Confessed serial killer says he’d do it again

A confessed serial killer in Missouri, John Hughes, talks to a television reporter. He says he’s killed many people, and if he was let out of prison, he’d do it again.

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kim – must be kinda hard to qualify for them…f*ckers.

one step

Scary quotes you got there! all saying the same essential thing

“I can have emotions of you want me to, but I do not feel anything!

them f*ckers feel nothing. THAT IS HELL ON EARTH!! and that is what they offer you in the end, an experience of the hell they call life.


“that caring thing” is somethig I value highly. It gives my life joy and meaning, the sense of love and enlightenment..The P knew that and acted accordingly, mirroring back what he saw in me, and I thought he was sincere not ever thinking someone existed that would act this out to exploit me financialy, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally


Do not underestimate the devastation of having a son who is a psychopath. Usually a mother will go into denial and side with her son in some way. You have faced him square and the pain must be unbearable at times. You must be incredibly strong! and you must hate him at times. UNDERSTANDABLE I have a 27 year old son, and can only say it is such a strong relationship, if he were a P, I would be badly affected. You just have to know IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, YOU ARE INNOCENT.

Dateline on Friday night will feature the murder of Brianna Dennison that I wrote about in May.
James Biela was convicted of the Murder of Brianna Dennison, a 19 year old Santa Barbara College student home for the holidays in Reno Nevada. He also was convicted at that same trial, with the rapes of two other college women.

I was in the area at that time, and attended the trial during the psychiatrists testimony and the second rape victim along with FBI testimony and other officers.
James Biela was an ‘interesting’ character…..just like the rest of em……fit in, well liked in his ‘community’, had a crackhead, abusive father and a broken home.

It was interesting at the trial to see NO emotion whatsoever from JB, even at the worst of evidence.
He continued to look down the whole 3 weeks of the trial. The only time he looked at a witness was his brother and sister. As they described how ‘wonderful’ a father and person he is.

He had a child 5 years old with his GF at the time, he’d disappear for days at a time. It was the GF’s friend who called the secret witness hotline and they got him.
The GF found a pair of thong underwear in his truck when she visited him after the murder. He had left town under the prefice of a job opportunity. They broke up and were trying to work on things……she visited and found the thong, it turned out he had a thong fetish, they found 30 pairs in his trailer of womens thongs.
He used Brianna’s thong to strangle her after he raped her.
They found her body in a field in an industrial area, covered by a dead christmas tree.

Anyways….it’s an interesting ‘view’ of a sociopathic murderer.
If anyones interested.

Dear ErinB,

I remember you talking about the trial. I’ll tune in and watch that tonight. I think I have seen some of it already maybe but can’t remember for sure…DUH, having CRS and not being able to remember many names (mostly can’t remember names) is a pain in the butt! Was that the one where they had the tape in the interview room (taken from the ceiling) of the GF getting him to confess?

In a way I wish I had been at my P-son’s trial, but he LIED TO US ABOUT THE DATE because he did NOT want us there to see the evidence, but I spoke with his attorney later and the attorney TOLD me what evidence the DA had presented. Maybe SEEING that evidence would have helped me see the truth sooner. Maybe not. No sense second guessing myself now, 19 yrs later.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll watch. I haven’t been to Reno since the late 60s when my late husband lived there and worked for Lear. I used to fly up from LA and visit him and other friends that worked for Lear. Lear had a small jet shuttle service out of Van Nuys and if there were empty seats I could have one so I went up most weekends. If Reno has changed as much as LV I probably wouldn’t know the place. Heck that’s been 40+ years ago so I guess it has changed a LOT! LOL

Yes, JB was arrested as he picked his son up from daycare, the cops swooped in.
When he was taken to the station, the GF was allowed in to meet with him.
Poor woman was frazzled, wanting to believe HIS words (like we all have done). He was more concerned with trivial things and her standing by him than the actual charges he was facing.
He hugged her as he looked around, patting her on the back……it wasn’t a ‘love’ hug…..but a suck in hug-no emotion to it. He kept mentioning to her…..I have to Pee.
PEE? This will be the last time you’ll be ‘face to face’ with anyone but your attorney and the cops…..and your worried about PEEING?

Reno seemed to have change from the last time I was there….I guess nothing stays the same huh?

Nah, I lived outside of New Orleans in the mid 60s and when I went back 20 or so years later I was dumbfounded at the changes it had made….totally different. After that I never wanted to go back. Now after Katrina I’m sure it is entirely different again.

The sleeply little town I lived in outside of NO was 7,000 in the 60s and by the 70s was 50K and by 80s was 100K population. Don’t know anyone down there any more, my friends have all either moved or died of old age. I’ll just remember it like it was.

Well, I guess I did see that program. I remember you talking about being at a trial.

EB, I’m interested, I will watch Dateline tonight, I remember you writing about this

I watched Dateline, in fact I’m watching the 2nd story now. It was a chilling story about Brianna, they didn’t show enough of the tape with Biela and his girlfriend!! I remember watching that tape when you posted the link. That must have been a sad but VERY interesting trial to attend.

My local station has on something else, a Charlie Brown Halloween or something, besides son D had company so I chatted with them a while.

20/20 had on a pretty good show about the middle and upper class kids getting into heroin now and how it is messing up their lives.

They brought back the “what would you do?” series (can’t remember what channel or network) that they ahd this summer, where they set up a situation with someone being abused or needy and see how many people help them or don’t. Pretty good show the ones I’ve seen. Interesting results too. They redid the classical one where the person is supposed to ask the victim questions and if the answer is wrong shock them….and the usual results of most people follow authority and ZAP the poor guy (who is only pretending to get zapped of course) but crying out for mercy, begging…and so on.

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