alteration is Cher’s daughter Chastity. She was a cute little girl, growing up to be an attractive woman who got quite heavy over the years.

I saw a repeat of a good show the other night on TV about kids who are born “gender un-specific” and the decisions the parents have to make. Surgery or not? Which way to go? With the DNA or with what is “physical?” I would hate to have to make that decision for a child of mine before they could decide for themselves.

Yea, the woman in the photo doesn’t look very “friendly” that’s for sure.

I’m sure the old man will never see a cent. PROBATION!!! UGH!!! (Grrrrrrr—that’s the sound of me grinding my teeth!~)


Well, like the rest of us, the swindled one (even at his age) still has a few things (hard as they might be) to learn in life, especially about people in general – the bad person can seem SO nice, kind, helpful, etc., then they stab you in the back, giving you a mind-bending revelation about themselves.

It is so true about what you are saying about this situation. You wonder how anyone could take advantage of the elderly, the innocent, the young and the needy, yet that is exactly who the sociopaths target. I guess this shows their true predatory nature. I find in contrast to this the Biblical values of respecting your parents, of treating kindly the stranger, the widow, and the poor to be polar opposites. And furthermore, how could you not think that any child born to Sonny and Cher had any chance of becoming normal? I got you babe.

Sorry about the redundancy in my speech, and for the use of the ole double negative. I am half asleep and the other half of me is tired.


teacher – need to check in with you re your statement about Chas Bono. the relative functionality or dysfunctionality of one’s parents has nothing to do with gender dysphoria.

i know you were probably just being conversational and funny, but it reads as if you are labeling her gender dysphoria in a pejorative way, the powerful not ‘normal’ label. it stuck out when i was reading this thread and it makes me very uncomfortable.

About the Chas Bono issue, it’s not a choice. My good friend’s daughter is going through a sex change, this girl is a genius, graduated high school two years early, going to college be a pediatric heart surgeon. She never had girl mannerism, when I first met her I thought she was a boy. This sex change was meant to be and I think she will be much happier as a he.

Is it at all easy to go through all the operations, hormone therapy, judgements by relatives and friends, changing your eating habits, counseling, etc. to change your sex? I think it would soooo much easier to just be gay and forget about changing the anatomy. Sara has courage to go through this gender change, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Chas Bono probably felt the same way.

I know this is off topic, but we should know from our experience with a spath, you can’t judge people by what seems easiest, it’s deeper and more profound and sometimes people are born without a choice in their core. The spath is evil in their core, they can’t seem to break out of that no matter what love and generousity they experience.

Ho hope. I think there’s a difference between being gay and being transgendered.

Gayness is a matter of who you’re attracted to sexually and to what degree…but gay people still identify themselves as the gender they’re bodies were born into…in other words a lesbian is attracted to women, but still identifies herself as a woman. A transgendered person is born into the wrong body. He or she might be born male but know in his or her heart that she’s female.

Yes, I think it would be a really tough row to how.

Sorry. I meant Hi Hope. Should have previewed. 🙂

There is also a group of children who are born with DNA that says one sex, but either organs (or parts of organs) that say the opposite, or neither.

Some of the adults who were operated on at a very young age to make them “normal” appearing and functioning male/female are pretty rabid about their parents making these choices for them. Some of these kids were well old enough to remember these multiple and painful surgeries, as well as to feel that they were “odd” or “wrong.” There are a lot of problems for children who are born “gender unclear” (I’m not speaking of people who have a clear physicial and DNA gender, but want to change it.)

There is also a “debate” about gender idenity and about sexual attraction to which gender, is it nature or nurture or a combination of both? I don’t guess we will ever solve that problem on this blog, and didn’t mean to get a big discussion going about gender. It just seemed to me that the physical appearance of that woman’s face (after it was pointed out to me by the reader’s comments about the article) looked more like a man with long hair than a woman. I don’t guess we’ll ever know which is which or what is what on the rest of that story, but I wouldn’t put it past a psychopathic con to pretend to be a woman to steal from old men.

And yes, they do target the old and infirm and the young and the sick, and the dumb and unawares—AND smart people too. So I’m not going to throw any stones at people who have been conned….cause I’ve been conned a BUNCH of times! LOL


Thanks for the clarification, the ho would be an appropriate title for spath, if you know what I mean!


