Deadly blast proves, once again, that courts don’t understand sociopaths

Judges and Child Protective Services providers, listen up!! Pay attention to the case of Josh Powell, his missing wife, Susan, and their two boys. They’re all dead now.

Susan disappeared in 2009, and Josh was a “person of interest.” Josh and the boys moved in with his father, Steve. Last year Steve gets arrested for child pornography, so the judge gives temporary custody of the boys to their mother’s parents. But he also gives Josh supervised visitation.

So yesterday, when the boys arrived with a social worker for their regular Sunday visitation, Powell let them in, slammed the door shut in the face of the social worker, and blew up the house.

Judges and child protective services workers, know this: If you believe that one parent had something to do with the injury, disappearance or death of the other parent, you must be concerned about the safety of the children.

Most people who commit domestic violence are sociopaths, or have sociopathic traits. Sociopaths care about no one except themselves. It is not possible for a sociopath to kill his wife and love his children.


Susan Powell’s slain sons were ‘beginning to verbalize,’ lawyer says, on

State to examine terms of Josh Powell’s visitation, on

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Sociopaths suck,

Keep us posted! Good luck!

well the assessment was a complete let down. They don’t care about his criminal record at all. They don’t care about the recent thefts and disgusting lies he’s been telling. They say his past is his past and lying isn’t a crime!! seriously! She said that I shouldn’t worry about his recent issues and that I should concentrate on his mental problems….and get a drug test. So I requested one and will have the judge speak to it on Thursday. I’m sure it’ll come back hot. as for his mental records, the judge told me the people doing the assessment would take care of it. They tell me they don’t have the authority…of course! so back to square one there. the only way for me to find out if he’s ever been diagnosed is if he gives me the name of a doc who did it…and he would never do that.

so basically, here I am struggling my arse off trying to protect my toddler and they’re gonna hand him over to him, I just know it! and there’s nothing I can do about it. So I’ll wait and hope the drug test is enough to plant doubt in the judge’s mind. If not, I will go along with the visitation and act like I’m ok with it and that I just had to make sure my ex was staying on the straight and narrow. I’ll ask him to take him on weekends so I can have more ‘alone’ time with my bf. I’ll begin potty-training him and then send him to his dad and tell him he has to do it too. If he believes that I WANT him to see my baby, then he will lose interest fast because the last thing he wants to do is make life easier and better for me. I can’t let this consume me. If the courts won’t listen or back me, I have to change my strategy.

Hi. Curious if SociopathSuck is still around. We have alot in common, and alot to talk about. Any info would be greatly appreciated. And if you’re here, I’d line to hear from you.
Hope all is well.

Well, here’s a new development, Josh Powell’s brother tried to collect 1.5 million dollars for the deaths of his brother and nephews murdered by hiis brother and when he was refused the money, he jumped to his death.

You know it seems that this insanity and anger seems to be a family issue.

My spath X! husband was part of a nest. Am NOT surprised that Josh was the only son infected by his father. I suspect sister is one of the NEST too.


Wow, I had not heard this!! OMG…tragic. What a family. Sad even though it is evil. WOW!!!

Yes, I remember when they interviewed the sister on one of the documentaries I watched and you could tell she was not all there.

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