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Confessed serial killer says he’d do it again

A confessed serial killer in Missouri, John Hughes, talks to a television reporter. He says he’s killed many people, and if he was let out of prison, he’d do it again.

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Ox Drover

I watched this serial killer and read the transcript of what he said. I don’t doubt that he would kill again, might do it anyway if he got the chance in prison.

I don’t doubt that he is a psychopath. I think he enjoyed the interview and was quite hyperactive during the interview. He was also constantly moving (jiggling legs/arms) There seemed to be this “Manson-esk” quality about him to me. While his face and voice was outwardly “calm”, just “matter of fact,” (Joe Friday-like with “just the facts, Ma’m”)

Even his admission that he killed one victim to “shut up” and “gain control of” the other passengers in his vehicle was done, I think, for “shock value” for the reporter. Who I will say I think did a good job keeping a “straight” face when she was interviewing him. I think the “shock value” for this story is that NO ONE who hasn’t encountered a true psychopath in the flesh, can truly comprehend that they CAN BE SO COLD about what they do, but EVEN THAT is seeking attention.

If this guy had been likie all the other inmates being tried for capital offenses, whining about not wanting to die, he wouldn’t get much press would he? If he was claiming his innocense, he wouldn’t get much press, but by setting himself up as the “anti-Chirist” (with Relevent Bible Verses tattooed on his body) he has made himself “important” in his own eyes, and while he may not “live for 100 years” on death row, he will be a “big star” on death row, and has already gained the “respect” of the officers in the place he is being held by getting to wear a “RED JUMPSUIT” because he is considered dangerous. He gets attention from the media, the other inmates and even the jailers! That’s the convict TRI-FECTA.

I’ve read that Charlie Manson has fan clubs inside and out of prison and gets the attention he seeks from others continually. I think this man aspires to be another Charlie Manson.

He may also be trying to set up a “crazy” defense before the fact, cause if all his different “visions” are true, then he is crazy and not responsible for his actions. Either way, it is heads he wins, and tails, society loses! He may also be somewhat psychotic and/or manic or just ADHD, but it doesn’t matter what drives him, He needs to be off the street forever, but I think he will “give psychopaths a BAD NAME!



Yes Manson-esk totally. Same frantic hyper eyes about to go on fire energy. Bragging, Strutting, Fearless yet very honest. Is it because he has been caught?
he might be someone posing as a psychopath but he is a bit too passionate about it, like Manson…..the psychopath I had dealings with was calm, steady, no hyper stuff going on, sober deliberate, measured and “acting” , lying, covert, underground, silent….when cornered and caught he would just laugh and show no emotion at all other than smarmy, cool and unperturbed

kim frederick

He’s a lion with a special talent for reading people…Total predator.

Ox Drover

dear Bulletproof and Kim,

Yes, it is all about HIM BEING SPECIAL—a warrior, a lion, the anti-Christ, a killer, in control, “honest” (LOL) and “doesn’t think like other people do.” He’s in control and getting attention; he ‘s got it and he’s trying to single himself out as an IMPORTANT CRIMINAL, not just the run of the mill killer, he is SPECIAL. Just like my P-son, this one can quote the Bible and use it for his own aggrandizement, trying to be not just “satan” like all the rest, but THE “anti-christ” the ONE the Bible warns about!

Actually, What I said about giving psychopaths a “bad name” is actually something I meant truly! Seeing this kind of “psychopath” instead of the more numberous ones of “Snakes in Suits” does keep people in the public thinking that the “Manson-esk” type psychopath is the norm amoung Ps and it isn’t.

I don’t know if this guy willl get the death penalty or if he does if it will ever actually be carried out…but personally I think he would be more severely “punished” (for what that’s worth) if the media would just not give him any attention, and the law would just put him in solitary confinement where he has no ATTENTION or audience to play for. They sure like the audience! Playing on a “stage” without an audience isn’t a lot of fun!

kim frederick

I agree with you that the best punishment is to just ignore them…here, here. Have you ever seen the interviews of BTK?
My goodness, the ego of that man, makes me sick, you can see it all over him; the posturing for the media, the helpful quality of his cooperation…
I do believe in the benefit of studying them, however, so that one day we might be able to prevent them from existing at all.
If the disorder could be pin-pointed to the physiology of their brains alone, we could ignore them til they die, then study their brains for answers.


