Disturbing stories of women and predators

Several Lovefraud readers have forwarded media accounts of women involved with allegedly predatory men. One woman is dead, one is missing and four more have lost a lot of money.

A 91-year-old German-born socialite, Viola Drath, was found dead of strangulation and blunt-force trauma in her Washington, D.C. home. Her husband, Albrecht Muth, who is almost half her age, has been charged.

Read Slain German socialite’s husband held without bail on News.Ca.MSN.com.

Viola Drath’s death shrouded in bizarre mystery, story and video on HuffingtonPost.com.

In a case reminiscent of Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner, 35, of Maryland, has disappeared in Aruba. Her travel companion has been detained. He has a history of domestic violence.

Read Roommate of woman missing in Aruba speaks out on CBSNews.com.

Albert Lovering Jr. of Waltham, Massachusetts, was charged with 23 counts of larceny for taking thousands of dollars from four women whom he met online.

DA: Waltham man conned women out of money, on BostonHerald.com.

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You cant say a sociopath doesnt realize they just deny. Thats invalid also. SOCIOPATHY AS A CONCEPT, WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY TO GIVE IT ITS JUSTICE BECAUSE THE DEFINTIONS MAKE YOU SAY THINGS LIKE THAT. AND yes we all know and associate the word, but its way deeper than that HONESTLY.

Although it is true that no two people are the same, including sociopaths, there is a distinct pattern of behaviors that are unique to their ilk and can be specifically predictable. YOU SAID THIS, now is this consistant with a definition or a concept.

Going over some earlier posts on this thread, I found this quote written by SAFEGUARD:

“Once when I was divorcing, I saw a therapist for a bit, to help with the adjustment. After the obligatory “family history”part of the first session. He said, “I am blown away that you just related all that, and I believe your telling me the truth, but you related it as if you were telling a story about someone else. Totally unemotionally.”

Interestingly enough I had a therapist tell me almost word for word this same phrase…..when I went to her after my first husband had left my two young kids and me literally homeless and broke in the “divorce from hell.”

In so many ways, I didn’t emotionally react to HORRIFIC EVENTS. It was a total disconnect. This is also the same therapist who told me I had the “THICKEST pair of rose colored glasses she ever saw.” LOL Talk about DENIAL!!!!! I think if any one was ever crowned “queen of denial” it would be me!!! The CROWN though for the “queen of denial” (or “king”) should be a sharp tap with the cyber cast iron skillet—the big one!!!!!

You know you’re doing right (good) when the dark keeps knocking down the door 🙂 If that makes sense 😀


The eyes have it …..as the saying goes. Urgh, he has that predatory stare! I feel so sorry for Robyn…..horrible. And her poor parents waiting for her to come home. I may feel devastated at times by my exp with the ex. I’m still here and that’s something. A right that she was denied. Poor darling. It makes me want to weep.

Erin B wrote:
“We have a responsibility to ourselves to NOT”..go for the ’gold’ in love
or life. Be fine with ’normal’, ’boring’ and ’regular’.

We can’t allow ourselves to think we will be the ’different’ one”

Erin, I’m saving that! Thanks

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