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Couple treats adopted children worse than dogs

John and Sonja Kluth of Yukon, Oklahoma are charged with child abuse and neglect for keeping their three adopted children in “inhumane conditions.” A 15-year-old was confined to a plastic dog carrier for two months.

Read Sheriff: Three adopted children suffered horrific abuse on

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Ox Drover

I’ve read several news articles lately about similar conditions for adoptive or foster kids—the man in Florida that they picked up with the dead female twin (age 10) and the male twin was covered in some kind of caustic substance that had given him chemical burns. I’m not sure if he is still alive at this writing or not. He was seriously injured a few days ago. Apparently the couple had several other kids who were not so seriously abused as these two in particular. The authorities had been warned (apparently repeatedly) but nothing was done…this case also beggers belief.

The biological kids of this couple though said that they thought the monetary supplement the couple had from the state where they adopted these kids was the motive for the couple having the kids…of course no one EXCEPT a psychopath would treat a dog this way, much less a child, for any amount of money, so money was in my opinion only PART of the reason they had the kids.

With the current laws about “home schooling” being legal, versus a kid being hunted down and made to go to public school, why the authorities do not make some effort to check on the WELFARE of these “home schooled” kids—to make sure they ARE being “schooled” at home not just held hostage and illiterate.

In my state, as backwards as we are in some ways, the home-schooled kids have to have a test yearly to see that they are being kept up to grade level (at least) or they ARE forced to go back to public schools. So a Parent can’t just SAY “I’m home schooling” and not actually be teaching the kid something or just keeping the kid hidden away “forever” at least. I’m sure there are some kids who are being mistreated under cover of “home schooling,” but at least there is SOME check on them.

I don’t generally watch Oprah but the other day she had on the grown up woman who had herself been kept in a dog crate at age 7 when she was found, because her brother had been thrown out of the house barefoot into the cold and had gone to the cops. Her parents had gotten ONE YEAR IN JAIL for what they had done to these kids. (4) *****ONE****** YEAR IN JAIL.

The interview left a lot of questions in my mind…like who raised her after she was rescued? I didn’t hear that mentioned except that she and her 4 brothers were separated. She has a relationship of some kind with two of them she said, and the other two not. She doesn’t have a relationship with her parents, but did have some contact I think with her father at one point in time. She has a child (the father wasn’t mentioned) and said she wants to be a good parent to him.

The judge who gave her parents ONE YEAR IN JAIL for what they did to her declined to comment to Oprah’s interview. I think he should be on the same pillory with the judge that gave Dr. Amy Castillo’s husband unsupervised visitation with the kids he ahd threatened to kill, right before he KILLED THEM.

At the time Dr. Castillo’s kids were murdered I had “never heard of such a thing” done by a partner to get back at the other partner—but actually it is a FAIRLY common, NOT RARE thing at all. Another case in England recently where the homeless father got the kids in the car, drove by the mom’s house to tell her what he was going to do, then drove off into a cold river with the kids knowing what was coming and banging on the windows to get out—one kid died, one lived and he lived.

Maybe the British judge will give him more than a year since one kid did die.

Makes my blood run cold.


See ~! I told ya oklahoma suck’s when it comes to child welfare. My blood boils when I think of the incompetent educated? employees that keep returning these kid’s to the devil. This case in Yukon (home of Garth Brooks) is just one of countless cases where children never had a chance and the one’s there to help them are only interested in getting a check. We currently have a judge on trial for taking money for several foster kid’s she had farmed out to abuser’s like this…

Ox Drover

Henry, I hope to heck that judge gets sent to an OK prison, they are only one cut above Arkansas’ hell-hole prisons so hopefully she will get Bubbette for her celly.


I have no words. I just pray for these poor children.

