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Conflicting reports about Jerry Sandusky

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that after the first alleged abuse case involving Jerry Sandusky of Penn State, two psychologists came to different conclusions.

Read Sandusky showed “pedophile pattern” in ’98, psychologist report says, but another conflicts, on

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Ox Drover

I can’t get the search engine to bring it up, but I reviewed the Book by Dr. Anna Salter about how to recognize the Predators among us. She is one of the top experts in the world on pedophiles, and the report saying that Sandusky was doing “grooming” behavior is right along the lines of her report.

Frankly in the case of something this serious, With one report pro and one con, I think that there should have been SOME ACTION if only more investigation done. It isn’t like he was being accused of taking money or anything, it was a CHILD’s LIFE. The lives of CHILDREN who would be abused in the future.


The psychologist who “didn’t get it”, is a pedophile, IMO.

John Seasock, a psychologist in nearby Kingston whose practice typically handles adult sex offenders.

if he has a practice and handles these cases, he would know. Heck if I can tell, ANYONE can tell.

I think that if people who defend spaths are themselves investigated for spath tendencies, we would move along much faster than we are now.



You took the words right off my keyboard. I will use inverse logic as proof. Since the outbreak of incidents by priests and others in position of influence, pedophilia, particularly pedophilia by adult males against young boys, any normal adult male in any position wherein he has frequent contact with young boys would not do anything that even has the appearance of impropriety.

Thus, in my book, any adult male who puts himself in a questionable situation with young boys must be strongly attracted to them. The risks are too high.


This country needs to legally get its act together regarding this issue. IMHO, without expressed consent by a a parent or perhaps in the case of a medical emergency, no adult in any position of authority, be it coach, teacher, clergy, should be allowed to be any situation where the child is naked or semi-naked. This includes showers, locker rooms, rest rooms, or any other place where the child may be naked or semi-naked.

I don’t even think they should be allowed at swim meets, although the practically of this is probably not feasible.


Hi Skylar & BBE,
I’ve recently worked on an 11 year old girl who got a concussion from falling backward on a basketball court. The MD said she was all clear for massage on her neck and upper back, and that she she get ‘deep tissue’ massage even though it might hurt.

I told the mother of the girl, yes a deep tissue massage for an 11 year old! What are these people thinking? NO way I’m going to put my elbows into an 11 yo little girls back! AND I said to the mother; she needs to remove her top, but keep her pants on, and you WILL stay in the room with us. The girl really does need the massage (not DT tho). After one session the girl asked the pain in the ass mother if she could leave the room! After three sessions she is showing improvement. However, I don’t have children, but I would never leave my niece/nephew in a room alone with a massage therapist or anyone else for that matter.

My nieces used to get so mad at me because even if we stopped at a conveince store, I’d make them both come in with me! Then after a while they both got used to it. Better safe than sorry. : )

Ox Drover

Boy Scouts of America has one of the best (but not perfect) records for safety of children. They have a NO ONE PERSON ALONE EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WITH A CHILD….there must always be another adult in visual contact with the adult and the child even if it is a “private” conversation.

One of the single worst pedophiles ever in the US—molested over 1,500 separate kids over a 20 year period–is Charles “Jackie” Walls III he is in prison in Arkansas. I knew this man. Knew he was an “arsehole” but never suspected he was a pedophile. His father was an honorable man and a judge. When Jackie was asked to leave scouting because of “suspicion” he even when so far as to go to a big jamboree under a fake name, but he had his photo made so got tagged with it later when he had gotten one of his kids to murder his parents because the kid had confessed the abuse to them. The kid did the murder, but of course got caught and when he was arrested, the truth came out about Jackie. He has life without parole.

Pedophiles are the lowest of the LOW in my opinion. Supposedly prisoners hate them too, but the pedophile that my son sent to kill me (3 x convicted) wasn’t persecuted in prison and my son knew about his crimes. The only time he got beaten up for it was in our local county jail he was bragging what he did to us and how he farked kiddies, and the guy in the cell with him knew us (yea we have great friends!) and decided to beat him up. LOL

The rule of NEVER ALONE would be a perfect, I think, way for this to be handled.


Fourteen years ago (even today) experts knew very little about grooming behaviors etc.

Lots of things could have been happening here.

1. The expert didn’t know, but if he is treating adult sex offenders himself that seems very unlikely.
2. The expert was hired by a third party who wanted this conclusion and paid handsomely for it.
3. The expert was looking for an “obvious” pervert (seedy looking, unkempt etc.)
4. The expert had misdiagnosed somebody before, who suffered unfair repercussions because of that diagnosis, and the expert didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.
5. The expert refused to jump to conclusions without more information.
6. The expect was a Joe Paterno/Penn State fan.

A few years ago, when my son was wrestling for his high school, he developed a skin sore. That’s pretty common with wrestlers because of the skin contact. The athletic trainer or coach typically covers the sores with tape so the kids can continue to play.

In this case, the sore was near his groin region. The athletic trainer was a young woman about 27 or 28. Instead of telling me about it, he told her. He told me it was all right because she wore gloves and didn’t require him to take his underpants off.

I was beside myself. I asked his male therapist, a psychologist, if this was normal for a boys’ locker room. I knew that it wouldn’t have gone over well in a girls’ locker room. We were too modest. At least we were too modest back in my time. He never answered me. What the shrink did do, though, was tell my son that he didn’t need to see a physician.

While waiting for an answer from him, which never came, I kept seeking information. I asked other people, including a friend who was doing his residency as a MD.

He told me that nowadays, no self-respecting doctor would ever examine a patient in an intimate area without a second medical witness being present. They are teaching this in medical school. There have just been too many lawsuits.

