Convicted murderer taunts the public

Danny Robbie Hembree Jr. was convicted of murdering a 17-year-old North Carolina girl last year and sentenced to death. He sent a letter to The Gaston Gazette, boasting about his “life of leisure” in prison, and daring the state to carry out his sentence.

Read the story on, and be sure to read Hembree’s letter, which is reproduced at the end.

Death Row inmate’s life of ‘leisure’: Danny Robbie Hembree writes shocking letter.


Hembree’s sister says he is “mentally ill,” and actually bored in prison.

Read Hembree’s sister speaks on taunts, on

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It’s immensely funny… but it’s not joke, true. I’d be willing to send him a TV magazine… but might take a while before arriving, and it would be in Dutch. I’d love to be a fly on his wall if and when he gets a TV magazine sent to him.

You know thinking about his “bragging letter” to the newspaper to taunt the family, makes me think of the fact that my son Patrick thinks he is such a WINNER..when of course he is nothing but a petty criminal (never got away with much) and a murderer and didn’t get away with that either. Yet he sits in prison and wants to think and wants others to think what a WINNER he is and HOW SMART he is to put cons over on the guards who have GEDs—well, he has a GED too because he dropped out of high school, but his records say he has a BS in computer science—which is a BS all right, because he’s been INSIDE A PRISON since he was 17 except for about 12 months he spent out in various pieces of time…not enough time to get a BS in anything even if he is so smart…it is JUST BS THAT HE HAS A BS, but he sure wants folks to think he is smart, which he is, his IQ is off the charts, but what has he DONE with it? Went to Juvy at age 17, went to big boy prison at 18, turned 21 in prison waiting to be tried for the cold blooded murder of a 17 year old girl, who was, of course, unarmed and alone. Yep, a real winner, just like this guy.

I’m for LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, NO CHANCE OF GETTING OUT. I do know prison is miserable for most of them, so put them in solitary and let them “enjoy their 3 meals and a cot” without working. No heat, no AC…no TV let them stare at the walls.

Oxy, when I read that letter I thought of your son and how you described how he feels he’s such a winner.

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