Dirty politician got off easy, feds try for longer sentence

Former Pennsylvania state senator Vincent J. Fumo is a classic sociopath. He brazenly flaunted the rules, used government employees as personal servants and ripped off charities. In March, 2009, he was found guilty of 137 counts of conspiracy, fraud, tax offenses and obstruction of justice.

Fumo could have gone to jail for 21 to 27 years. The judge sentenced him to four years and seven months.

Many were outraged, including Lovefraud. Yesterday, federal prosecutors appealed the ridiculously light sentence.

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Julianna, it will take time to heal. You are in Post Traumatic Stress (formerly known as Shell Shock) due to all the abuse he forced on you over the years.

Right now, take deep breaths and try to calm down. Your Ex, unfortunately will be there another day to chip away at your self esteem. Know this. He will never change. What you see is what he is. Nothing, but a sniffling, conniving, control freak who has no redeeming qualities.

Your children will be there too. Working on establishing a new connection with your children, your mom will take time so just know this fact too. Take it one day at a time. Minute by minute is the time you need to rid yourself of all the stress he heaped upon your shoulders. It’s not a quick fix. It won’t happen overnight. Know this truth and just go with the flow of every minute living. You will waffle during this time for the next few years. Crying, laughing, feeling strong, feeling powerless, hating yourself for not knowing or seeing what his true motives were. It’s not your fault. None of us knew until it was too late and their damage was done. Complete. Tied us up in a nice little knot … and dumped us on the roadsides of life. Then we found this site. Donna created this site for she and us to heal. You are safe with us. We’ve all walked the same walk you are walking. Step by step, you will be able to put your life back together. We will ALL help you rid your life of the nightmare he created.

Read everything you can on this site. As you read, you will realize you are NOT the only one that was on a crazy roller coaster ride through life with a non feeling, insensitive, egotistical control freak of a driver who’s only motive was to use and abuse, take what he could get, toss you aside so he could find the newest victim to start his craziness all over again.

Peace to your heart and soul sweetheart as you stay with us during your journey of healing yourself from a monster.

Blog with us any time of the day or night … if anyone is on line at the time you write, they will gladly write you back.


My heart goes out to you, not deserving any of the crap that your ex-spath threw your way. These sharks know how to ravage us. All the advice that others have posted is helpful. I am married (but separated) to a spath – what I have experienced just about killed me emotionally. Somehow, I had the grit to persevere (as you do too), although I am not out of the woods yet. These vile people are unbelievable, truly wicked (not caring one iota about all the harm that they inflict on us). To me, karma takes too long, wanting them to get some form of revenge. Your ex-spath definitely doesn’t DESERVE you – he’s out to destroy people. I have been ashamed and embarrassed by all the crap that my h-spath has brewed up over the years, being able to relate to how we cannot look up to or admire these folks (which is disappointing) – they’re always up to no good, mischevious. May the FORCE (God) be with you, definitely supplying you with the support that you need at this time in your life. Your story has really made me mad – he is an EVIL person, the only one who is crazy is him. You’re a giver and he is a taker (of the worst kind). Like you, I’m still dealing with the h-spath (we have three kids) and it takes time to figure out how to proceed, getting on down the road. I applaud you about leaving your ex-spath, doing what you needed to do in order to survive. There are other posters who have left their husbands, the kids being left in that parent’s care, being able to advise you better. You are not an awful person or a bad parent, know this (I think you already do), just beaten down by a very bad man. Finally, you have not lost your dignity, still having it in abundance.

I disagree with my “comrades” here. now is the time to act. Sure, take some time to get yourself stronger, believe that you can win. The awful thing called PAS (parental Alienation) is what is going to work for you. Have your story read by one of the Free Attorneys (each state and each city has one) and have them file for Custody hearing. You are entitled to at least half time with your kids, and the longer you wait the more you are missing out. He is alienating the kids. Have all the evidence – phone calls, his refusals, dates and times documented. Have witnesses – whoever you can find and show that you are a responsible adult able to care for your children. Go for it. Your kids need you even if they do not realize it just yet. And – try to get your family on your side. If you have to, try to get them to talk to his family (but with caution). You may be able to get your kids for joint custody now and if you do nothing, nothing will come of it. Oh, and also, – get a child advocate. They are free or come with a sliding fee. The man should not be talking to you. He should be communicating with you through legal aid.
I read your post in full. I cried with you. And I rejoice that you are here to tell your story. It needs a good ending though

Getting It. I’m glad you graduated and are no logger engulfed with the horror, denial, devastation of being beaten down, taken of everything you had, low self esteem, obsessed, constant thoughts flooding in your mind, going without sleep and when you are awake, wished you could get sleep and the multitude of problems jumbling in our newbies that arrive on this site.