What blew me away was the reporter said she found interviewing him scary and THRILLING all at the same time. THRILLING??!!!!!

That is almost as scary as knowing there are predators out there!

Ox Drover

Dear Neveragain,

I hadn’t caught that, thanks for pointing that out. Yes, they definitely give you a RUSH, sort of like being in the same room with a pile of poison snakes maybe? “Thrilling”???Not sure that is the word I WOULD USE, maybe horrorfiying? Puke-e-fying?

kim frederick

I know that I am one of those women who has been attracted to these types my whole life…(not serial killers, just soul killers) and I think it is the extreme confidence, the seeming independance, maybe even, to some extent, the entitlement, that always got me…the exact things that seemed to be missing in me…opposites attract and all that….I read an article today in the archives, but can’t find it now, but it talks about the attraction of power vs. love…I think for some of us, it is the idea that we can have the power or respect that we feel is missing in our lives by aligning ourselves with these super guys that seem to have it all, and seem to want to share it with us….
Well, what I am learning is, I can’t get what’s missing in me by finding it in someone else…it only sets me up to be furthar
subjugated (for lack of a better word) can anyone identify?


Kim F,

“Dissowned selves” is what I think you are describing. Another words, We seek partners who seem to have qualities and personality traits that we have not “owned”.

For example if you are a serious person you seek someone who’s sence of humor is what you wish you had.

In my case, the ex-S is a savy businessman who knows how to make money easily…Being savy and making money easily has allways been dificult for me, and this I think is one of the attractions I had for him. Never mind that he used his manipulative and exploitive toxic personality to get there!!!! it was this diss owned part of me that I was attracted to.

Ox Drover

Dear aeylah,

You might be right on the button on some of that. The “excitement” or “thrill” we get from the “confidence” they have in themselves (which, we buy into at least at first!) maybe because we lack confidence iin ourselves –surely as much confidence as THEY HAVE! LOL So by aligning ourselves with someone who is confident we gain confidence in ourselves—at least by proxy! LOL

Well, I am learning one thing, and that is that I am a pretty smart cookie (boy does that sound P-ish and grandiose) but I don’t mean it that way at all, it is just that I somehow seemed to think that others opinions were “better than” mine some how—well, now I am learning that even if I am the ONLY one in the world who sees MY vision, MY VISION IS STILL OK, and I can VALIDATE IT MYSELF.

Gosh, kids, I have started to GROW UP at 63 years old, I don’t need my “egg donor” to approve of me any more! I can approve of MYSELF! HOT DAMN! I’M ON A FREAKING ROLL HERE! WHAT’S NEXT? Can I make a decision without asking her first? Wpw! What a concept! What’da yer think, Kimmie?

kim frederick

Yes, Aeylah. Exactly. Carl Jung talks alot about what he calls the, “shadow” part of our personality, it is largly unconscious, and denied, but we often attract it to us in others…Now that is not to say that I am in any way psychopathic, but it does mean that I might be attracted to those things I disown in myself, like extreme independance, an ability to fight when threatened, a positive self image, etc. etc. etc.
I’m having an ahaa moment…I need a little time to gather my thoughts.


You go girl! YOUR VISION IS GOOD….WE ALL VALIDATE YOU HERE!!!! I know how hard it is …. braking free from feeling like you have to have costatnt approval from your “egg donor” or in my case my father. To this day he he still calls me an inmature “child” (I’m 51), has a way of making me feel stupid about every decision, every thought and action I do iff it didn’t come from his mouth! he is a N to a tee….and I’ve learned over the years that THEY NEVER CHANGE….NO MATTER HOW OLD!…so I still struggle to “grow up” and validate myself!

LOL…and good point…..I dont think you or any of us here are “psychopathic” because we subconciously attract our “shadow” self with the spaths….but it is all those false self confidence and false high self esteem that is so characteristic of them that attracted us to them.

Another philosophy that comes to mind in thinking about shadows is Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” ….with the concept being, we tend to live our lives in caves facing away form the opening and the light, and we only see the shadows on the walls cast by those that pass on the outside, we only hear the echoes. We interpret these to be “real” and this to be the only “reality” there is ….we become imprisoned in this false sence of “reality” until we dare go outside the cave and “see the light” , see the objects (people) in true form…sometimes we are afraid to see the light, because the sunlight and the brightness would bewilder us and blind us….. so we stay trapped in the cave. I think we are all here “seing the light” and as for me ….even if I have to wear sun glasses at first, at least they are no longer rose colored lenses!