I feel for the people who are trapped in their bodies, none of their choices would be easy. The woman in the picture probably has loads of testosterone, and we know what that does to a person.

Well, the woman in the picture is a CON PERSON, whether she be a male or a female, and you know,, I know lots of guys with plenty testosterone that are NOT abusers and do not take advantage of rich old men to steal their money….so now, I don’t have a lot of empathy for the body she is trapped in….personally, I think the body she is trapped in should be LOCKED IN A PRISON FOR A LONG TIME., Know what I mean, Vern? LOL

Oh, BTW the “Ho Hope” was just Kim STUTTTTT-ERING! LOL 🙂

If I waited to make sure I didn’t offend anyone before I spoke then I would speak a lot less that is for sure. I just killed a bug, and it probably offended someone in Nepal. I did not mean to alienate any groups especially the gender dysphoric. I do use humor to help ease the pain of life although I don’t get paid nearly enough for being such a funny conversationalist. Maybe one day.

Dear Teacher123,

Did you hear about the first grade teacher who went out to the parking lot after school and saw her fender dented in?

She said “Oh, Oh, look,, look…damn, damn, damn!!!”

Hope I didn’t offend you! LOL ROTFLMAO giggle hee heee


and now your message reads as dismissive or defensive to me. it might seem quite alright to be funny about gender – but it’s only half a step away to any other non normative reality that people struggle to with every day, trying to find their way in society.

teacher – this isn’t personal. I don’t know you at all. I don’t know who you are or what you think. i may be ‘pissing into the wind’ here. but your comment really did disturb me, as does your defense of it.

might be that i am overacting; i’ve said my peace and i will leave it alone now.

Dear One_step,

Darling, opinons are “free” here (everyone gets one and they don’t cost anything) and not meaning to make fun of yours at all…but MY OPINION is that Teacher wasn’t maligning anyone or anything…but that’s just me and my opinon…not supposing to speak for him—or did I? (light hearted humor here)

While I realize that people struggle with morbid obesity and it is NOT a JOKE–I frequently make fun of my fat butt (and I recall you doing the same thing about yours) but no intent to hurt or upset those people who are morbidly obese and have severe health problems as a result I think is intended on your part or mine.

I think we are all “insensitive” to others from time to time—and we may make a joke about Kim’s typo where she said “Ho Hope” when she meant “HI Hope”—and so we may say something demeaning to “sex workers” and call them “Ho’s or Skanks”–I guess if we were really as sensitive and as “non judgmental” as we might be we could refer to psychopaths as the “morally challenged” and take up a collection for them. LOL (tongue in cheek here)

But for now I will refrain from referring to “sex workers” as “Ho’s” and the “adiposely challenged” (that medicaleaze) as “fat” (even when it refers to my lard butt!) and I will no longer be so insensitive that I make fun of Teacher123 for being a teacher, and speaking in one sylable words!

Have a good night guys, I think I’m gonna go to beddie by! Nite nite!

If we take up a collection for the “morally challenged” can we use the money to please, please send them away? Oxy, you are quick!

I don’t always agree with everyone and sometimes take things to heart, but it always mends. I’m so tired of feeling sad anyway, just need to move on to happier days.

Well, I looked at facebook before I checked back here, and glad you saw the humor in my post, Hope4joy! Yea, a little “gallows” humor is good for the soul I think.

Yea, we can take up a collection to send them on a space ship to Mars! How about that?!!!!! If I thought it would work I would sell my house to contribute and live in a tent!

Where is EB tonight? Does that woman have a DATE? She better not have a date and not have told us!

Well, I AM off to bed now. Shut down the puter! (((Hugs)))) and prayers for us all! Even the “Morally challenged”–I pray that they will leave us alone! Regardless of their race, color, creed, gender identification, height, weight, or other handicaps—as long as they will leave us alone!!! If they don’t, I’m getting out the skillet!

EB’s In the house….
I’ve had a busy few days helping a friend with a wedding.

