Court says woman exaggerates her daughters’ illnesses

Terri Cerda claimed that her daughters were so sick that any exposure to germs could bring on a fatal illness. The ABC reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bought her story and built the family a new home. A judge calls Cerda’s behavior “obsessive and unjustifiable.”

Read ‘Extreme Makeover’ family in Oregon finds mother under under ‘medical child abuse’ scrutiny on OregonLive.com.

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I have that – since birth, I think. My mom said I stopped napping at 1 year old. No daytime naps for me. Your brain never stops being aware of the danger. But at least it does make me extra aware! (trying to look on the bright side)

If your Christian faith and your knowledge of truth are conflicting, then one of them is wrong. Cog Diss is the result, you have to fix it before it causes more conflicts in your value system and your energy levels.


It sounds like PTSD to me. Spaths tend to need very little sleep; sounds like your stepdaughter was a classic case.

If it has been over 30 years and she is not in your house, it really does sound like PTSD to me. But that is just my opinion.

Is she still causing trouble for you? You said that you are civil most of the time.


creampuff – i think both sky and and eb92 have given you some good feedback.

if you are trying ‘so hard to live a Christian life’, you are trying too hard. We have to take care of ourselves and sometimes our ideas about what living a spiritual life can actually interfere with that.

have you had any treatment for PTSD? I am not a big fan of cognitive behavior therapy but it might be helpful to challenge your persisting fear at night.

i am sorry that you are living in such fear. i don’t know what contact you need to have with your step daughter – she is an adult now, can you cut her free?

Dear Creampuff

I agree with the above assessments it sounds like PTSD to me as well. I also think that some therapy would be in order….and possibly an assessment by a mental health professional (not just your family doctor) for medication as well….

In the past you have also indicated that you and your husband have some difficulties as well, and that he is not really supportive of you about this step daughter.

I have lived in an “armed camp” in my life and I don’t want to do it again….protecting myself and taking care of myself has become the biggest focus of my life and it has made a world of difference in how I feel. Take care of yourself, Creampuff! (((hugs))))

can a 1-year old have PTSD?

Thanks All…..I never thought it could be that….that’s why I love this blog….I will look in to that…..I think I am just nuts right now because she is in the middle of one of her “plots”..I know this will be long and probably boring but I’m going to type it out anyway as an example of how she works….about 6 months ago her mother in law (she and I are friendly) told me that she found out they were moving 1200 miles away come this summer.(he is a Marine)..she had no idea the evil daughter in law had not told us yet so all these months I have kept this to myself. I figured spath would tell her Daddy on her terms….I was trying to stay out of it. They have 2 little daughters and I knew it was going to be so traumatic for my husband when he did find out..Well, I had a very strong suspiscion that she was up to something…I had actually written down what I thought she was going to do and I WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON !!! Months have gone by and she has not told her Daddy yet…..I knew she was not going to actually move…she dumps the kids on her mother in law every weekend so she can go party….she rarely works…..she is a user and a taker….there was no way she was going to move that far away and lose all her perks…she has not told her Daddy because there was NOTHING to tell..all these months she has let her mother in law and husband THINK she was going….but now at the last minute she is saying she doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to take the kids out of this nice private school they go to…she wont’ know anyone out there, she won’t have the babysitting help she has here…blah……..blah…..blah…..BUT she is so slick that she waited to drop this on the husband until the move was a done deal and with the military he HAS to go !!! With her or without her! She is going to stay here, use the mother in law (who she hates) for babysitting….draw the husband’s money…but for all intents and purposes will get to live the single life….she played the whole thing like a violin and she will get away with it ….it makes me furious that SHE gets to make the decision that will affect the kids for the rest of their life…why does she get the right to keep the kids from being with their father (who is a wonderful parent)..And to think she KNEW the whole time she wasn’t going, but she let her mother in law think she was going just to torture her about the grand girls moving so far away and boy has it worked…I have never witnessed in my life the lengths she will go to to cause misery for this woman. I want to climb a mountain and scream to the world everything I know about her…but I keep my mouth shut to keep peace in the family and in the meantime I’m the one who doubts my own sanity…..forgive my rant…..but it helps and I know you all will understand….trust me….I would give anything for NC but with the little kids involved it is just about impossible….and I won’t even get started on my bio spath…..!!!!! Whew….I’ll save that one for another day…..Love you guys….


Oohh, yeah, she is slick. She sounds extremely manipulative. I have no room in my life for that anymore and I feel for you big time that because of the children you can’t just ban her from your life! I wish you could just say “BE GONE!!!” The only advice I can give is to find a way, some way to deal with it. Whether that be meditating or exercise or whatever…any other avenue to get the frustrations out.

Dear Creampuff,

Yea, she effectively gets a DIVORCE but gets to keep- the money and perks of the married woman, and get rid of the man…..doesn’t even have to give him visiting with the kids. You wait, there will be a divorce in the offing before too long….she just got RID OF HER HUSBAND but doesn’t have to do a divorce.

You were totally right about what her motive was….

Of course she will ALSO get more pity from her MIL as a “single” parent. PUKE!!!!

Oh my girls …you are so right….when he is out of town or whatever for military reasons she plays the “single Mom” bit in Oscar worthy performances ! And we all know with the husband gone…who is she going to call everytime the toilet stops up, etc.??? You guessed it…..her Daddy!!! Thank you all so much for listening to me rant…..when I read my own post…I’m like….they are gonna think you are the crazy one !! One other time she pulled almost the same thing although he wasn’t that far away….he was paying for her to live in the nice house while he bought an old RV to live in. The weird thing is …..he is WAY better looking than her…is a sweetheart of a young man….was the only child to a warm, loving Christian family….They were all so close and she has effectively butchered the entire family unit….she not only sticks the knife in as deep as possible in her mother in law’s heart…..she TWISTS it….! I am just waiting to see how it will all unfold…..she doesn’t get in my way too much….she knows I know her too well….and she always tries to be very careful about blowing her cover in front of her Daddy…..one more little tid bit and then I’ll hush …..we were in the line of those terrible tornadoes that came from AL a few weeks back…and she called her Daddy that morning to tell him her power was out…well, he had to go to work so he told her what to do….well, she calls him back that next day and rips him a new one for not calling her back to check on her and the kids….that they were stuck down there all day without being able to do anything…..she really laid a guilt trip on him….a couple days later I find out that the kids were with the mother in law all day long safe and sound…..and the Spath was nowhere to be found….isn’t it amazing how they operate? She is 34 years old and she wants her Daddy to think she is a baby that needs to be rescued !!! I’m stopping now girls….thanks for listening…….does anyone out there want to vent to me now????? ….Puke is right Oxy !!!

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