Distressed Grandmother

I should be grateful my grandsons are only confined to there home and are still allowed to go to school. He is threatening home schooling though. I have a question for my love fraud friends. If I chose to move to another town away from my grandchildren will this spath give them more freedom as his excuse right now is to keep them away from me. If he is a spath like I am sure he is I think he will move on and find another victim because it will be harder to torch-er me out of sight out of mind. Will he still us my grandchildren as pawns? Will he pick another family member or will he just keep on destroying my grandsons. I would put up a for sale sign tomorrow if any of you think it will help my grandchildren.


You know, I have a really hard time reading these stories. I have to work up my courage first.

It makes me so sad and so angry that – worldwide it seems – we have so very little in place to protect vulnerable children. Society’s ultimate scapegoats and sacrificial lambs. We seem to want to use the ‘rule of law’ everywhere – we need evidence before we act. But common sense tells us that abusers don’t wear a button on their lapels telling you who they are, and thus waiting for incontrovertable evidence before you act only ever advantages abusers and leaves children in danger.

There are so many wonderful childless couples desperate to adopt, and so many children who desperately need a chance in life. And yet we can’t seem to connect the two. If we do at all we seem to wait until AFTER those children are harmed, often irrepairably, because… why exactly? Makes me so angry.

DM – I’m so sorry to read that you’re in this situation, and that your grandchildren are. It sounds like Child Protective Services in your area is badly letting down your family. I notice that no-one has responded to you (at least not here on this thread). I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other, but my suspicion is that you moving won’t appreciably help your grandchildren – it may even leave them more exposed – unless your moving can someone guarantee that you will see them either more often, or see them infrequently but removed from their father’s influence.

But I’m sure the idea to move didn’t come from nowhere, and that you have specific patterns you’ve seen that have led you to consider this. Would you mind if I asked what those are? Is your SIL targetting you specifically over most other targets and therefore abusing your grandchildren just to get at you, or is he a more typical spath and targetting wherever he can target? Is it possible he’s doing this to harm your daughter, and this is only coincidentally about you because you tried to intervene and threatened his authority?


HOW IN THE WORLD COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED when their own biological children stated that they weren’t surprised this was happening and that they were abused as children.

Doesn’t Child Protective Services or Adoption Agencies do background checks on these people??? I think had they interviewed the biological children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, visits to the home, etc. something would have tipped them off that these people DO NOT DESERVE to adopt or even pro-create!

I think that when you adopt or foster, you should have to report your new address with the CPS where you reside for home checks! SHAME ON WISCONSIN FOR NOT DOING A THOROUGH BACKGROUND ON THESE “FAKE” PARENTS!

THIS JUST ANGERS ME TO NO END! I work in law enforcement and I am amazed how many foster/adopted children fall through the cracks to be left with abusers! BREAKS MY HEART!

Ox Drover

I was reading on CNN’s site about human slavery over the world yesterday, and they were talking about the PRICE OF A SLAVE today vs. the price of a slave 150 years ago. The price of a slave today is about 90 dollars—and the reason is that so many people are available as “slaves” that it is cheaper to get a “new” one than to feed or medicate the one you have…in terms of today’s dollars, a slave might bring $40,000 in the US before the Civil War, but slaves had economic value to their owners. Today, slaves are easy and cheap to replace both for factory work, or for sex workers.

It is estimated there are as many as 30 MILLION SLAVES in the world today—in ALL countries, even here in US.

So no, children dont’ ‘have much “value” in today’s society where they are an expense not a labor force for the family farm. It breaks my heart as well, but it is a fact, taking care of these children costs an arm and a leg in tax money, and our society values a new hockey or football stadium well above the child services workers or cops it would take to police this kind of thing. Psychopaths are everywhere, rich and poor, smart and dumb, male and female, parents and not. We respect a person’s RIGHT to procreate even if they don’t take care of that child, or even if they take drugs so the child is retarded, or refused to work and support the child. We don’t sanction them for this kind of behavior, the children just suffer. Pox on them all, and may there be a special hot spot in hell for the people who make little children suffer. Jesus said they would be better off if a mill stone were put around their necks and they were cast into the sea. I hope that is true!