So…..speaking of dates…..at the wedding….a guy came up to me, (who btw….I had been ‘admiring’ as very handsome and was having ‘nice’ conversations at lunch, I was eavedropping)….so….he comes up to me and catches me OFF GUARD! He says, you look so familiar, I know you from somewhere…..Du, hu, mmmmm…..EB stumbles…..
I asked him his name and it was familiar….he then says he use to own xx store in town……OH YES……I do know you.
We chatted for a moment and the bride/groom were cutting the cake and I totally left him in the dust to help the B/G…..just blew him off in a heartbeat……
My girlfriend comes up to me and says…..EB….he WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!!!!!
SO…..tonight at the night festivities….he was there again…..
And was very nice to me……and my gf’s hubby said…..EB, we need to hook ya up with a nice guy….like xx.
So….I think my friends are up to ‘no good’…..

This is the same gf who was married to a TOTAL DICK wad. Fit’s the sociopath to a T. She remarried this guy last year who i’ve known for 20 years……and they are such a sweet couple together……they are so fotunate.
I think they want to see me happy with a man…..knowing what they both went through, and what i’ve gone through…..
They know it’s possible to find a beautiful relationship after a nightmare…..they found each other.

SO, yes, Oxy…..EB did have here bouncy hair on and slinky black dress…….BUT….no date……just a conspiracy going on around me.

None the less…..I had a good time today/tonight.

Off to bed!

BTW….the ‘Ms. Miguel’ in the article above…..she looks like she has a GOITER,

That’s what mine looked like, only bigger……so easy on the Adams apple comments…..before I had my Goiter removed….I used to say it was a breast implant gone astray!


oxy – it’s hard for me to tell when you are being sarcastic. somehow i don’t find your above post funny; don’t really know how to read it. don’t know what your point really is – except you wanted to comment on my concern. don’t know if you are judging it or what….perhaps you are trying to ‘educate’ me. i wish you wouldn’t. i often don’t know with you. you and i have very different sensibilities.


eb – oh snort, that’s funny!

in response to teacher saying:

“how could you not think that any child born to Sonny and Cher had any chance of becoming normal? I got you babe.”

In defence of Chaz Bono, formerly known as Chastity…this person is truly unique, very different from most, has had a particularly difficult challenge in life and as far as I can see is handling it with great strength and courage supported by his family and friends…so I would see his “not normal” status as being truly unique…I don’t want to say “special” as that is veering towards patronising…but what a journey, what a testament to self-honesty and yes I would expect a child born the Sonny and Cher to be of that calibre. I got you babe! for sure!

as for the woman in the photo…she really does look like a man…it’s a very surreal photo…captures something creepy across the eyes..a face I would not be comfortable looking at for very long yet it pulls you in….reminds me of the P…a straying implant? lol

the P was a total straying implant in and of himself…I would call him a Demon implant, and boy does he straayy look out he could be about to come around your corner! aaaaargh!

Ok maybe several of my comments may have hit a nerve. I see that. I do apologize. And if you want to know I did watch the Sonny and Cher show along with the Monkees and Gilligans Island. I have not followed the struggles that Ms. Bono has been through. It is easy to say that she would have a harder time being normal in any capacity, sexual or otherwise, as she was born in the spotlight with the paparazzi? I need to consult Lady GaGa or whomever sang that song on the spelling. Or perhaps restrict the objects of my humor to non-people object things. I do also make fun of myself in the same way many times, so that is probably why I feel free to do so with others. My uncle always said I was funny-and my grandma.


You did say you were tired…..and I bet you even enjoyed Sonny and Cher and sing along when they play them on the radio…yeah I know..I would not have called it humour however…I’d see it as anger …care to tell me how angry you are? lol tell me to f off eh?

I hope ya’ll enjoy this:

[email protected]

Opps. Sorry, the above link doesn’t work. I was trying to post a video of Sonny and Cher singing,”I got You, Babe” with a very cute 2 or 3 year old Chastity in Sonny’s arms.

Dear One_step,

I’m sorry that you don’t understand my humor and my occasional sarcasm, I wasn’t really “judging” (I don’t think) as I was trying to defuse the situation by using my own humor. I thought you sounded irritated at Teacher, and I guess I put my nose in where it wasn’t wanted in trying to “defuse” you being irritated. I’ll try to better now and in the future when you become irritated at other posters I won’t stick my nose in where it obviously isn’t wanted.