Ox Drover


Great analogy–Jung is interesting. I don’t buy everything he says but there is a lot of good stuff. Thanks for reminding me of this.


be so i be in wonderment if he wants to die why not kill him? it be not murder. be so our commandments state do not murder, not so it naught say do not kill. there be so a difference. be so necassary at times to kill. to protect the lives of others kill such that are dangerous like a dangerous pitbull. send it away.



autisticsouls says:

send it away.

Yes, send IT away! And yes Oxy, the thing that bothers me about this man is he is seeking and getting attention, he feels he is very powerful and in control – he feels he is in control in the jail… – and this incendiary interview allows the “snakes in suits” to continue to fly under the radar of the general public.

By the way – I just noticed that after she asks him to assess her – she puts her hand to hair and brushes it back – when there is no need – and it makes me wonder if she too is somehow falling under his spell – his piercing look and his self confident talk.

His ego is out of control, intimating he is the anti-Christ as if there is one great evil Anti-christ… From what I understand the anti-Christ is not one being – the anti-Christ is like the anti-gay or anti-abortion – it is all people who deny Christ – they are anti-Christ and so will not be with God. Here is an interesting read on that…


what that news reporter described as “thrilling” maybe a clue to the animal magnetism… “Lion” thing. I wouldnt class her as a fellow psychopath for experiencing a thrill, I would take it as evidence of the “stun”effect he had on her.

If you watch her, she is under a spell for brief seconds….and like throwing a baby into the air and catching it again (thrilling for a baby in the safety of mothers arms, no harm done, but the thrill was not knowing for a second…what if….) she was back in the safety of the newsroom after feeling probably terrified…roller coasters? jet skiis? parachute jump?

Yeah I get what she means, and it is horrifying to admit. Thats why I fell for one of them, only i was thrown into the air never to be caught..

I’m still out there trying to land!! ha ha

Ox Drover

Dear Bullet,

I think the “sense of danger” wee can have in being around a captive animal that can be dangerous but is constrained so it can’t hurt you may be what she was calling a “thrill” as well.

He is enhancing that “sense of danger” to make himself appear more scary, more dangerous, “above the common” criminal=murderer.

I actually think that my P-son does that around other criminals, partly because he is a small white guy and in the pen with lots of BIGGGGGGGG gang-bangers and so his “threat stance” and apparent lack of fear (who knows, maybe it is real lack of fear) is (I have been told by some of his friends) intimidating to even bigger guys when he gets on tip toes and gets to spitting and screaming in their faces.

I kinow in reading his letters that at least to other convicts he brags about how “bad” his crime was—and once he SLIPPED his mask long enough to let me see it—I think he was so frustrated that his “but mommmmm, what would jezzzzus do?” wasn’t working that he slipped up and tried to intimidate me with “my crime was worse than you know”

When that didn’t work and he went back to the “but ommmmm, what would jezzzzzzus do?” line al most immediately the line from Bob Hare’s book “they know the words but not the music” popped out of my head and I realized he had NO CONCEPT of the DIFFERENCES in the two statements or that one would effect me on a permanent basis. I guess really he shouldn’t have even thought about it, because in the past he had done his “dominance” dance and I had qjuickly “forgotten” it…

The instantly swinging from a growling, spitting “attack posture” to an “I love you” posture is something they do well, and for a while, we (those in their spell) some how accept this, like lions will do in their prides when they do the dominance things with in their prides and the dominant one puts some member of the pride “in their place” and then seconds later is grooming them sweetly.

I sometimes wonder though about guys like this guy, who is an OBVIOUS THUG, and that “culture of thugs” where he would have fared fairly well within that culture, but not within the larger culture of society as a whole. My P son did not grow up within the THUG SOCIETY and sought out that group in which to “be different, to stick out” when he COULD have gotten attention from the larger society by using his intellect and talents. He had always “shown brightly” in school, honors, etc. but that wasn’t “dangerous” enough I guess. Now, he has been in prison so long that he really has “forgotten” the skill set needed to make it in the larger culture who doesn’t appreciate the “fighting stance” of the convict and “thug”—

I look at the “socially skilled” psychopaths who commit murder and then look at this thug on the video and they are the SAME, but they just go about posturing differently. The socially skilled (up to a point) killer like Ted Bundy vs. the Charlie Manson types vs. Bernie Maddof type of con man (not that Bernie wouldn’t be capable of murder if he thought he could get away with it, (but he does his “killing” in other ways) Which one is worse for society? Which one is easier to spot?