That’s such a very very sad state of affairs. Your post raises a lot of good but very depressing points. I think I may need to go back to my mental health “no media” break for a while.

From the larger perspective I have to wonder why it is that, in this one particular area, we don’t seem to be making any headway, or even to be trying to make any headway. We have DV shelters coming out our ears in some jurisdictions, but nothing for children. We need to be removing children as early, as quickly, and as thoroughly as possible so they can be immediately placed into good homes with vetted people who are looking to adopt (and there are a lot of them). We need to put the emphasis on the children rather than on the parents. Everything I’ve read says that all the science agrees with me on this one.

Stepping back from this topic and looking at it from a business perspective, there are theoretically several different approaches that could both get at root causes and drastically improve the situation, for these children specifically and for society at large.

For instance root cause. Seems to me the only group whose ‘rights’ or interests are being protected (or even considered) are the abusive parents, not the children themselves, not the health or social services systems, not the justice system, and not society at large. Why? Perhaps because we still treat children as ‘property’? Depressing to consider that we got where we are in the ‘corporatizing’ of the western world when corporations were given rights as ‘persons’, but we don’t give those same rights to children. So how about we formalize the rights and interests of all of those groups when it comes to children, particularly when it comes to questions of custody?

Our former neighbours, a fairly well-off couple with good incomes and a lovely home, have been waiting for over 4 years on an international adoption list. Time after time they faced disappointment with every diplomatic wrinkle which increased the time, cost, etc…

But in Donna’s earlier post: “While a baby lay dying his mother went shopping” HIS MOTHER DIDN’T WANT HIM and said so at the hospital when he was born!!! So how about we remove children the second we hear that? Give the parents a few days to reconsider, but after that the child is put up for adoption – immediately. So decent people like my neighbours don’t have to spend a fortune travelling internationally and years waiting for a child they desperately want. And a child doesn’t have to go through a lifetime of horror.

“Miguel was born on Feb. 11, 2006, to young parents who either didn’t want him or couldn’t care for him (likely a bit of each), was immediately apprehended by the CCAS, and, when he was “returned” to them more than six months later, it was to a small, squalid, cockroach-infested apartment in the Jane Street corridor in the city’s northwest end.

His mother was Melissa Alexander, a young black woman, then 21, who reportedly didn’t want to keep him. His dad was Sergio Fernandes, a 22-year-old man of Portuguese descent who hadn’t even told his parents his girlfriend was pregnant.

Only when Ms. Alexander gave birth at St. Michael’s Hospital did Mr. Fernandes tell his mother, Maria, that he had a son ”“ and also, according to Ms. Fernandes, that Ms. Alexander had “told the nurse she didn’t want him. Sergio asked me to go to the hospital. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it.” By the time Ms. Fernandes made it downtown just 20 minutes later, the CCAS already had taken the baby into care.”

Or, I know this is a radical idea, but how about we float the idea of a cash payment as an incentive for disinterested parents to give up all custody rights immediately after birth? I would imagine a fair number of psychopathic parents of either gender would jump at this chance if it could be implemented properly. Make it more lucrative for them to give up the baby early on than to keep it for any state benefits. Make it an extension of the laws where mothers can abandon their children at fire stations, etc… Of course, you would also inappropriately catch some impoverished desperate people who really do love their children in that net. But they would be very easy to distinguish from the psychopaths, and then services could be more specifically targeted to help them. But at least you would have removed more children from their psychopathic parents, and done a lot of good for society to boot.

@Oxy “We respect a person’s RIGHT to procreate even if they don’t take care of that child, or even if they take drugs so the child is retarded, or refused to work and support the child. We don’t sanction them for this kind of behavior”

So how about we start sanctioning them?


Annie –

“You know, I have a really hard time reading these stories. I have to work up my courage first.”

Same here. I just made myself read this and my stomach is still swirling with cold butterflies and I feel like I’m going to throw up.

