Confessed serial killer says he’d do it again

A confessed serial killer in Missouri, John Hughes, talks to a television reporter. He says he’s killed many people, and if he was let out of prison, he’d do it again.

See the interview on KMBC.com.

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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I watched Dateline, in fact I’m watching the 2nd story now. It was a chilling story about Brianna, they didn’t show enough of the tape with Biela and his girlfriend!! I remember watching that tape when you posted the link. That must have been a sad but VERY interesting trial to attend.

My local station has on something else, a Charlie Brown Halloween or something, besides son D had company so I chatted with them a while.

20/20 had on a pretty good show about the middle and upper class kids getting into heroin now and how it is messing up their lives.

They brought back the “what would you do?” series (can’t remember what channel or network) that they ahd this summer, where they set up a situation with someone being abused or needy and see how many people help them or don’t. Pretty good show the ones I’ve seen. Interesting results too. They redid the classical one where the person is supposed to ask the victim questions and if the answer is wrong shock them….and the usual results of most people follow authority and ZAP the poor guy (who is only pretending to get zapped of course) but crying out for mercy, begging…and so on.


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