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Cyber stalker ends up in jail

After four weeks of dating Stephen Andreassen of the UK, Rebecca Pattinson ended the relationship. Andreassen didn’t like it, and created up to 35 blogs to disparage her. Pattinson got a restraining order, but he didn’t stop. After several violations, Andreassen was sentenced to 18 weeks in jail.

Read Spurned lover is first person jailed for stalking by blog on

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Ox Drover

It’s about time some of these cyber stalkers are taken to task for the harassment. this guy just would not give up. I hope to see more of this kind of consequence for this kind of offense.


Cyberstalking is often difficult to prove–since one can adopt any identity on the internet–and yet so harmful. I’m glad this stalker was held accountable for it.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander….

Be careful what you post about spaths. I can see this knife cutting both ways…

After all, the content would be the same. And we talked about withch hunts last week…….


It’s good to see this kind of vicious behavior being penalized. The UK is way ahead of the US in dealing with cyber harassment and stalking. In the States it is very difficult to hold even the most blatant cyber stalker accountable because of anonymity, jurisdiction problems, outdated laws, and the judiciary’s lack of interest.

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