What if “little Bernie” had not learned the social skills with which to steal billions, and instead had become some kind of “thug gang-banger” type? Would Little Bernie have grown up to be this kid, claiming to be the anti-christ?


yes it is thrilling to see the great white shark from the safety of the shore line, not so thrilling to be beside one in the ocean. Dread and terror would be the feeling!

The news reporter bravely asked him what did he see on the faces of his victims, he said “fear mostly” looking up to see her reaction, duh….right answer but no compassion=CHILLING

I agree with the observation you made about their ability to swing from cruel to kind again, danger then safety again has elements of interesting to thrilling….but neither stance is a “felt sense” it’s more a tactical move…or a feeding frenzy (i guess thats when they are robbing, murdering, ignoring, torturing..)

The whole thing about standing out as “the best” whether it is in the thug society or school grades seems linked to desperate attempt to “look good” to whatever organisation that floats their boat whether its the church or gang land. Elevation of status seems a very real motive. Who values the status…them? what reflection back are they getting that they think they are great? AND surely the psychopath does not give a damn at the end of the day?

Lions are beautiful animals, that cretin is nothing like a lion…He is a bald headed mentally challenged psychopath…that’s it.


He’s got those charlies manson eyes. He shows pleasure when he talks about killing.

bulletproof: ‘whatever organisation that floats their boat whether its the church or gang land.’ now HERE’S an anthem for 21st society.

I watched the whole 3 part extended interview. The interviewer is a bit taken with his audacity, and responds to his humor as if he was normal. I know this dynamic intimately.

I wish she would have asked him more questions, the other part of his dysfunction (the un rehearsed, not rehashed responses), the part people really need to understand, only shows when he is challenged. People need to see the salad words of the aggressive mind fuck when they are responding, as it is integral to the sociopaths way of being (so that we KNOW IT when we see it)”“ not just the grandiose self perceptions. If we knew what that sutff was”just like understanding the beginnings of ’controlling behavior’ in spouses, who then beat their families. We need to recognize it to avoid it.

“Yes, I do have remorse, but I’m not even sure myself whether it is as profound as it should be. I’ve always wondered myself why I don’t feel more remorse.” -Jeffrey Dahmer

I don’t even know if I have the capacity for normal emotions or not because I haven’t cried for a long time. You just stifle them for so long that maybe you lose them, partially at least. I don’t know. -Jeffrey Dahmer

“Even psychopaths have emotions. Then again, maybe not.” -Richard Ramirez

“I haven’t blocked out the past. I wouldn’t trade the person I am, or what I’ve done – or the people I’ve known – for anything. So I do think about it. And at times it’s a rather mellow trip to lay back and remember.” ”“ Ted Bundy

And finally—.

(To his father) “I really screwed up this time.” – Jeffrey Dahmer

kim frederick

Yeah, and when asked what might be missing in him, Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer answered, “that caring thing.”


kim – must be kinda hard to qualify for them…f*ckers.


one step

Scary quotes you got there! all saying the same essential thing

“I can have emotions of you want me to, but I do not feel anything!

them f*ckers feel nothing. THAT IS HELL ON EARTH!! and that is what they offer you in the end, an experience of the hell they call life.


“that caring thing” is somethig I value highly. It gives my life joy and meaning, the sense of love and enlightenment..The P knew that and acted accordingly, mirroring back what he saw in me, and I thought he was sincere not ever thinking someone existed that would act this out to exploit me financialy, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally


Do not underestimate the devastation of having a son who is a psychopath. Usually a mother will go into denial and side with her son in some way. You have faced him square and the pain must be unbearable at times. You must be incredibly strong! and you must hate him at times. UNDERSTANDABLE I have a 27 year old son, and can only say it is such a strong relationship, if he were a P, I would be badly affected. You just have to know IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, YOU ARE INNOCENT.


Dateline on Friday night will feature the murder of Brianna Dennison that I wrote about in May.
James Biela was convicted of the Murder of Brianna Dennison, a 19 year old Santa Barbara College student home for the holidays in Reno Nevada. He also was convicted at that same trial, with the rapes of two other college women.

