Dating show contestant in Turkey murdered two previous partners

Turkish dating contestant

The dating show host, left, reacts when contestant Sefer Calinak admits to murder.

If you’ve ever been on a dating website, you might have noticed what most people think to be a ridiculous profile question: “Do you do drugs?” Nobody answers “yes” to that question. An equally ridiculous question (one would think) may need to be added to dating questionnaires:  “Have you  murdered  or raped a previous partner?”

Sound crazy? This question should have been asked of Sefer Calinak, 62, who appeared on Turkey’s Flash TV “Luckof the Draw.” Had a proper background check been performed prior to showtime, the show’s host would not have had to ask the contestant to leave on live TV. Calinak told her he killed his first wife because he was “irritated” by her behavior, and murdered a subsequent partner because he thought she was after his money.

Although Calinak served two prison terms for the crimes, he told the host, “I’m an honest person looking for a new wife.” He assured the stunned audience and host he would not kill his next wife.

Contestant on Turkish dating TV show is asked to leave after revealing he murdered his ex-wife… AND his subsequent lover, from Daily Mail.

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Upfront view of a Murderous sociopath. For however the links are still available… CREEPY and Triggering. The laugh. The entitlement. A murderer, Eddie Haskell, 2014 version.


Yep Stargazer.
A real Prize. But he dressed nice and had $300 sunglasses and a BMW, proof that he was superior! Poor pitiful boy, he only had “ONE problem”. I imagine we could make quite a list on how to resolve his problem. I mean in a nice way.

IF and only IF we took the premise that he was merely lonely and wanted to meet girls… (i.e., pretending the video didn’t show his envy, narcissism, superiority, contempt, rage, lack of empathy, paranoia, and that creepy creepy laugh)

1) join a club
2) join a fraternity
3) volunteer
4) attend sporting events
5) seek therapy guidance from student counseling center

on and on…

HIS complete list:
1. murderous rampage


I have been reading the comments about Elliott Rodgers.
It really bothers me that most people think Elliott’s problem was that he wanted a girlfriend. And very few see his videos for the red flags of a sociopath. They saw him as a spoiled brat, and they don’t see not how he admitted having NO ability to feel a connection to others.

The inability to feel a unique social connection with others is a hallmark of sociopathy.

Even though he wasn’t yelling, I thought the rage was obvious. He was so pissed that a young couple ruined his favorite few of the ocean.

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