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Delaware pediatrician gets life for molesting children

Well, at least this one is going to jail permanently—14 life terms, plus 164 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Well, we can HOPE AT LEAST. It seems that the system paroles some pretty awful folks that you would think would never get out even when they have “life” sentences.

We had a local doctor here in our small berg who was arrested for raping a 7 year old a couple of weeks ago. He has not come to trail yet, but the hospital did say that his contract to work in the Emergency department would not be continued. LOL

This margin of people I cannot feel bad for at all. I have zero tolerance. I don’t know what it is about my emotional/psychological make-up, but whenever I hear anything about a child being hurt like that, I just go completely blank and all slivers of mercy evaporate in an instant. It actually feels like this extremely deep-rooted maternal instinct to protect children from predators, which could make me pick up a bus and throw it at a child molester’s head. This kind of stuff just makes me livid to the point of frozen stiff. I freeze because I become acutely aware in that moment that, without knowledge of the consequences that solidify my self-restraint, I’d single-handedly rid the world of them. It’s almost like my spath button.

I think life in prison is too merciful, but I understand that we must have humanity…..well, I sorta understand…..the other side of me thinks life in prison is unfair to that child who will now have a longer life in a worse hell than any prison.

You know, I have been thinking….about the ex-preacher that I went to his hearing in court yesterday

There was NO one there in the court room to speak for the potential victims of this man, or for any past victims that may have been harmed. No one standing up and saying to the judge and the DA “put this man in prison”—-but I am going to call the DA’s office and talk to him about this man—and I am going to send a letter to the editor of the local newspaper up there as well. This man should spend at least a few months in prison or jail. I’m not going to just watch, I am going to take an PRO-ACTIVE STANCE.

Oxy, I admire your stance and you are of course right, there maybe countless victims suffering in silence afraid to tell anyone, due to this piece of evil.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, someone to make a stand, it can make a change or at least make a start. How is that these ‘men’ (and sometimes women) can even think of sex with a child ..a baby… I just don’t get it, never will, its just so sick. Those poor children and god knows what the parents are going through, countless lives ruined.

Good luck and keep us posted.


i think death would be more appropriate.

Okay, I called a retired attorney friend of mine that lives in the COUNTY where he lives. The local paper up there (a weekly) had not picked up the story about “local minister/state employee arrested in porno sting” but she will have the story from the other newspaper presented to her (the editor) by my lawyer friend tomorrow. Hee hee

And we have talked about how to proceed and maybe get the DA to give him a few months in jail at least and make him REGISTER as a sex offender as well….this is a very small county and the DA should be subject to some pressure from the local press (he is an elected official after all) so I’m getting things going from a citizen’s perspective of notifying the local folks that there is a predator among us. He’s gonna have a very hard time finding a job too…I hope he knows how to cook meth or moonshine because those are about all the local jobs he has available now. Since his county of residence is not too far away either, And is also a small county, I can also make personal trips up to the probation officer on a regular basis too, and my attorney friend is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster kids up there and knows everyone in probation supervision etc…so he is gonna have a hard time for sure if we have anything to do with it. One Joy, death might be a better alternative for him than me and my buddy Barb on his tail.

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