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Cult leader’s rape conviction overturned

In 2007, Warren Jeffs, “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was convicted on two counts of rape as an accomplice. Prosecutors charged that he forced a 14-year-old girl to marry and have sex with her 19-year-old cousin. He was sentenced to two consecutive terms of five years to life.

Yesterday, the Utah Supreme Court threw out the conviction.

Read Victim in Jeffs case: ‘This is not the end” on

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Dani S

This is just so wrong! How can the Legal system do this and how do the Legal team sleep at night?
“prophet” = dangerous psychopath!


another bright stupidity on the horizon.

serial killer robert picton, might get a new trial:


As a female Christian, Jesus’ truth tells women that we are to ensure men read, comprehend and abide in the word of God. With that said, these women are telling the world that their men are not abiding in Jesus’ truth. They are NOT being humble when they read His truth. These men are abiding in their own big egos, hiding behind Jesus scriptures as they twist and contort His truth for their own evil ways.

I am grateful that any/all of these women have the courage to tell folks TRUTH … how their men in this cult are evil and have no clue what being righteous is … only being blinded by sin and are full of EVIL … all for the sins of power, money, and control, not to forget the sin of LUST.

Peace to all these women as they fight the system of evil men, inside and outside the court system.


Yes it is heartening to see Elissa Wall speak out and say she will not back down! watching Warren Jeffs on the video clips there…his face gives me the creeps, very dark eyes, and he has that ‘crease’ right in the middle of his forehead…the P had a a very defined crease there too…what is that? right at the third eye spot…I often thought it was a line that reflected his thought process…concentrating so hard to fake it…anyway no offense to anyone out there with the same crease, I’m sure it’s not a sign of a psychopath…I crave a sign…a physical trait…a 666….so we could see them coming!!


This is the crux of cults – perversion of doctrines to satisfy the leaders’ lust for power and control.

The “language” of law and judicial instructions to juries is often baffling for laymen. Those who do not have even a rudimentary understanding of legal terms and law, in general, render their decisions based upon “bad” instructions. That the “language” was questioned in this case to overturn the verdict doesn’t surprise me, one bit. I’m nauseated, but not surprised.

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHT ON, Elissa!!!!

Dani S

Bullet mine had the crease too and dark empty eyes. The crease is for thought. Some have it for pondering intelligent and insightful thoughts, a spath has a crease for pondering deep, thoughts of manipulation which takes a lot of time & effort!X

Wini these are extremists, I don’t want to go down the religious route but we only have to look at sept 11! Islam and the book of Qur’an is not based on evil just like the bible. These people’s interpretation is sickening for all the thing you have pointed out. These people are a god to themselves and interprete there own message to manipulate others.X

I too Buttons are nauseated! All I can say Elissa ” Stand in your truth”! X


Dani S, that’s what Christians call having the “MARK OF THE BEAST” on their foreheads. Meaning, the mark is in their mind. A mindset to do evil … following and worshipping Satan’s lies and deception.

Dani S

Wini I love religion but I am not denoted in one form, I am spiritual but believe in the science of evolution. I respect religion and take a lot out of each religion that fits into my life. I believe utmost in the belief in my family more than anything else. The interpretation of life’s meaning I hold in my home not on any other being…..
I respectfully, don’t believe it is solely the mark of the devil having frown lines, but I also know that facial muscles dictate a person physiognomy



Have you ever read Frank Peretti’s books (all about spiritual warfare)?


Dani S, I was joking. The mark of the beast means how these dip chits think. Your EX must show his evil thinking onto his forehead. My EX looks and acts like an Angel. Must be the influence of his family being nice and kind (just assuming, they could have been evil too). If you met him, you’d think he was the nicest guy you’ve ever met. All a con, getting more bees with honey than vinegar.

BlueJay, I haven’t read Peretti’s book. Was it on the mark? The Bible explains all the spiritual warfare. Life has always been the war between God and His fallen Cherubim Lucifer (aka Satan). Did I spell that correctly? Anyway, Good (God) versus Evil (Lucifer). God destroyed the first earth age because 1/3 of His Angels followed Lucifer (evil). God was not pleased with these Angels. He didn’t create the world and everything in it to follow evil. He wants His children to live in Peace, Harmony, Love. Therefore, He destroyed the first earth age. God then allowed all the souls of the Angels to come back to earth being born of woman. He erased everyone’s memories … to allow them the 2nd chance to either follow Him (good) or follow Lucifer (evil).

