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Conman scams 15 women he met on dating sites out of $360,000

con manJohn Edward Taylor, 46, pretended to be a billionaire and stole up to $360,000 from 15 women he met on dating sites, including eHarmony, Match and Seeking Arrangements.

Taylor has been running his scam for five years. He was arrested at a country club in Yardley, Pennsylvania, in June 2016. Police believe he was living out of his car at the time.

He faces up to 30 years in prison for wire fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, and more charges.

Conman claiming to be a billionaire scams 15 women out of at least $360,000 after meeting them on dating sites, on

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Once again, I must stick up for the MEN out there. MY abuser was a WOMAN. 33 grand, folks.

I was led on a 15-month LIE (mostly via texts) by this MONSTERWOMAN, the FEMALE version of the above John Edward Taylor, YET, why do I see all these MALE con-artists GOING TO JAIL? I’ve been told by attorneys I “don’t have a case” and “police aren’t likely to follow up on romance scams”….

I just did 27 months of ZERO CONTACT just like I was supposed to. It was hell. Just when I thought I was feeling better and possibly now “over the hump”, in the last couple weeks, my female abuser has purposely REAPPEARED JUST to TORMENT ME so I would be SURE to see her CAR I bought FOR her (AND her sleazy husband who “didn’t exist”, but actually HAS for the last 11 years). Yes, hundreds of apartment complexes in our metro area, and she purposely picked the ONE where she KNEW I would see her. She makes sure to park the car where I will see it JUST to rub salt into my wound.

I’m at the local “mega-mart” last Tuesday for 10 minutes about to leave, and VOILA, there’s my psychopath ABUSER in the produce section! She saw me. I did a 180, quickly checked out, went out the FAR door, and what’s the FIRST CAR I see? Yep. Went straight home and had to fight vomiting for the rest of the evening. At what point can this be considered her STALKING? They are quite skilled at pushing the limits of the law, I have noticed.

Reverse our sexes in this scenario and I’d be hauled in for stalking, fraud, you name it…


After reading your comment.. I feel the your PAIN!!!!, I’m so Sorry! this has happened to YOU..

I certainly know how you feel, when you happen to see her and that car..let alone run into her at the grocery store.. she’s is a a sick creature!! I wouldn’t even call her a woman..I experienced something similar to what you have gone through..

My Ex sociopath cost me my job.. money.. When I would see him in town it just would make my blood boil and then ruin my day.I had ended it with him.. He then started to stalk and harass me…when I see him drive by my house or restaurants that I frequently visit.. I would get that sick feeling in my stomach, and all that emotional pain and anger..would appear again!!.. this went on for a couple of weeks..until I finally had ENOUGH!!!!..Best advice, I can give YOU!! is what I did..get RESTRAINING ORDER!!! For stalking and harassment.. You need to document when she comes around you,with times and dates..if any Witnesses that’s better yet..But, when you see her, YOU need to tell her..that YOU are informing HER!! that you are stalking and harassing ME!! It needs to STOP NOW!! As much as it may kill you inside to face her and tell her that.. you have to inform her of it first..then if when she keeps it up then you will have enough evidence to get that restraining ORDER!!! That’s what I had to do.(I know each state is different on there guide lines of what constitute stalking and harassment)..BUT,it’s against the law!!! to harass you..thats what she is doing.. Once my EX was served with TPO..he still continued to stalk me..Up until we went into court..Yes, I hired attorney, and had eight Witnesses there to support me on what they saw..After that court hearing,he has stopped!!!.. the best revenge you can get on these creatures and to get them out of your LIFE to leave you alone.. if they don’t leave you alone they go to JAIL!!… I wish YOU well Lol…


VictimOfFemale, not liking the idea of “confronting” this sociopath!!

Remember the Sociopath can easily turn the table around and get you arrested. So BEWARE…AND STAY CLEAR!!

Sociopaths ALWAYS come back to a past victims…WHY? Because they know their con game worked once before…so they think they can easily con again.

I think this con family (yes the whole family are con artist!!) have you in their sights. I also think that they have been exposed by another victim(s) and this is why they are seeking. you out.

As sociopaths get older it’s harder for them to con people. Because people their age they would normally hang out with are getting older & wiser to the world. They might not know of sociopath by name but they are listening to their gut alarms more often when they get older and this makes it harder for sociopaths to con.

Best to AVOID, AVOID, AVOID them until your transfer comes thru and you move. If you can afford a home security system, install one asap even a camera type this way if they break in to your home you have proof & they can be arrested.

Look at Home depot & Lowes they have security systems starting around $100. Worth the peace of mind in my book.

Remember also that you seeing her has triggered you. This is scary to feel these emotions again. But also remember this IS your GUT ALARM SYSTEM WARNING YOU!! Listen to it.

