Denied a restraining order, now dead

Kevin Conover shot his wife outside her divorce attorney’s office in Petaluma, California. Then he shot himself.

Read Slain Petaluma wife was denied restraining order, on SFGate.com.

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Regarding triangulating: Last night, I talked to a Belgian acuaintance of mine who’s been one of my spath’s exes a couple of years before me. Somewhere along the convo she suddenly mentioned how he had approached her several weeks ago, asking her to ask me to get rid of it, but she also said she hadn’t wanted to do that… thinking “He’s a grown man, he can ask himself.”

A part of his email becomes clear now. It looks like he told everyone he could what I had done and asked them to ask me to delete it. He even seems to think they’ve all asked me. But, except for his sister and his gf, nobody asked me to delete it, let alone initiated a convo with them. Of course he twisted it into a version where the “girls” were asking him about it first, while he pointed it out to him.

Better even for me… They never asked me anything, instead it spread like wildfire and even expat Nicas all over the world responded with “he got what he deserved” for the way he treated me.

It turns out that his attempt at triangulating and wanting to tell them that I’m not as “nice a woman as everyone claimed” just backfired on him.

Darwinsmom, TOO COOL!!! Hahaha. You are right. Also, the “at your age” part can be pretty effective. My son (I’m watching him closely because of the genes) sometimes tries to put me down because I’m old, and I just smile slyly, look him in the eye and say, “yes I am…” (so far, this approach works)

When I think of teachers, I like to think of the examples in Harry Potter (as they are portrayed in the movies, especially). There are lots of great interactions between the teachers and the students where you can see one-up-manship (and COOL-NESS) in action.

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