Dani S

Wini My ex looked to the lamon, angelic and beautiful too, that is why it was hard to actually finally acknowledge the angel was in fact the devil! Still a hard pill to swallow when there are children involved!
How does my ex play happy families with the new girlfriends children but does not want to see his own child?

bluejay I am interested in your post, what is Frank Peretti’s books about ?

Ox Drover

I read an article about this guy in National Geo a while back, and it is SICK!!! They don’t know how many “wives” this guy has, but he is still the “prophet” of this sick group. They toss most of the young men out of their group so the “worthy men” can have multiple wives, 6 to 60 of them. The prophet is the ONE leader who makes ALL decisions, the article mentioned one that this guy said God came to him and told him to go to the TANNING SALON one day…LOL

Anyway, if some man falls out of favor with this man, he will toss the man out of the group and “re-home” the wives and kids of the man to another WORTHY man as if they were dogs taken away by the SPCA.

This guy has multiple big time charges in Texas though, so he is not going to go free but it still trashes me that the technical points of our law IF SOMEONE HAS UNLIMITED MONEY AND POWER can be exploited so well.


Dani S, the Bible says Lucifer (or Satan) is absolutely, positively gorgeous… he was God’s favorite and God made him the best of the best. (LOL).

You said it … your EX is just playing good daddy to his latest victim’s kids.

My EX doesn’t see his two grown daughters either … but he professes how much he loves them, how much he misses them … professed to me that he paid his child support payments. ALL lies to tell us or anyone who will listen. They are their only child. It’s all about them, them, them.

Dani S

Why did god make evil the favourite?
That sux LOL x


What I love about you is your absolute faith that these demon spaths are going to get it in the end, there’s a place for them…they are spiritually goin down….everytime you say it …I feel safe and secure….I also believe on their death beds when confronted with the ERROR of their ways they will be snivelling wrecks…and God will just press the eject button

Dani S

My ex has 3 beautiful girls to 3 different mum’s he freely admitted that he was not close to them, never paid support and now has not contacted any of them ranging from 3-17 in over 2 years, I know he has done all the girls a favour in the long run but I hate that he does the con like he did with me.
” I am the best dad it is only that the mothers are mental that I cant see the kids” and takes on the the new girlfriend kids for a moment that they are everything he ever wanted. He told me that the 2 mothers before me tried trapping him by getting pregnant and he preyed for a day where he can have a child that he is family with and begged me for a child…grrrr then poof he was gone and no doubt repeating the story to the next one but now he will have 3 women that deliberately got pregnant to trap him. I wish we had the laws here to imprison Dead Beat Dad’s! Australia is pretty backward in so many things!

Ox Drover


We have the laws, but rarely enforce them…getting CS if they don’t want to pay it is VERY difficult and depends on the various areas. Some do make them pay or else, but many do not, just not enough man power to enforce it. Finding them is too difficult and too costly sometimes.

If the X is a P, and will not pay CS but will ALSO stay GONE it is a good trade off in my opinion, the money isn’t worth the hassle of having the person in the child’s life. A P in a child’s life is NEVER a good thing. Money you can get along without, but having a psychopath around your kid is not worthy ANY amount of money in my opinion.

I do believe also that “vengence is mine saith the Lord” and that I don’t have to worry about that vengence, it will happen in due time, on one side of the “river” of life or the other. It isn’t my job to do it or arrange for it. So that is something I can give up worrying about. And personally, I think if I had a choice I’d rather fall in to MY hands than into God’s hands if I were them. Jesus said to not worry about those that can kill just the body, but worry about he who can kill body AND soul! So the worst I could even do to them would be to kill them, but God can go a step further.

Call it Karma or what you will, I do believe that they will be repaid. That they will reap as they have sown.