As my brother-in-law once said to me, “Who isn’t dysfunctional?,” agreeing that most people are not completely normal. Sonny Bono wrote an autobiography (back in the 1980’s, I think) where he talked about his daughter Chastity, that there were things that went on in her upbringing that he did not approve of. Of course, she would be affected by her parents, mother and father. She grew up to be an intelligent, thinking, loving human being. I don’t know what all of her struggles have been in life, but she seems to be navigating through life with integrity, trying to be honest and true to herself. When I have heard her talk (via t.v. shows, articles in magazines, etc.), she comes across as a wonderful person who has had some difficult things to deal with in her own life, doing the best that she can (with whatever she’s been handed in life). I wish her the best.

Growing up “in the spot light” or “in show biz” is a difficult life even if you have “perfect parents”—

A friend of mine sent me the results of a study done on about 8,000 people picked at random to see what Psychopathic traits they have, and only about 23% (about 1 out of 4) didn’t have ANY P-traits at all. That’s scary

I know very little about the life of Chaz, having only seen a few photos of her from time to time from the time she was a toddler until now when she is quite heavy.

I’m not one who keeps up with many of the “starz” exploits except what little I may come across on the news, like Mel Gibson’s tantrums. It is unfortunate though that many people who become “rich and famous” it brings out the worst in their lives rather than the best—they get into drugs, and all kinds of problems—maybe they would have even without the wealth and fame, who knows?—but generally the “fast life” is not necessarily good for either you or your kids.


I am not one who keeps track of “star news”, finding most of it trivial, unimportant. There are some celebrities that stand out to me (more than others), just having a general awareness of Sonny and Cher’s daughter, Chastity. I use to watch their show back in the 1970’s, liking it then. Over the years, I would read or hear news about her – she strikes me as a person who has depth to her.

I think it’s true – many of us in the general population could have P traits. I personally get tired of self-analyzing, telling myself that I need to be this way or that way, rather than fully accepting myself. I don’t know if that ever fully comes (if you’re a self-reflective type of person).

Dear BlueJay,

Yea, I’m self reflective too, but trying to “weed out” the parts of my thinking and behaving that are “counter productive” to how I want to live and be. I do accept myself, WARTS and all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get rid of the warts if I can. LOL Or to improve myself if I can.

I too remember when Cher and Sonny started on TV and their show. Ah, those were the days! LOL Been a LONG time ago!

Cher is one of the few celebs That I think plastic surgery has improved her looks. And actually the one movie I saw she was in where she was the dying boy’s biker-chick mother, she wasn’t a terrible actress either. Or maybe I just remember it that way! LOL


Last month, I watched a show about Cher (I don’t recall what the program was) where they went over her life – she was interesting to listen to, talking about some of her experiences. She is a good actress, enjoying the things that I’ve seen her in. I think that when it came to Sonny and Cher, she was the better performer, possibly being more talented. But then again, who cares – Sonny ended up being married to a great lady (his final marriage), becoming a Congressman. Finally, I agree about plastic surgery – it works nicely on Cher.


I wonder if I could talk to you about your experience. I am also in my 40’s with three children. Oldest has just finished college. I have been trying to get h-spath out of the house and he just digs in his heals and won’t leave. Did you have this problem. I think more is wrong with him because he is always asking me for permission to do things and trying to be a saint (which I know he’s not). It’s like he regressed back to childhood.

He has a sexual addiction issue and our 16 year old daughter thinks he is a spath and creepy. She read a book about sociopaths and recognized her dad. Weird that I couldn’t see it and she could.

Anyway, there’s more to tell but you get the idea. He fools some therapists, but not all of them. Looks you in the eyes and lies, lies, lies. Even with proof. Tried to have an intervention for me, looked up mental instititions and says it’s all in my imagination. (found porn, phone sex, strip clubs)

We have been married for 17 years, known him for 20. It’s finally making sense to me and I just want him gone!!! Lawyer said I needed to stay until we have an agreement. He covets his reputation and can manipulate til the cows come home. Funny, charming, witty, intelligent, handsome, but evil none the less.

Can you share any advice since you are now in the divorcing stage? I would appreciate it!!!

It was my kids who opened my eyes also…..
Sometimes we are just too close to see things clearly…..it’s called spath nearsightedness.

I think your attorney’s advise is a CROCK OF SHIT! I’m calling BS on it!
Husband ain’t gonna agree to anything (divorce wise) as long as he feels like he’s got YOUR balls in his hand.

