Corrupt and incompetent forensic psychologist

Stuart Greenberg, a forensic psychologist who wrote reports that often decided custody and sexual assault cases in the Seattle, Washington area, had been disciplined by the state, but managed to get the records sealed. He made a fortune while producing biased and unsubstantiated opinions. Greenberg was also a voyeur. Read this expose:

Seattle Times special report: Twisted ethics of an expert witness

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Now you know why I left my office job last year!!! Crawling with spaths. I just didn’t need it in my life anymore and couldn’t take it.

Good for you! YAY!! Yes, I lost some, but gained LOTS because I refused to put up with their crap. It seems so crazy now that I’ve been away from them more than a year.

Glad to be GONE 😛


HA, me, too!! I’ve said that over and over how I gave up a lot, but I gained a TON. I gained my freedom and my sanity. It has been almost a year for me. We must have left about the same time!

Hi One/Joy,

I’ve spent most of my own career working with machines—specifically, computers. Most recently in the field of network management. So most of what I’ve learned over the years about things like abusive and personality disordered people has been “by the way.” Though I have talked with plenty of people in other places who have found themselves in relationships with abusive types (not necessarily psychopathic). Still, as I think I mentioned elsewhere on this board, since computers are “thinking machines” of a kind, we can often find parallels between the way computers behave and communicate—or fail to!—and the way humans do. So in some ways these fields are not as far apart as we’d imagine.

I’m especially wary of lovebombing or any sort of solicitous behavior.

I can certainly imagine that if someone really started “coming on strong,” I’d be asking myself “WHY are they doing this?”

The most charitable interpretation is that they’re the victim of a sudden infatuation. And even “infatuation” is something we can’t trust in the long run…

There is a certain psychiatrist operating in Perth West Australia who was the golfing buddy to a Judge presiding in a Custody case Currie V Currie 4545of 86.

The psychiatrist claimed the mother had a “Personality disorder” because she was breastfeeding her 14 month old son.

He also claimed that bresastfeeding caused Dental Caries because his wife who he said was a Nutritionist at Princess Margaret Children’s hospital had told him so (Hearsay evidence).

He also discredited a Psychologist Zyron Krupenia who had done a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality test on the mother.

He (the psychiatrist) claimed he had researchedc the background of the Psychologist, and the Psychologist Z. Krupenia was not registered with the West Australian Board of Psychology (this was a lie because in fact that Mr Krupenia had been registered for 18 months prior to the Custody case).

The mother’s Personality Test results filed in an Affidavit, plus the Expert Witness for the mother, Mr Zyron Krupenia were not allowed to be admitted in the Custody case to prove the mother DID NOT have a Personality Disorder.

A breastfed 14 month old infant was then taken from the mother and handed to the father who had deserted the mother when she was 4 months pregnant.

The mother’s 5 yr old son of her previous marriage, had disclosed sexual abuse by the husband(stepfather) and his 14 year old son, AFTER the husband had left the mother’s home.

The 5 yr old child was taken to the Abuse Specialist at Princess Margaret who after an interview referred the child to the Police Child Abuse Unit.

The mother had no reason to doubt the child’s disclosure and trusted the advice of the Sex Abuse Specialist and the Police Child Abuse unit experts who told her the child was telling the truth and she needed to be supportive of her child and believe what they said.

The Police tried to charge the stepfather for the abuse of the 5 yr old, but because the child was under 8 years of age at the time (5yrs) and unable to legally give evidence in Court due to his age, the Police could not follow through with a Prosecution when the alleged offender denied the charges.

The Police told the mother that despite the lack of ability to charge the man they KNEW he had done it.

The man then sued for Custody to punish the mother for the child’s disclosure.

The Judge called the mother a “VINDICTIVE LIAR who would poison the babies mind” and took the baby from her and banned all CONTACT with the baby and all ACCESS to the FAMILY LAW COURT system till the child had been in school for 6 months.
It would also require the extra delay of an Application to Appeal to the Court to allow the mother to Re-open the Case in 5 years time.

The mothers other 4 young children were left with no provision for any contact with their much loved baby brother.

The Grandparents were denied contact by the father and received constant phone calls from him, taunting them and threatening the babies life, if the mother did not drop the allegations of child sex abuse.

The man drove past the mother’s house frequently yelling threats and abuse at the 5 year old if he saw him in the front yard.

The Psychiatrist involved in the case was involved in another case a few months later where the mother lost both her infant sons of 2 and 4 yrs to a Pedophile father on the Psychiatrists recommendations.

On investigating this Psychiatrist’s Family Court Hisotry, a Perth Child Psychologist found that the same Psychiatrist was involved in at least 40 cases of Sexually Abused children where he had denigrated the mothers mental stability and refuted the claims of Sexual Abuse of the children, despite evidence that something had definately happened to the children.

He had recommended Custody be given to the allegedly offending fathers, or had recommended Access rights be given to the allegedly offending fathers.

The Court Findings of the Currie 4545 of 86 case and the following Azar case, where the two young boys were removed from their mother, SURPRISINGLY had almost WORD FOR WORD IDENTICAL Findings by the JUDGE.

Only the names of the parties and the children were different.

VERY INTERESTING???? How could that happen? Strange co-incidence?

In 1992 INTERPOL announced they had done a 2 year undercover operation in Perth because they had traced Child Pornongraphy that was flooding into Europe and America, back to Perth Western Australia.

They stated in the local Perth newspaper that there were 11 MAJOR PEDOPHILE RINGS identified in Perth area and they could not infiltrate them, due to there being very high ranking powerful people in the groups.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the Psychiatrist and the Family Law Court Judges who were throwing small children into the arms of Pedophile fathers?

The Perth Family Law Court is a law unto itself, and there seems to be no way to make it ACCOUNTABLE for what has been happening within the wall of those courtrooms.

To date it has been 22 years and the Azar children have not seen their mother or Grandmother who love them dearly.
How many other cases have occurred in Perth where the law has been manipulated and Justice has been denied?

When a Professional person has this kind of power and can wreak havoc in peoples lives without anyone holding them accountable, it is a dangerous system.
Perfect scenario for Sociopaths.



If that man wasn’t the devil I don’t know who is!

As well as Mark Goldstein, Il and Roger Hatcher, Il…Go figure. Goldstein being forensic psych and corrupt and Hatcher just plaace corrupt. Both had police reports of abuse and supporting document and filled their reports with “fact stacking” and “partial truths”. I am highly disappointed in the Dupage co court system and their absolute lack of conscience to advocate for chldren. Animals have more rights than my children do and those that are appointed to advocate for children just turn a blind eye to the abuser and his abuser wife, enabling their ongoing lies and furthering this “legal Abuse” that continues to go on…I really dont know how these people sleep at night, let alone how they can even look at themselves in the mirror…

… they sleep at night, with ease, being that they possess no conscience, no empathy and no remorse… period.

… the narcissist ooks at himself in the mirror with ease and great pleasure…

I still find myself asking the same questions, at times… even though the answers are clear as day…

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