Dani, It’s that darn FREE WILL … God gave His angels free will too. Lucifer allowed his beauty and perfection to go to his head. He became conceited and vain filled with selfishness (aka PRIDE). He started becoming envious (jealous) of God and resented Him. He then plotted evil to overthrow the Kingdom of God just like Spaths do to us. Jealous/envious of others and plot to overthrow us (aka pull the rug out from under us if we are the lucky ones, kill those that weren’t so lucky).

Peace, Love and Harmony RULES!


but the spaths are going to get it…..


Dani, I’m coming to the conclusion that male Spaths hate women because they hate their mothers of what they perceived she did to them (e.g. bore another child after the Spath was born starting the sin of Envy to blind him … mommy could no longer give 100% attention to him).

Female Spaths hate all males because of what they perceived their father did (e.g. got mommy pregnant with another child starting them on the sin of Envy that blinded them).

Then as they aged, they hated everyone (male and female) just to ensure they could hate.

Dani S

Yer Bullet bring it on x

Oxy I have never chased the payments now over $14,000 and never looked for him to see his daughter. The price of money he owes will never be more than protecting me and his daughter from him.
Karma is going to be a big white elephant that is going to poo on him till he takes his last breath! 🙂


yes Dani S…..the more they steal, the more they cheat, the more they lie….the more POO on them…Amen…So it shall be…and so it is…and was….whatever more!!


BulletProof, I was raised a Christian. I always believed in God. I’ve been reading the Bible since I was around 12 or 13. After I started going through the evil with my bosses, I constantly picked up the Bible to read different passages of what God says they are all about. Then I found Lovefraud … and I try to piece together what the mental health field is learning about anti-social personalities to what Jesus wrote in His scriptures. Even prior to finding LoveFraud I was always interested in psychology. It was my original major. I had a professor who told me that it took her 40 plus years to resolve anything in her field (she lived in CA, worked on getting it mandatory that those working in the court system must read juvenile files prior to them making it into court. After she told me how long it took for her and others to accomplish this … I changed my major. I felt that I didn’t have the patience to wait this long to get what I wanted done.

When you get a chance, read Exodus 25:17-20 which tells us that Lucifer oversaw God’s throne of the MERCY SEAT. I find it ironic that anti-socials that follow Satan’s evil ways show NO MERCY TO THEIR VICTIMS.


Wini…I always believed in Jesus. When I was small I remember being devoted to him in a very innocent child like way…I felt safe, close and comfy when I thought of him…as the years progressed and things got very tough..I would imagine him holding my hand when I couldnt sleep and was crying…I have always felt a bond with him and always will…then I really hated the catholic church because of the hypocrasy and abuse…and forgot about him…now I’m coming back around…there is no need to cut off my connection with him because of the obscene way the catholic church conduct themselves..the P has just re affirmed my connection with Jesus….ha ha I bet he never thought that would happen….


Wini and Dani S,

I’d forgotten that I posted something about Frank Peretti. He is a Christian author who wrote novels (This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness) about spiritual warfare, his books being popular in the 1980’s. After I graduated from college (1988), I somehow was introduced to his writings, being suspenseful, intriguing stories. The books were about a cast of people (God’s players coming together in the stories for a common purpose) being in impossible, difficult situations, using their Christian faith to overcome – in the midst of their troubles, discovering that spiritual forces (Satan’s crew) were working against them (operating their evil through other humans), so they had to apply the Word of God, battling it out, winning in the end.

Ox Drover

I saw a news article about the Author Ann Rice opting out of “Christianity” recently and I looked at it, she was just opting out of the ORGANIZED RELIGION part, not her beliefs….and there are MANY fake “religions” of all kinds who use belief and spiritual beliefs to con others of power, money, etc.

This particular “cult leader” is a perfect example of a carnal man who is pretending to be a conduit to God—can’t get to God much less heaven without his pointing you that direction, without HIS APPROVAL. HE is the only one who speaks directly to God. DUH!~

Odd thing is, I can speak directly to God for myself. I don’t have to have a priest or a pope or a preacher or a pastor or an elder or a prophet or anyone else between me and my God.

