Dead soldier’s photos on dating site

The headline on a dating website profile was “Military man searching for love.” The photo showed U.S. Army Lt. Peter Burks. The problem—Burks was killed in Iraq in 2007, and now his parents are suing and

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Here’s the ultimate irony: claims to conduct criminal and marital background checks on all of its members. Apparently, the checks aren’t very thorough.

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Its been said before, context is the best frame of reference. A person who has good relationships with old friends and their families is much less likely to be a sociopath, but, only a combination of observations and time will tell.

Costa Rica sounds like a good place to slow down and take that time.

I think the Ananda community has places around the world and that you can travel to them as a member of the larger community. I knew someone who spent a lot of time in Italy that way.

It worked out pretty well.

There aren’t so many rules that protect any of us better than good manners and time. I have long since given up the notion of being smarter than someone who believes they are much smarter than me.

Its just very hard to tell. Especially if the brain chemistry of bonding is working against you. That’s the hook that makes it work for them. Complicated to figure it all out.

Simple living at a slower pace seems to be a great idea.

“All events are linked together in the best of possible worlds; for, after all, if you had not been driven from a fine castle by being kicked in the backside for love of Miss Cunégonde, if you hadn’t been sent before the Inquisition, if you hadn’t traveled across America on foot, if you hadn’t given a good sword thrust to the baron, if you hadn’t lost all your sheep from the good land of Eldorado, you wouldn’t be sitting here eating candied citron and pistachios.
—That is very well put, said Candide, but we must go and work our garden.”



Living a quiet and slow paced life can be done where ever you are I think, (My enter key has quit working so I will have to use a series of dots to make paragraphs)……….I think it is a way of thinking as much as anything else, but if you want OTHERS to have that same way of thinking, then you must associate with the people who think like that. It may not be easy to find those people around you though, but when you find one, you should keep their company……I can’t think of too many places, but maybe if you were to associate with Amish people, say or with Buddhist people…..part of the problem I see in moving to another country is having a job that will provide enough SECURE income……Many countries, not sure if CR is one of them, actually SEEK retirees with a monthly income (like Social Security or whatever) to settle there, or people with X amount of money to invest in the country, read deposit in their banks. Many times in the central American areas the amount of money per month or deposit is not all that much……Some of my friends used to spend half the year in an ex pat community in Mexico, but with the kidnappings and such most of the people I know no longer go to Mexico at all any more and I would not. I used to live in San Diego/ElCentro areas and went to Mexico weekly to shop for everything except fresh fruits and veggies which we couldn’t bring back across the border…….I loved the culture and the people, but the way things are now, absolutely NOT, I think the area has changed too much. One of my friends sons is in the military and is stationed across the border from Juarez and he said he felt safer in Iraq and Afganastan where he served in both places. Apparently the US gov is going to have a military presence permanently across the border (on our side) from those areas as they built pretty permanent and nice barracks for the troops there. …….Living out in the country doesn’t make the pace of life any “slower” if you don’t make it slower yourself. Also, I think the mental part of a “slow” versus a “fast paced” life is as much a part of it as the physical fastness. It’s just how you THINK about and FEEL about the “pace” of your life. Even out here I have gotten myself involved in so many various things that I didn’t have time to spend with friends. When I realized that, then I cut down on the number of time consuming things and slowed it down. Also, The NUMBER of “friends” can become too much, and you end up spending too much time with people that are really not all that close and you don’t have time for those that you really care about, so I actually made a concentrated effort to pare down the number of people on my “friend” list….to just spend more QUALITY time with those people I cared about the MOST and less time with people that I really didn’t care that much about. Not bad people,, just ones I didn’t really enjoy that much. …………………………………………………..Ohhhhh, I can make paragraphs like this….anyway the point is that how I think about the pace of MY life and who I choose to spend time with I think determines what I FEEL about it.


While I am not quite as extreme regarding your position on internet dating, I do agree it is perfect “hunting grounds” for sociopaths and other toxic individuals and anyone using the internet to date should proceed very cautiously. Do a “background” check — a simple Googling of a profile name can turn up important bits of information about a person and sociopaths are often not good at coving their tracks. This was certainly the case with my x-spath…

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