He was also angry that an athletic trainer would examine my son because no athletic trainer has the medical training or knowledge to know what is presenting. They are not qualified to make a diagnosis. My son should have been told to see a doctor.

I finally took my son to his pediatrician. He, too, was angry. Skin infections are most accurately diagnosed when they first appear because, with time, they tend to start looking alike. Not only did the taping mess up the sore making the diagnosis difficult, my son had two skin infections. Because there were two infections, they required a treatment different than if either of the skin infections had been treated independently. He was taking an educated guess at what the covered sore was, but he was not happy at all that it was covered.

I also had asked friends and other parents if they thought I was overreacting. (I so do need second opinions sometimes.) Some were uneasy and didn’t like it at all, but some thought it wasn’t a big deal. After all, the athletic trainer spared them the time and cost of taking their child to a doctor. Most ended up not liking the idea in the end and admitted that they had never really given it much thought.

Everything came into focus when I simply reversed the sexes in my head. If it had been a female teen having a young male athletic trainer examine her groin area for sores, even with gloves on and no removal of underwear, would anyone even have questioned if that was inappropriate? Wouldn’t there have been some sort of outcry? And even if it came only from the parent, would anybody found it unreasonable?

What the athletic trainer should have done, because there should have been in a school policy in place directing her to do so (which there wasn’t,) was upon hearing where the sore was located, she should have told my son to have his mother take him to a MD and that he couldn’t play until the MD had given him the OK.

Based on what these two MDs told me and my own realizations, I let my son’s shrink know that he had overstepped his boundaries big time.

What I later concluded was happening with his shrink, due to subsequent information, was he was going through an ugly divorce where they were battling over their two boys, who were about the same age of my son. He was transferring his animosity towards his spouse to me.

The shrink had blurred his boundaries when we were under attack by the P and S and had assumed a somewhat paternal role towards my son. Being naïve, scared out of my mind, and struggling, I was initially grateful that he helped so much, but eventually, his blurring the boundaries blew up in our faces and caused a lot of harm. I could only deal with one crisis at a time. The boundaries got blurred when my son was suicidal and kidnapped. I took all the help I could get.

I did tell the shrink afterwards was that he wasn’t medically qualified, either, to determine if my son needed to see a physician and he is not his father so he had no right to say anything on this level to him. I also told him that I had lost my confidence in his ability to look out for my child’s protection and best interests. The end was weeks away. We did eventually get past the shrink and all his issues.

All great insight in retrospect, but at the time, who would have known? We work with the light that we have been given.

I never expect a response when I say something like I did to the shrink, but I do hope it registers on some level that somebody will call them on their stuff if they try to pull a stunt like this again. I also let the high school principal know about the sore, the athletic trainer, and MDs, pointing out the liability risk to the town. Mention the possibility of lawsuits and change for the better sometimes goes faster.

My points are that there are parents who try their best and assume that the practices in place are well thought out and have taken everything into consideration. Sometimes, though, we’re up against forces that we are not aware are present or there are entrenched social beliefs and practices that haven’t been looked at in a long time for appropriateness.

Realistically, there are just so many people to keep up with the work, countless things that could go wrong, and just so much that people can focus on at one time. With the shrink, I believe it was things not in evidence and with the school and athletic trainer, I believe it was obsolete assumptions and practices.

Regarding Sandusky, he got away with what he did because the circumstances of that time made it possible for him to do so.

We know better now. We need to keep talking so these situations cannot thrive in the darkness. We need to keep drawing the line so the perpetrators will know that there will be severe consequences for their behavior. Finally, we need to let the enablers, like schools, courts, law enforcement, or therapists, know that we expect much better from them.

We need to stop making it so easy for them to get away with things.



You really do know some “winners.”

The Athletic Director my high school, all boys at the time, committed suicide. The rumor always was it had something to do with an abuse situation. At least one of my friends told me that this person did make an advance on him.



Keeping things objective, your post is very fair and plausible.


Thanks, Blue Eyes. And it’s all true. Can’t make this stuff up.

One thing that I do know is that the high school principal LOVED my approach to things. I didn’t go in swinging. I wasn’t a hysterical parent, although they knew I wasn’t pleased.

He popped in during a student, parent, student counselor session after my son had been released the second time for suicidal ideation from a psych hospital and we were deciding what my child needed. He saw me and flashed me the biggest grin.

What I kept telling them is that their system is broken and obsolete. You can’t address each teacher or staff member on a situation by situation basis. There has to be some sort of uniform, across the board guidelines that everybody knows and is held accountable to.



Hopefully in 2012, thing are a little more obvious to the so-called experts.


I absolutely agree with the “No Child Ever Alone With One Adult” rule, and the “No Child Ever Naked or Semi-Naked With One Adult” rule being standardized (for minor children during a physical exam there should be both a doctor and a nurse present as well as the parent, in my opinion).

And I think that more parents need to be involved as teachers aides in classrooms, if for no other reason to make sure that the teachers are behaving properly as well as the students.

If more parents or more paid aides were physically there in their kids’ schools as teachers’ helpers in the classrooms, as hall monitors, playground supervisors, etc., there would be less child-on-child bullying as well.

I buy the concept that pedophiles naturally gravitate into jobs or volunteer positions that put them in close contact with children, so those individuals are the very ones who need the most monitoring and supervision by parents.

And RE the topic posted, I think the psychiatrist who said the coach was not acting like a pedophile has some kind of hidden agenda himself (he is a pedophile) or he was paid to say that.
There needed to be a third tie-breaker expert consulted.


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