The people who are conned by these “false prophets” for their own aggrandizement are victims of psychopaths just like we were, they fall for the “love bomb” and the promise of “undying love” and it is “validated” by the false prophet. They are duped, trauma bonded in the “it is us (the true believers) against them” like the people at Waco, and Jonestown and every other cult, Whether it is “christian” or otherwise.

And unfortunately, just like us when we were “emotionally enslaved” they are not willing to hear that their “love” is abusive, and so they refuse to take warning or see the cult leader for what they are.

Since our country has “freedom of religion” unless the cult leader does something patently ILLEGAL such as the sexual abuse of a child (Tony Alamo) there is nothing that can be done to stop this abuse.

Look at the many “preachers” and “televangelists” that have 10+ million dollar estates while begging for money on television to spread the word or help starving children. I personally will believe them when they sell their estates and give the money to the poor. It is really difficult for me to believe a RICH preacher when Christ himself didn’t have a place to lay his head. I don’t mean I don’t think a minister shouldn’t have a salary and a decent one, just not like like a KING. Even those people sometimes have a “good message” but They’ll never get a dollar of my money.

And all churches aren’t bad, but again, I find that large palaces of “worship” unnecessary when there are hungry children and homeless in the world. I have a problem with ANY group that calls themselves “christian” when they COVER up for ministers that molest children, and the Catholics don’t have a monopoly on child abuse.

I think all of these things are EVIL pretending to be “religion.”

Psychopaths will find ways to disguise themselves –“wolves in sheep’s clothing.” If that is not EVIL, SATANIC or whatever words you want to call it, I do not know what is.


Oxy, good post and good points to make. I agree that there are too many, for my taste, that abuse the Truth that Jesus wrote … for their own monetary, political, and of course power gains. That’s why Jesus specifically tells us to read His letter He sent us. The letter He sent us is the Bible. He explains that we are to have a personal relationship with Him by reading His word and not just relying on hearing it second hand from someone teaching His word. For, if we do, we are to question everything and anything a teacher says to the people speaking about His truth. That is called sharpening ourselves on His word. We are to debate everything that we learn about His wisdom being taught.

With that said, we all agree Spaths are in every fabric of society today.

Peace to those that are chosen children of God’s that know His truth …

And Peace to those that are chosen children of God’s that forgot His truth was meant for them too and are making their way back to Him.



BlueJay, thanks for the lead on the book. I copied your post to my files and will pick up the book in the near future. I’ll get back to with my book report (SMILE).



Dani S, I wished I knew you at the time I was seeing my EX. He was very good at hiding his facial expressions. Either that, or I was too stressed out, exhausted and overwhelmed over what I was enduring with my bosses for 6 years than to pay attention to my EX his facial expressions.

I have to sit on the fence on this issue regarding why I didn’t notice red flags, facial expressions, catching him in lies.

The excuses he used for the foreclosure and other derogatory issues matched completely as he blamed my managers and higher ups … where I worked. If I could write and tell you where I worked and who I worked for, then my horror story would make complete sense to you and everyone. The only thing I can say is I did the best that I could do under the circumstances. If it were he and I without all the work drama, I do believe he would have taken advantage of me … but, never to the point of what he got. He was either a ringer, or in the right place at the right place to destroy me.

My vote is he was a ringer for who I worked for.


Oh, as far as the evolution theory goes … can I ask you this question? Where did it all come from?



I hope that you are able to locate the books, finding them interesting, entertaining. After reading many of your posts, learning about your past situation, I got to thinking that your story had elements that reminded me of a Frank Peretti story (I think I read his first book, but don’t remember if I read the second one, having read them back in the late 80’s). Thus, that is why I asked if you had ever read any of the author’s books, his first two. I won’t post anymore about this author, having said enough.

Frank Lee Speaking

Speaking of spouse abusers with God complexes… You would laugh if this lunatic wasn’t serious which he is.


BlueJay, no, I’ve never read them but I am starting to think along the same thoughts you are. If I find out, I’ll get back to you.


Frank Lee, he really is born into the Windsor family. Like it or not. He really does holds the title “Prince of Wales”. Not an illusion. He’s not some guy sitting in his bedroom making this stuff up to pick up women. LOL.

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