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Discerning the real from the unreal

Earlier in the year, while planning my blog tour for my book, Love Fraud, I became acquainted with a website called Silver and Grace, written by Eliza Fayle. She believes all women over 40 are fun, intelligent, sexy and real, and guides women as they shine light on all four of these qualities.

Eliza liked Love Fraud, and recommends it to her readers. She likes what, and the Lovefraud Blog, are all about. So she also invited me to contribute to her free ebook, Women Who Make a Difference.

Each week, she is featuring one of the women who contributed to the book, and this week is my turn. Eliza asked me to write an essay on one of the four qualities that she sees in women. I chose to write about “real.” I invite you to visit Silver and Grace.

Discerning the real from the unreal, by Donna Andersen

Women who make a difference Donna Andersen, by Eliza Fayle

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