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Cop with an alleged history of sexual infractions maintains police license


Officer Steve Blakeney

It took Steve Blakeney of Missouri six years to become a cop because he kept getting kicked out of police academies for sexual related infractions. One of his trainers from Eastern Missouri State police academy even recommended that “Blakeney never be allowed to become a police officer because of his sociopathic behavior.”

Blakeney was hired by the Pine Lawn, Missouri, police force and after six years was promoted to police commander.  His alleged history of sexual-based incidents continued, with two women claiming they woke up in Blakeney’s house and didn’t know how they got there.

He has since been fired from his job but still retains his Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) license.

Man identified as having ‘sociopath behavior’ became police commander, from FOX News 2


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Is there any evidence that suggests that in law enforcement, there is a high rate of sociopathy?

KW – I haven’t heard of any studies. But anecdotally, I’ve heard from lots of people who were involved with sociopaths who worked in law enforcement.

But then again, lots of them also work in the financial industry.


I think that sociopaths are drawn to any professions of authority; they seek power and dominance over others which law enforcement does. Thus their co-workers often stick together and support these traits.


flicka, I agree. I ask because I was recently married to someone in L.E. for 13 years (he being in L.E. and still in 19 years) who a number of years agp confessed that he was an antisocial/sociopath (his exact wording) and I do think it’s likely that many are drawn to the profession. I just wish there were a study on this.


Sociopaths gravitate to and seek out any profession they believe will satisfy their evil need for authority, power, money, sex, control, dominance whether it’s law enforcement, the financial industry, legal/court systems, technology industry, religious, political, retail, entertainment, medical, education or any profession, no matter how lowly or lofty, they will find it and use it for their sociopathic ways and gratification needs. Remember these evil people are masters of deception/manipulation and can charm anyone anywhere, especially within their profession, co-workers, peers, and public. I believe law enforcement attracts a huge proportion of sociopaths who should be psychologically screened by highly trained professionals in sociopathy/psychopathy and other character disorders before any candidate is recruited and hired as an officer.


Many govt officials are spaths also. Many things draw ppl becuz of the potential to abuse the position that they will then exploit from the get-go.
It doesnt rly matter, becuz we need these positions (well maybe not the financial industry), but we can just be wary. I have never been attracted to ppl of power, any power, or want for any power. I cant wrap my mind around needing that in my life. That person and I would have nothing in common and would only stay at a level of acquaintance. Civil, respectful, compassion for them even as a person — if necessary, but no friendship.
I Do Not Get Spath-y Ppl (or most disordered ppl completely for that matter)
And that’s fine.


As an example, I recall the judge who sat on the bench for the child custody/divorce hearing for my former daughter-in-law. He was an obvious sociopath who came to court 3 hours late, was three times divorced himself and believed there was nothing needed in the care of a little 4 year old girl that any man could not meet. As a consequence, my son called his ex wife daily to ask how to comb his daughter’s hair, dress her or give her proper nutrition!

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