Dean makes students cook and clean for scholarships

Federal prosecutors allege that Cecilia Chang, former vice president and dean at St. John’s University in New York, demanded that students do chores for her. She allegedly threatened to take away their scholarships if they didn’t.

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Ox Drover

You had that teacher too?

Well, I wasn’t in nursing school. I was just taking classes at the community college while I was with my air force husband in Oklahoma. Middle of no-where Oklahoma and this was back in the mid-1980’s.

The tiny college did not offer much, so I took what I could get.

The teacher who taught the courses in my field, had the smug idea, that she shouldn’t have to teach. She said our job will throw us in to swim. So we may as well get a dose of sink or swim in her classes.

That teacher was mean!

She announced that the class would be self-paced. Then she showed up 10 minutes late for class — every time. She then wanted to put her things down and run to the teachers lounge for coffee. By now it was 20 minutes into the 50-minute class period.

She yelled at us for leaving at ten minutes before the hour. (which was the time frame for each class) She shouted “SIT DOWN!!!” She said she will decide when we leave.

So, here she shows up late for class, and then expects us to stay late so we are late for our next class.

She got angry with students when they lined up at her desk with their questions. (cause it’s self paced — the questions are asked constantly) She was mad cause we were bothering her while she was busy grading papers from her other classes.

She also caused me to lose my computer time.

I made the mistake of asking for additional computer time by attending the night class in addition to my day class. She screwed it up. She bumped me to the night class. (I was no longer in the day class) Well, the night class already had the computer time booked full.

Here I was seeking more computer time for more experience and I was bumped to NO COMPUTER TIME at ALL! I was now in the night class! No longer the day class. I was a guest in my daytime class.

I asked the teacher if I could come in on the off days. (see day class was Mon-Wed-Fri. Could I come in on Tues-Thur for my computer time. Teacher said this is fine.

I showed up on Tuesday. She wasn’t in classroom. I waited and waited. (I needed her to login on computer). After I waited for 35 minutes I began looking for her.

She wasn’t in the office, she wasn’t in the teachers lounge, she wasn’t in the bathroom, I checked the class room again and waited, and waited. The office had no idea where she was. This went on for two hours.

I finally gave up and went home.

Next day at class she announced to the class that I stood her up.

I couldn’t understand how this incompetent teacher still had a job.

I found out the answer from another teacher. My other teacher was gabby and told us that she was fresh out of college and couldn’t find a teaching position so she ended up at this college cause the college had a hard time finding people who are willing to work for nothing.

I was too far along to give up, but I had high grades to transfer to the bigger university medical school for a higher degree (Advanced Nurse Pactitiioner) and so that was what I did. and don’t regret it at all gave me more places to work, higher salary and more professional responsibility.l I also got to do some good in the rurual clinics that had no medical care in the area—and I did house calls and family care. The people appreciated it and I loved it

We learn most of our medical practice when we go out into the field, and I did a year with a wonderful young man in family practice. (like a doctor does an internship) Got to see lots of things as the office was very busy….worked with great docs for the most part in the clinics, though.

I’ve loved every job I’ve ever done—I always learn something
from each one

Well beddy byt IU hear my master barking at the door. see you tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I guess I wrote that I gave up.

Yea, I think every school has at least one of those people as a teacher….some schools more than one. The new school I transferred to had a couple of bad ones, but none as malicious as the first one I bumped into. Gosh that woman was evil, and I think she ENJOYED making students suffer…especially men, and we didn’t have a great many males in the class (nursing) so she seemed to single them out.

She drove more than one student to “insanity” and to leaving the program who was unfairly targeted. Eventually the students in a class or two behind me “ganged up on” her and went to the dean with proof she was unfairly targeting males, but she didn’t get fired and I think she was there for many years after that.

I knew if I didn’t change schools though there was NO way with someone with my “mouth” I could have kissed her arse long enough to have gotten through the class without getting on her bad side. The one semester I had her I kissed up to her and she LOVED IT, but I knew enough even then to know sooner or later she would “turn on me like a pet raccoon” and eat me for lunch!

I think the teacher in this story must have been a twin sister to the teacher I had (and fortunately escaped from!) But in the end, it turned out to be a benefit as I went on to a better school and a better program, so I think she did me a favor!

I think sometimes instead of PTS D we get PTS G—post traumatic stress GROWTH!

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