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Discussing Love Fraud at book clubs

Two friends of mine invited me to discuss Love Fraud with their book clubs. Both conversations were interesting and thoughful, and I really enjoyed them.

All of the club members had read Love Fraud before my visit, and were ready with questions for me. They wanted to know more about how James Montgomery convinced me to marry him. They asked about my pets. They asked about sociopaths in general—and as I explained the disorder, many readers realized that they knew someone who seemed to have the traits.

To my surprise, most of the questions from both groups were about the spiritual aspects of my book. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that. My spiritual journey doesn’t match what is taught by the dominant organized religions of the West. It doesn’t totally follow mainstream New Age ideas either, if there is such a thing. But it is my journey, and that’s actually one of the points of the book—we are all on individual journeys of learning and healing. The experience for me was very profound, and I was happy to explain it further.

I would love to speak to more book clubs. If the logistics work out, I’d be happy to visit in person. If the distance is too great, I can visit via Skype. To arrange an author chat for your book club, please send an e-mail to Terry Kelly at [email protected].

Love Fraud is listed on Reading Group Guides, a website for book clubs, where you can find a description of the book and sample discussion questions.

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