It’s good that you shared your expertise in what Julianna can do regarding free legal support and the rest of her case in court.

But, can you remember to take baby steps with the new folks that fought and clawed their way to this site. Remember what PTSD is all about and how long it took you to bounce back.

I’m glad that you have knowledge to provide Julianna. Great post that you wrote her …other than slowing it down a bit so she can absorb your help.


That’s always what happens when you are high in the chain. You end up getting lighter sentences than what’s deserve.
My family asked me if when I go to college, am I going to keep in contact with my dad? I answered the fact that I don’t know yet because I feel that minimal contact will help me heal from all the trauma that happened with him. My family feels that I owe him by staying full contact with him. My younger sister says that since my dad is a “womanizer” he’s very protective of his daughters(us) but I feel that he feels that he’s losing power and possesion. I find it odd that everytime I’m on a date or with a particular guy he constantly calls me. Then he gets very angry and downright rude to the guy. But maybe its just me but there’s a fine line between protective and controlling. I also feel that it would be better to strictly talk to my dad about school and visit him once in awhile. I feel very bad for his girlfriends( yes, there’s about 5) because he calls them his “friends”. They get all emotional and he doesn’t care.

PTSD: I am still in the grips. Flashbacks, fears, longing, loving, attempting to make sense of that which will never make sense to a human. Thank you, Wini, for reminding me about the baby steps: you are right. It’s just that each day my child is away, I suffer and each day I get him back I start the process of recovery. The ordeal repeats itself every two weeks. So, I know how terrible I feel with each hour my child is in the grip of the P. PTSD or not, not one shrink in the universe can make me feel safe for me or my kid during those days. I think that sometimes when we are given the weapons to stand up for our rights, is when the healing begins. At the end, fear is a huge motivating factor for change. And – it can be used for improvement. At the end – anger is not all bad. If directed properly, it is anger that helps many get back on their feet Despite it all.

Dear Hurtnomore,

YOu do not OWE anyone ANYTHING. If being around your dad is comfortable and uplifting to you and you are okay with it, but NO ONE has a RIGHT to your company.

You can stand up and say to him (once you are no longer living under his roof or control and are independent of him)
“Dad. You are my father, and I would like to be friends with you at this stage in our lives, but I don’t like being criticised or spoken to in a disrespectful way by anyone that I consider a friend. Friends do not treat each other poorly. I’m telling you this because I would like a relationship with you, but I will not have one if you insist on talking to me in a disrespectful and hateful way.”

Tell your relatives that insist that you OEW him contact, that “I don’t believe I owe anyone who treats me disrespectfully and hatefully contact. People who genuinely care for me will treat me with respect and kindness. People who treat me disrespectfully and unkindly are not people I want to be around.”

There is NO law or “should” that you owe anyone, even a parent the right to abuse and humiliate you.

That’s exactly how I feel that I’m not required to keep in contact with him.


My whole life other people have told me how I “should” behave toward others in my family who hurt me….and it was difficult for me to go against their advice and insistence that I “do what they said”—but in some cases, they were right , in other cases they were VERY WRONG.

Part of being an adult is making our own decisions based on what we think is the right and good thing to do.

It is possible to have a disagreement with a friend or a loved one and it not end the friendship or relationship, but when one person acts mean, hateful and demeaning and devalues another that relationship is not based on caring and love. It is my belief that someone who demeans and devalues and debases another does not have my best interest at heart. There may be many reasons why they act this way, but I cannot fix them, teach them, all I can do is to say “I WILL NOT be treated with contempt and hateful words. If you want to be my friend, then you must treat me kindly.” It does NOT matter WHO that person is, or how they are related to me.

That’s a difficult stand to take when other family members do not believe you, don’t believe you have a right, etc. but I have learned finally to not feel guilty about taking a stand for myself. It is part of growing up.


I have been thinking about you, hoping that you are doing better. Please try and take good care of yourself. You have been through hell, no doubt about it. I use to live day-to-day, telling a relative that if I made it to the end of a day, that was a good thing, being so worn down, devastated by the onslaught of experiences (spread out over time). Honey, you will make it through. Be good to yourself. Your ex-spath has no Conscience, being unspeakably cruel. It will take time to heal from your ties with him – you can recover, heal, become a stronger, better person despite all of the hullabaloo that this MONSTER inflicted on you.

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