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Danish inventor Peter Madsen charged with murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Kim Wall’s body, without her head, arms or legs, washed up on a Danish shoreline.

Kim Wall, a freelance journalist from Sweden who sometimes wrote for the New York Times, wanted to interview Peter Madsen, a Danish inventor known to be eccentric and temperamental. On August 10, they left for a ride on Madsen’s 55-foot submarine. The next day, Wall’s partner reported her to be missing.

Eleven days later, her torso washed up on a Danish shoreline. The head, arms and legs were missing.

Madsen originally said he dropped Wall off in a remote section of Copenhagen’s port. Then he said Wall was in the submarine when a hatch fell on her head and killed her, so he buried her at sea. The court did not believe his stories.

Danish sub inventor describes journalist’s death to a skeptical court, on

The following article describes Madsen’s personality — some of his traits could be those of a sociopath.

Rocket and submarine inventor under scrutiny in disappearance of Swedish journalist, on

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Such a tragedy that this young woman, in the prime of her life and career, had is senselessly taken away by this creep.

This case reminds me of the case of the Bluebelle, a true crime story on which the novel and film “Dead Calm” were based. In the case of the Bluebelle, sociopath Julian Harvey murders his new wife and four members of a family aboard his charter sailboat, which he then intentionally sinks to cover the crime. He thought he got away with it, until it turned out Terry Jo Duperrault, the 11 year old daughter of the family aboard the vessel miraculously survived four days at sea in a tiny dingy not much larger than a beach raft, and told her harrowing tale.

So frightening how many spaths are out their haunting, hunting, or hurting the rest of us. The more I learn about the spath, the more often I identify them in journalistic accounts like the story of Kim Wall and that of the Bluebelle.

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