Dating website employee sues for injuries sustained while typing up fake profiles

Doriana Silva, a former employee of Ashley Madison — a dating website where married  people cheat sued her former employer for injuries to her wrists she sustained while typing. Silva alleges that she was forced to make up 1,000 fake profiles of sexy Brazilian women to entice men to join and spend money on the site.

 Ashley Madison sued by ex-worker who claims she wrote too many fake female profile, from


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They marry us because it locks us into the relationship, we are a veil of respectability, we take care of their domestic needs, we’re a quick roll in the hay that doesn’t take a lot of effort, and we give them the beautiful children they treat as pawns and property.

Onmyown, you stated it correctly. We are just a convenience for them. I know the new victim will end up with the same faith. She cannot be in her 20’s forever. And yes children are just pawns and property and good for the “family image”. I still feel like an idiot sometimes knowing that I prepared his lunch for work. Instead he took it to her place and told me he was at work. It’s amazing how this “fog” I lived in slowly cleared up after his departure and I can see clear again. It was all an illusion the entire “family.” I have my son, that is the most important part. I know he will be nothing like his “father”.

We all seem to go through this period of beating up on ourselves. You’ll have to work through that. Just keep reminding yourself that you didn’t do anything wrong! It’s not idiotic to be a good and caring wife who makes her husband lunch. It’s idiotic of him to take that care and trample it to dust.

And yes, this woman is going to be on the receiving end of all the horrors he heaped on you. Please don’t let it get you down that she’s younger than you are. These older spaths choose 20-something women because they don’t have any life experience and they’re easier to manipulate. The spath might be on the receiving end of some male admiration for bagging a young chick, but he doesn’t really care if she’s young and perky. She’s just a suitable mark.

After all is said and done, we almost always end up with the kids. It keeps us going, keeps us grounded, keeps us sane in the middle of absolute insanity. It’s a good thing.

Thank you for your kind words. I am in the process of working through it. It has been about 9 months no. I also know that it had nothing to do with me at all. I have made a lot of progress from begging him to come back to not having cried in 6 months. No contact was my only way to get better. He lost control over me since I changed my phone no and email about 6 months ago. Now he cannot get a reaction out of me anymore. Thanks again for letting me know that I am not the only one who got targeted by a sociopath.

Congratulations on your 9 months of freedom. You definitely aren’t the only one who has been targeted.

I’m happy to share the condensed version of my story. I firmly believe we need to share with others so that we can make sense of it all, and eventually move forward.

I’m the daughter of a narcissistic mother and a neglectful, abusive mother. I never knew what normal was, and I was conditioned from birth to accept bad behavior in the people around me. I married a narcissistic man the first time, and a raging alcoholic the second time. I stayed single for 10 years after my second divorce.

Then I came into a sociopath’s line of sight. He was 6 years younger than I am. He lovebombed me with admiration of my intelligence and the fact I wasn’t a young bubble-head who spent my time doing meaningless things. It wasn’t long before I got sucked into helping him with a construction business for very little (often none at all) compensation. If I let him, he took every waking moment of my time and other areas of my life suffered. He soon began a campaign to destroy my relationships with my children by devaluing them mercilessly. He tried to separate me from my friends and family. He began making jokes about my age so that I would feel bad about myself. He demanded absolute loyalty and fidelity and claimed that I was his one and only. It would take hours and many pages to describe all the psychological and sexual torture.

Eventually the business started failing because he was too bored and stupid to keep it going. He left jobs unfinished and he was rude and condescending to his customers. A few people he outright ripped off, though I didn’t know it at the time. He had always kept me separated from most everyone he knew, so I was very much in the dark. I finally sought out and started questioning his friends and acquaintances, and that’s when his house of cards started falling apart.

I discovered a long line of women he used for sex and then discarded. Some of these women were people I KNEW, and they were almost all in relationships with other men. I discovered that he engaged in binge drinking and had wild parties at his house when I wasn’t there (we didn’t live together). I discovered that he and a few other people were dealing drugs, mostly marijuana. I discovered that he told most of the people he knew that I was simply his bookkeeper and that we were just friends, not lovers. I discovered that his “business” was unlicensed and that he paid his employees in cash, and that he hadn’t and didn’t intend to pay any taxes.