Get a NEW attorney, file and get the process going…..your stalling…..nothing is gonna change until YOU change it.
(If that’s what you want).
Sorry for butting in……I know you posted to BJ.

But…..girl…decide what YOU want and proceeeeeeeed!


Knowing what I now know (and have experienced), if my h-spath hadn’t left, I would have exited. At the time that he decided to leave the house, I was at my wits’ end, having experienced enough trauma to kill a horse. It’s important to the h-spath that I treat him with respect – anyway, one evening the h-spath made some comment to me, telling me that he was leaving and I had a sarcastic reply (something that offended him). That evening he started making arrangements to rent a house and was gone within the week. I know that he is a rotten human being, not wanting to say anymore because I’ll blow my stack. Take care of yourself, getting to “higher ground” – believe me, if you need to get a place of your own, do it.


I’m afraid I am with EB and BJ on this—YOU CAN FORCE HIM OUT with the right attorney. The attorney is giving you BS for advice. You do NOT have to wait until HE DECIDES to leave.

And, I’ve said this before, until YOU take the “bull by the horns” and MAKE HIM COMPLY, he is going to continue to walk all over you, disrespect you, disrespect your boundaries, and YOU WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE IN THE FOG you are living in now and SUBJECTING your daughter into living in it.

You staying with him is not good role modeling for your daughter is my opinion. Putting the “blame” on him for not leaving won’t fly in my opinion, you need to “man up” and PUSH HIS SORRY ARSE OUT THE DOOR. Get another lawyer or tell this one to step up if he/she wants to keep the job. Sounds more like they are working for your Psychopath than you! God bless.

WATCH OPRAH TOMORROW!! Remember the link I posted on an article a year or so ago about the “Reverend” Tony Alamo –the guy who went to federal prison for haivng sex with 9 year olds he “married” ? Well, some of his 8-9 year old (at the time) “wives” are going to be on Oprah tomorrow. Thank God this pedophile creep is in prison, I just can’t believe it took 3 decades to accomplish it! That rebel Mormon “prophet” who was doing the same thing is going to trial in Texas and I hope Texas will lock him uip forever too!

Is this the “evangelist” who’s wife died (she was his “co-evangelist”), displaying her body in his “church,” being a very bizarre thing to do.

Bluejay, EB, and Oxy,

Thanks for the advice, it has been such a difficult road. Now the h-spath says he’ll do whatever it takes to stay together, even go into treatment. He cries pretty much everyday. Maybe he’s really a narcissist and experiencing a breakdown of sorts. (no narcisstic supply available)

I think he recognizes he has a problem but I’m not sure how to take it. He admitted some of the stuff he did and said I deserved to be treated better. Why is it my problem that he can’t man up and face it?

EB-totally get the spath-nearsightedness. They are the masters of spin and getting us to believe so much crap.

Good freaking lord, he’s having a breakdown. I HATE all the stinking drama.

I really don’t know why I keep complaining because stories like the one Chinagirl posted, are so deeply disturbing, especially since her D is with the sicko spath. How can people go through such pain? EB and cancer and ex, Oxy and sons and egg doner-sperm doner too, Mama gem and her daughters and ex, Buttons son and h-spath, Bulletproof, Fearless, Bluejay, Hens, Matt, Erin1972, Hopeful, One step and the sockpuppets and all the others who have been touched by such evil people. Sometimes I read their stories and wonder why the heck I’m even here, those amazing people are true survivors.

I’m in awe of all of you and your strength of character! Heroes of mine, thank you for all of your stories, thank you for sharing. And most of all, thank you for allowing me to participate and showing me that I haven’t taken this journey alone.

Lots of love~Hope4joy

Dear Hope4joy,

“I’ve got some OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY IN ARI-ZONA, and if You’ll buy that, I’ll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge for FREE”

You are obviously a great candidate to buy the Ocean front property if you BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD HE SAYS.


Sorry, As long as you continue to let him control you….you will never be able to break free…and one excuse is as good as another on why you continue to let him control you—if and when, and I repeat IF and WHEN you decide you don’t like the DRAMA, YOU will STOP the DRAMA. Until then…it won’t change…and neither will he.

It is sort of like the guy who keeps hitting himself in the thumb with a hammer and then crying because his thumb hurts—when YOU get tired of your thumb being sore, you will stop pounding it with the hammer.

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