Pure evil. Burn them at the bloody stake – I’ll light the match.


aussiegirl: “Burn them at the stake”

Now *that* would be a sanction – that’s for sure! Which makes me wonder something. Whenever a story like this hits the news the public response is invariably to feel the way you do, the way everyone who’s posted here does. And yet the problem of lack of child protection seems to be so overwhelming in most western ‘democratic’ countries. I’ve read the exact same types of stories from Australia, Canada, the U.S., Britain, Germany, Belgium, etc…

So why is there such a profound disconnect in those countries between the public’s feelings and the social/protective systems in place? I just don’t get it.

Ox Drover

Dear Annie,

To answer your question, in my opinion:

People want someone else, want “them” or “the law” to protect these kids but they don’t want to pay the taxes to accomplish it.

Well, you can’t have it both ways….the RIGHT to procreate endlessly (look at octo-mom) she had 6 kids, some special needs, that she was sucking off the welfare state, and has 8 MORE that she can’t feed or care for…China on the other end of the scale demands ONE CHILD ONLY to all families….so girl children are given away, aborted, killed even, in hopes of having a male offspring. Wonder who they think all these male offspring are going to MARRY when they reach adulthood?

Psychopaths tend to have more than average numbers of children, whereas “responsible” people who raise their own kids and work hard at it, generally tend to have a lower birthrate.

When a subsistence farm required 40% of the labor just to procure FUEL (wood) for heating and cooking, many children were necessary to the health of the family, but today, children COST money to care for, educate, etc. and don’t provide a financial return to the parents at all….except in this case where they were being paid to “care for” these kids.

The little girl in NC who was disabled whose step mother (and/or father) killed her and dismembered her body, the neighbors SAW her bruises and did not report it. In the Florida case where the 10 year old adopted twins were abused, and the girl killed, and the boy scalded with some kind of chemicals, THEY WERE REPORTED TO CPS multiple times and still NOTHING WAS DONE. Boggles the mind!

I had so many problems with “ADULT protective services” with elder abuse that I got to the point that I think they would not do anything for the elderly UNLESS THEY SAW THE FAMILY MEMBER ACTUALLY SETTING FIRE TO THE BED THE PERSON WAS CONFINED ON. I was never so frustrated in my life. Makes me want to burn the agency directors at the stake! I had one teenage child who had bitten her mother so badly that I actually had to partly sew the wounds shut (you don’t generally sew up human bites) and the CPS would not take the child in hand and actually threatened to arrest the mother if she “deserted” the child by leaving her alone at night. I had to have the mother sleep outside in winter, locked inside her car, parked in the yard until I could get a judge on the line the next morning to get the child taken into custody. APS wouldn’t do anything either.

Sometimes I think people who work for these agencies are either retarded, lack common sense, or are so arrogant themselves that they either go overboard by doing too much or not enough. Yea, I know, they aren’t, thank God, all like that. Just the ones we take note of.

Ox Drover

HERE’S A LINK TO A NEW ONE:–missing-10-years.html

Kids disappeared for 10 years, but the “parents” keep on getting the money for them….no one misses the kids for a decade!? WTF?


There were a lot of foster kids in my neighborhood growing up. I noticed many of the foster families were really weird. Something was secretive about the home life. Many of these kids were running away. Something was wrong. It seemed to me that over-bearing people were drawn to becoming foster parents. There was this one family that really struck me as odd. Their natural born children were weird and social outcasts, and here this family is fostering kids? This family lined the kids up and were fostering for years.

One of the kids they fostered was a kid named Christopher. Well, someone taught Christopher how to fight without teaching him the responsibility that goes along with that knowledge. Christopher was beating up everyone! It didn’t matter. He was karote kicking boys in the mouth, or girls! He beat me up all the way home from school. He kept kicking me along.

Christopher was kicked out of his foster home when he beat up his little sister. His little sister was the daughter of the foster family.

I remember that little girl. She was pure sunshine. She was the only normal kid in the household. I gotta wonder what she did to piss off Christopher. Did she kill him with kindness?

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