Do a search on Lovefraud up at the top right for “No contact rule” & “Gray rock” and then do the same on the net so that you refresh your mind about following the no contact rule.

Take care.


Thank you for your comment, J.Bridgford (and others)

It’s almost as if my abuser knows from experience the recovery process of their victims and CHOOSES to have FUN with it, because JUST when I thought I was “out of the woods”, BAM…there she is figuratively ramming a machete into the enormous scar she created 27 months earlier. My GOD! The things that give these mentally disordered TOXIC jerks a thrill is sickening!

My transfer went through and I no longer will be put through the torture of her presence at that apartment complex OR seeing the famous “ill-gotten car I bought her”….but, I AM, however, only a couple miles away…I feel like it’s only a matter of time before she “catches up” to me….It REALLY confuses and TICKS ME OFF how the above con-man was arrested in Pennsylvania for his cons, but, MY attorney I met with told me I could get into “big trouble” by (potentially) FILING A FALSE POLICE REPORT!

Don’t worry, Jan7, I don’t have ANY plans of “confronting” this piece of human debris.

Unfortunately, I had to leave behind a “friend/acquaintance” of 15 years in the wake of this MESS. She (the friend) worked elbow-to-elbow with my abuser for a solid year at adjoining desks and is STILL TO THIS DAY buying my abuser’s CHARISMATIC smooth talk AFTER ALL THIS HELL I’VE BEEN THROUGH!. I even approached the friend one day shortly after the big “psychopath realization moment” and was quite animated in trying to convince her of what a EUREKA moment I had about our little “friend”….I wrote “sociopath” on a slip of paper and IMPLORED her to go home that evening and READ about it on the internet. The compulsive lying. The pitting people against one another. The jumping from job to job for NO other reason than to INFILTRATE the work landscape to DESTROY GOOD people and trick a GOOD, hard-working MAN out of a new CAR and CASH! (ME)… The “turning” against her GOOD young lady supervisor who started a GO FUND ME page for the psychopath’s “DYING DAUGHTER SUFFERING FROM M.S.” by accusing the GOOD supervisor of STEALING THE FUNDS! (The supervisor went into a deep depression and nearly lost her job over it)

My friend’s response? NOTHING. A blank stare. A bunch of “what’re you talking about?” Yep. Still in the psychopath’s “FOG” of deceit, she is…… CLUELESS! “She’s (the psychopath) PRETTY COOL” as far as my friend is concerned. i continued to just carry on as normal as possible for the last 2.5 years with my clueless friend WHO WILL NOT LISTEN…..

Well, my friend/acquaintance will NOW find out for herself and experience pain at SOME point….Although, the psychopath will likely KEEP THE THRILL going for as long as she can successfully keep those plates spinning, I suppose.

For many, many months “after”, I would wake up in the morning, and my first “feeling” of the day would be like one of the horror of drowning and feeling like there was a large sheet of glass preventing me from breaking the surface in order to breathe normally…..Whenever my abuser has been “out of sight” for LONNNNNG periods of time, that horrific feeling would lessen….but, is still there…….Sometimes, I feel like I will NEVER be the same. I just need her to be GONE. Forever.



It is so hard to get a restraining order to have any effect, and a court case is nearly impossible.

I was stalked for 4+ years. It did eventually stop. The ONLY thing I did was never respond to him in any fashion. I told the HR dept at work, I informed the police, and I kept an ongoing journal of every incident of stalking. He never threatened me, but kept tabs on me and let me know every so often. The police told me they could do nothing unless he was threatening violence, or WAS violent. He was very good at this process, and never did anything that crossed that line. He obviously had done it many times.

Then he stopped. Perhaps he grew bored that I never rewarded him, ever. Not sure.

So, reversing the sexes really isn’t all that important with these types, in terms of getting any justice.

It Takes 2

VictimofFemale, Very sorry to hear your story. It must be so painful to cross paths after all of the lies and spending that kind of money on such a monster.
When is your apartment lease up? Is it possible to relocate where she wouldn’t follow you?
Keep in mind that she can’t hurt you if you don’t let her. Try and surround yourself with good people and spending time doing things you enjoy. It will minimize her impact on you.
Remaining No Contact is good for you but like death to them. I really don’t see a need for you to confront her at all if you don’t have any recourse, according to the authorities you spoke with. In fact, I think confronting her would give her great pleasure in knowing she’s still got a hold on you.


VictimofFemale Yes, there are female psychopaths who are very destructive but from what I have read 97% of psychopaths are men. Just sayin.


thats really funny. cos i assure you from what ive read its 98.34% women. so don’t know where you read that


I’ve watched it . Excellent movie, the way Claire manipulated Virgil reminded me about the techniques my psychopath used on me . Sadly as Billy said “Everything can be faked”…

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