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Cult followers try to prevent woman from rescuing her kids

Eight years ago, Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner escaped the polygamous Mormon sect headed by Warren Jeffs.

Tetzner was recently granted full custody of her four children. When she went to the community where they lived, hundreds of cult members tried to prevent her from picking them up.

Mother who escaped Warren Jeff’s polygamous cult is confronted by HUNDREDS of his followers in dramatic seven-hour stand-off as she tried to rescue her four kids, on


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I’d say it was more a stunt to remind her what’s out there waiting for her to misstep. The children had already been thoroughly terrorized to dread going with her and resist her love. I don’t know if they’ll ever be really deprogrammed. But the cult will be waiting for any opportunity to reenter their lives. Their momma lives with that 24/7/365. If she had been relaxing on that thought, she is now hypervigilant again.
It was a psychological move on the leadership’s part, not a show of physical force by the pawns they control.

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