Conflicting reports about Jerry Sandusky

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that after the first alleged abuse case involving Jerry Sandusky of Penn State, two psychologists came to different conclusions.

Read Sandusky showed “pedophile pattern” in ’98, psychologist report says, but another conflicts, on

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Hopefully in 2012, thing are a little more obvious to the so-called experts.

I absolutely agree with the “No Child Ever Alone With One Adult” rule, and the “No Child Ever Naked or Semi-Naked With One Adult” rule being standardized (for minor children during a physical exam there should be both a doctor and a nurse present as well as the parent, in my opinion).

And I think that more parents need to be involved as teachers aides in classrooms, if for no other reason to make sure that the teachers are behaving properly as well as the students.

If more parents or more paid aides were physically there in their kids’ schools as teachers’ helpers in the classrooms, as hall monitors, playground supervisors, etc., there would be less child-on-child bullying as well.

I buy the concept that pedophiles naturally gravitate into jobs or volunteer positions that put them in close contact with children, so those individuals are the very ones who need the most monitoring and supervision by parents.

And RE the topic posted, I think the psychiatrist who said the coach was not acting like a pedophile has some kind of hidden agenda himself (he is a pedophile) or he was paid to say that.
There needed to be a third tie-breaker expert consulted.


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