Con woman ordered to repay male victim

Brenda Miguel admitted to stealing nearly $165,000 from an elderly New Jersey man in a sweetheart scam. She was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to make restitution.

Read Woman who swindled West Orange man out of $165K is sentenced to 5 years probation on

Brenda Miguel must also testify against her accomplice, a woman who is still at large.

For more about the scam, read Newark fugitive accused of stealing $164K from elderly man in captured in Florida after 3 years on

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I saw in the comments that you all were making fun of her adams apple, but what about the 5 o’clock shadow?

THERE SHE IS!!!!!! Ox. we peeps were concerned about you on another thread. Hope all is well weather wise on your farm

You guys had waaaay too much fun with your “wee drams” last night, don’t think you can get one over on me!!!!! I’m like santa claus I can see you when your sleeping, I can see you when you’re awake—so you better be good or Oxy’s gonna get her skillet! LOL

I played board games with my son and his friends, and they drank wine and I had a “little tiny wee dram” me self (actually 1 drink) and we went to bed well before the new year so we could get up and the weather has become cooler than they had predicted, so we will go ahead and do two of the three animals we had planned to butcher this weekend…so I may be so tired tonight I don’t even have the energy to say good night! But I won’t have to ride the stationary bike for exercise. Ha ha

Well, you guys keep it between the ditches and all of you start out the new year with black eyed peas, hog jowl and corn bread for good luck!!!! This is going to be a P-FREE NEW YEAR FOR US ALL!!!!!!

Thanks Ox!!! Yes, I finally have a full understanding of what happened to me and my fairytale! It feels good starting the new year off with this knowledge! It’s like I can leave alot of baggage in last year and move forward. Thanks!

Well it only took us two hours for the first half of our process and are getting ready for the second one. I’ve got the easy job while the guys are outside getting ready for the next one—I’m making a pot of coffee to fill their thermos—those guys run on COFFEE! Weather is perfect! Will be 21 tonight to chill out the carcasses and high of 45 tomorrow, perfect for cutting and packaging the meat. Everything has gone just lovely (at least from OUR perspective) The “guests of honor” have not complained so far, the one looks a bit naked without his hide though and the other one isn’t aware she is on the guest list.

The one young man who has never done this before keeps saying “OH, COOL!!!!”

You know, it is not how hard or how “nasty” the job is, if the people working together to do it have good attitudes and are doing their best to help each other accomplish a task, it is actually FUN! Skinning and gutting a cow isn’t exactly my most favorite thing in the world to do, and it is one of those jobs that must be done under pretty cool conditions, and there’s no way you are not going to get slimed with something, and most of the time I will cut myself at least once, but I am actually enjoying the day today and a hot bath tonight will feel so wonderful! Supper is already cooked and the guys will probably beat me to death in the board games tonight, like they did last night (NO mercy for an old lady, NONE AT ALL!) and I can’t think of a better New Year’s day celebration that I’ve ever had or probably ever will, just for the pure PEACE AND JOY and feeling loved and happy.

The Good Lord has provided plenty for me, and enough to share. Good friends, a home in which I am warm and well fed…and you know, that makes me one of the most wealthy individuals in the entire world. I can sit here and think about how MISERABLE I WAS on this same date last year after the row with my son when he lied to me, I was TOTALLY DEVASTATED and miserable…but now I have worked through the situation, and really there isn’t anything that has changed except MY ATTITUDE. But, that was ALL THAT NEEDED TO CHANGE. It was also ALL I COULD CHANGE. I can’t change what he does, or how he acts, but I sure as heck can CHANGE HOW I RESPOND TO IT.

My life is what I make of it, and that’s the take home lesson for 2010, that will make 2011 A MUCH BETTER YEAR ***NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS DO**** I am not going to let other’s behaviors make or break my life. What a difference a year makes.

I am living vicariously thru you, frontier woman.

So glad I read this, cuz I forgot the peas and cornbread …until now. Going to the store! Happy new year.

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