‘Criminal Mischief’ in New York City on May 21, 22 and 24

Ellen Orchid, an actress and stand-up comic in New York City, had a run-in with a sociopathic tag team. She’s written a one-act play about her experience called Criminal Mischief, which will be performed at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre on May 21, 22 and 24.

The play is a courtroom drama with some comic moments. Here’s what Ellen says about it:

The play is autobiographical with only a few details omitted, changed, and some things added for humor and from my imagination. This play helped me get over a terrible experience with a married man who pretended to be divorced; and his wife played along.  He’d told me they were divorced for four years and that she lived “a few blocks away in the neighborhood.” Turns out she was living right upstairs—in the other apartment of the two-family house that they co-owned.  She made sure not to run into me when he brought me over to his apartment on the first floor. He told me he had a “tenant” who was “mostly not at home.”  He totally lied— for 11 months—and she was an accomplice.  I never saw her coming or going to the house; he must have told her when he’d be bringing me to over to stay overnight so she wouldn’t be there—and would be with her “friends”/boyfriends. I wish I could sue them.

Criminal Mischief will be performed at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 W. 42nd Street at 8th Avenue, on the third floor. It is located directly across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Show times are Saturday, May 21 at 9 p.m.; Sunday, May 22 at 5 p.m.; and Tuesday, May 24 at 9 p.m.

The show is part of a one-act play competition, and two other plays will be performed at the same time. Reservations are required, tickets are $20 and the phone number is 646-329-6588.

For more on the plays, visit the Manhattan Repertory Theatre website—scroll to the bottom. For more on the actress and author, visit



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Hi Darwinsmom,

It’s good that you have your parents to support you through this but I can guess you’re sad that they have to see the way it has affected you. I know mine would have had serious doubts about the the nut job who caused chaos in my life, but he totally got under the radar of my friends – he had them giggling like schoolgirls thinking he was a charmer! His behaviour just got worse and worse until I had to get him out of my life, but not before he had almost cleaned me out financially and emotionally. Mine did the same as yours – did things, and told people not to tell me.

From the beginning, I knew here was something about him that didn’t add up, but kept giving him the benefit of the doubt. Thank goodness we have this site to help us heal and hopefully stop us from making the same mistakes again!

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