I was in the area at that time, and attended the trial during the psychiatrists testimony and the second rape victim along with FBI testimony and other officers.
James Biela was an ‘interesting’ character…..just like the rest of em……fit in, well liked in his ‘community’, had a crackhead, abusive father and a broken home.

It was interesting at the trial to see NO emotion whatsoever from JB, even at the worst of evidence.
He continued to look down the whole 3 weeks of the trial. The only time he looked at a witness was his brother and sister. As they described how ‘wonderful’ a father and person he is.

He had a child 5 years old with his GF at the time, he’d disappear for days at a time. It was the GF’s friend who called the secret witness hotline and they got him.
The GF found a pair of thong underwear in his truck when she visited him after the murder. He had left town under the prefice of a job opportunity. They broke up and were trying to work on things……she visited and found the thong, it turned out he had a thong fetish, they found 30 pairs in his trailer of womens thongs.
He used Brianna’s thong to strangle her after he raped her.
They found her body in a field in an industrial area, covered by a dead christmas tree.

Anyways….it’s an interesting ‘view’ of a sociopathic murderer.
If anyones interested.

Ox Drover

Dear ErinB,

I remember you talking about the trial. I’ll tune in and watch that tonight. I think I have seen some of it already maybe but can’t remember for sure…DUH, having CRS and not being able to remember many names (mostly can’t remember names) is a pain in the butt! Was that the one where they had the tape in the interview room (taken from the ceiling) of the GF getting him to confess?

In a way I wish I had been at my P-son’s trial, but he LIED TO US ABOUT THE DATE because he did NOT want us there to see the evidence, but I spoke with his attorney later and the attorney TOLD me what evidence the DA had presented. Maybe SEEING that evidence would have helped me see the truth sooner. Maybe not. No sense second guessing myself now, 19 yrs later.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll watch. I haven’t been to Reno since the late 60s when my late husband lived there and worked for Lear. I used to fly up from LA and visit him and other friends that worked for Lear. Lear had a small jet shuttle service out of Van Nuys and if there were empty seats I could have one so I went up most weekends. If Reno has changed as much as LV I probably wouldn’t know the place. Heck that’s been 40+ years ago so I guess it has changed a LOT! LOL


Yes, JB was arrested as he picked his son up from daycare, the cops swooped in.
When he was taken to the station, the GF was allowed in to meet with him.
Poor woman was frazzled, wanting to believe HIS words (like we all have done). He was more concerned with trivial things and her standing by him than the actual charges he was facing.
He hugged her as he looked around, patting her on the back……it wasn’t a ‘love’ hug…..but a suck in hug-no emotion to it. He kept mentioning to her…..I have to Pee.
PEE? This will be the last time you’ll be ‘face to face’ with anyone but your attorney and the cops…..and your worried about PEEING?

Reno seemed to have change from the last time I was there….I guess nothing stays the same huh?

Ox Drover

Nah, I lived outside of New Orleans in the mid 60s and when I went back 20 or so years later I was dumbfounded at the changes it had made….totally different. After that I never wanted to go back. Now after Katrina I’m sure it is entirely different again.

The sleeply little town I lived in outside of NO was 7,000 in the 60s and by the 70s was 50K and by 80s was 100K population. Don’t know anyone down there any more, my friends have all either moved or died of old age. I’ll just remember it like it was.

Well, I guess I did see that program. I remember you talking about being at a trial.

super chic

EB, I’m interested, I will watch Dateline tonight, I remember you writing about this

super chic

I watched Dateline, in fact I’m watching the 2nd story now. It was a chilling story about Brianna, they didn’t show enough of the tape with Biela and his girlfriend!! I remember watching that tape when you posted the link. That must have been a sad but VERY interesting trial to attend.

Ox Drover

My local station has on something else, a Charlie Brown Halloween or something, besides son D had company so I chatted with them a while.

20/20 had on a pretty good show about the middle and upper class kids getting into heroin now and how it is messing up their lives.

They brought back the “what would you do?” series (can’t remember what channel or network) that they ahd this summer, where they set up a situation with someone being abused or needy and see how many people help them or don’t. Pretty good show the ones I’ve seen. Interesting results too. They redid the classical one where the person is supposed to ask the victim questions and if the answer is wrong shock them….and the usual results of most people follow authority and ZAP the poor guy (who is only pretending to get zapped of course) but crying out for mercy, begging…and so on.

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