I confronted him and he hurt me. My mother took me to the hospital to get stitches, and she convinced me to lie about what had happened because it was “my fault” for confronting him. It took me weeks to heal and I didn’t hear from him again until week 10, when he tried to re-engage the relationship. He almost had me convinced that I should forgive him until he blamed me for the incident. Then I found out from other people he was already grooming a 22 year old girl as my replacement, and that he had engaged in sexual liaisons with at least two women while I was sitting at home with huge black eye and stitches in my face, crying myself to sleep every night. That was the end.

He had a baby with the young woman last year, his first child at a rather advanced age. I imagine he’s desperately unhappy with his situation (LOL!) because he made it clear that he did not ever want children. From what I’ve heard, he’s gained about 50 pounds and has all sorts of health problems now. I haven’t seen or heard from him since 2011, and for that I’m very grateful.

I went to therapy to break the destructive cycle and work on myself. I hit the “reset” button on my entire life and moved just far enough away from all these unhealthy people that they don’t contact me anymore. It hasn’t been easy but life is so much better. I have peace, finally.

Wow, not only do I mirror with Kaya but with you as well. I too had a whacked family with my Mom a narcissist. My first husband was a narcissist and an alcoholic and lets not forget a womanizer, in fact, I would say he was a closer sp. I was marries ten years later to a child man who was just a momma’s boy and plain old nuts. I chased after a musician friend who was a narcissist and dodged that bullet…dated around…. After 7 years, the sp came into my life. All hell broke loose and he had me so messed up as you all well know the same story.(Look at my comments back in the beginning of this blog about his sex addiction….Stay sane and
See the light, the future is bright..

Oh yeah, I can relate to the momma’s boy. My second husband has a really twisted relationship with his mother. I should have heeded the red flags on our wedding day – he insisted we got to the mayor to be married in secret because he was afraid of her disapproval. Oh boy, did she disapprove. Her first words to me after we were married were “don’t take my baby away from me”. Needless to say, it was a marriage of short duration because she interfered constantly and he did nothing to stop it. She was his cover, his enabler, and he still hides under her shadow today. He got married again and lives in his mother’s *basement* with a new wife and a baby!

I read your earlier comment. It sounds like my life. My husband sent me a photo too while I was at work. I told him the same thing “send it to your whores”. Why are they so obsessed with sex, pornography, cheating websites and posting nude pictures of themselves. I knew he was am extreme narcissist but I never realized this sex addiction. To be honest, I laugh about it now at times. I still feel sorry for my 19 year old son that his “father” is such a loser and that he experienced seeing his father acting like this. That’s my biggest regret. That I did not take him away from this situation. But I wanted to be the best wife and mother I could be. I should have ended it a long time ago. I am seeing the light now. You are right; the future is bright 🙂

We sure are connected…..he also has an 20 year old and an 8 year old both different mothers and the 8 year old’s mother and he divorced. He paints the picture of him being a loving faithful husband and her just a whore. He always would talk about how she cheated on him and how he hates her. She always looked sad around him and she tried to be kind after the break up for the sake of the child. Now, he has passed disrespect along to the boy. Glad you are out of the nightmare and it is so much better for your son to be away. Yes, it is sorry for your son but you are teaching him respect and you are the best mother! And you were the best wife. Nothing can change your ex husband. Don’t look back and regret….we do the best we can with what we have to work with at the time….And his affair with this co worker will end and not too pretty….

Yes, our future is bright and I like to listen to a song,”I can see clearly now the rain is gone”….youtube and listen…the words are for us and note the verse: “I can see all obstacles in my way….” ….We still have those obstacles from the aftermath of our experiences but it’s a bright day, no more pain and we can hurdle all the problems now….”It’s goin to be a bright bright sunshiny day!!!!”

Thanks. I do like this song. Also there is the song “in oceans deep, my feet may fail, but my faith will stand, keep my head above the waves” by hillsong united .
I am pretty sure his affair with the co worker will end, she is half his age. I would think he looks like a complete failure as a husband and father to his bosses and co workers. I think their relationship is official there now. Not that I care but it just baffles me sometimes. Thanks for saying I was the best mother. Yes I was and always will be the best mother. I am very close to my son and there will be many life events that my soon to be ex will not be a part of, college graduation, marriages, grandchildren and so on. But he should know about this because he stopped talking to his father 20 years ago. That was when he left his mother for a young co worker. What a repeat of evil behavior. Unbelievable. The best part is that I don’t cry anymore, I don’t have to be lied to and I don’t have to worry if he is cheating. I truly enjoy this new life. And with time it will be even better.

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