Disturbing stories of women and predators

Several Lovefraud readers have forwarded media accounts of women involved with allegedly predatory men. One woman is dead, one is missing and four more have lost a lot of money.

A 91-year-old German-born socialite, Viola Drath, was found dead of strangulation and blunt-force trauma in her Washington, D.C. home. Her husband, Albrecht Muth, who is almost half her age, has been charged.

Read Slain German socialite’s husband held without bail on News.Ca.MSN.com.

Viola Drath’s death shrouded in bizarre mystery, story and video on HuffingtonPost.com.

In a case reminiscent of Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner, 35, of Maryland, has disappeared in Aruba. Her travel companion has been detained. He has a history of domestic violence.

Read Roommate of woman missing in Aruba speaks out on CBSNews.com.

Albert Lovering Jr. of Waltham, Massachusetts, was charged with 23 counts of larceny for taking thousands of dollars from four women whom he met online.

DA: Waltham man conned women out of money, on BostonHerald.com.

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Donna, I’ve read the news stories about these events and both of them I thought about psychopaths…..which one of us here on LF would NOT think these people were psychopaths? The guy who they think offed the girl in Aruba had a 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR LIFE POLICY on this woman and tried to collect 2 days after she disappeared. DUH!!!! He wasn’t a very SMART psychopath though! LOL If it wasn’t so sick it would be funny, but I can’t help but laugh at HIM, not at the situation.

The older woman who was married to the very much younger guy….sheesh! I only know of one older woman who is married to a much younger man, there is almost 30 years between them, he was in his 20s when they married and she was in her late 40-s or early 50s, and they married in 1982 and are still to this day very happy….but most May-december marriages I think are based on status or money, you don’t see the Anna Nichole Smiths of this world marrying old men without money. If the old guy/gal has all their marbles I think if they want to marry arm candy, it’s their money and they can buy what they want with it, though I do think it is sad.

My poor old neighbor “Grandpa” though that is 83 and has a total income of about $700 bucks a month and has the meth ho mooching off him and leaving him totally destitute after the first week or two of the month, without food, electricity, etc. is another story, but he is “with it” enough that he can’t be restrained. Most of the neighbors and I have started to get the drift of what is going on and refuse to enable him except for feeding him when he is hungry and giving him immediate help, but no money and no gasoline. A couple of them though, still will give him a little money to “get rid” of him because they are irritated by him. It breaks my heart to see a man who was a good man, and a good neighbor and a good friend used and abused by this woman (they actually get into fist fights) but like a good friend of mine says “it is UNfortunate” and that means that there is NOTHING I CAN DO TO HELP HIM except when she is gone to check on him and make sure she has water and food, and I have found him at home without electric service, without phone, without transportation and without water or food on a 100+ degree day, but I CAN’T help him by giving him gasoline or money.

One/Joy’s WHISK BROOM brushed off my guilt about saying NO, and I found out today that he walked almost a mile to another neighbor’s house and told them I had 500 gallons of gas and wouldn’t give him a drop…which is TRUE but I did find out from his daughter the reason he wanted the gasoline from me was to go to her house and steal gasoline out of her parked car. LOL It’s funny in a SAD way, but we can’t help people who won’t cooperate with saving themselves.

It reminds me of a story my husband used to tell, when he flew helicopters for Petrolum Helicopters, he had a company man who wouldn’t sit down and wouldn’t buckle his seat belt. The man actually caused the small helicopter to turn upside down in a swamp in Louisiana. My husband who was a lifeguard trainer and an excellent swimmer went down to try to rescue the man, and the man kept trying to grasp him and would have drowned them both. My husband swam back to the surface and waited until the bubbles stopped coming up and knew the man was unconscious and he went back to save the guy. The man then testified at the FAA hearing that my husband had caused the crash, but fortunately, it didn’t wash, and the man lost his job with the company and my husband was cleared from responsibility of the crash.

Sometimes, you just have to wait until the person is at the bottom of the abyss before you can even attempt to help them.

In my state, even GROSSLY obvious self neglect by the slightly demented elderly doesn’t give anyone the “right” to force them to take care of themselves. It’s UN-fortunate as my wise friend says, but not my responsibility. I’ve got to keep my own empathy in check.

All of the above mentioned cases are so very sad!
The Viola Drath case is extremely weird, a story that seems only ‘hollywood’ could write….unfortunately it was her life!!!! Her young buck of a hubba was a whack job, one who dignitary’s around the world gave trusting positions of charm to. One article I couldn’t even keep track of all his comings and goings…..and kept thinking….HOW on earth does a person position themselves to be offered ALL of these different positions….in SO MANY countries! How is it we can place so much trust in this person?
His life was lived sooooo out of the box.

In all these cases there is a common thread. That thread radiates around so many of our stories.
We let our own ‘needs’ overshadow the reality.
Common sense is key here. The old saying…..if it seems too good to be true….IT IS!
There is NO cinderella ending to these stories……as much as the victims had hoped for it.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to NOT…..go for the ‘gold’ in love or life. Be fine with ‘normal’, ‘boring’ and ‘regular’.
We can’t allow ourselves to think we will be the ‘different’ one…..the one who finds love 50 years younger…..the one who is ‘taken’ care of by the rich guy/gal…..the one with the spouse with the incredibly fantastic and secretive job, the one who we may have met on the internet, the one with a beautiful love story that will work out quick’ and ‘forever’…..yadayada……

If we are willing to shoot for the fairytale…..we also must be the ones who experience the consequences of that horrible ending!
We will NOT beat the odds. And our lives are NOT a horse race!!!

This is soooo sad. But…..there IS a way to protect ourselves…..and it begins and ends with US!

I no longer believe in fairytales…….

The story of the old dame and the young stud is bizarre to say the least. It’s probably a case of an old broad marrying a young crazed spath and making him her toy boy. He in turn can’t wait for her to die so he can collect his settlement so he murders her off.
As far as the Aruba case goes it is crazy too. The young 35 year old blond is gorgeous and eerily similar in appearance to Natalie
Holloway. The crazed “sociopath” brings her to Aruba to murder her off thinking he can collect on her life insurance policy that he brought and more than likely forged her signature to buy.
In his twisted mind he believes he can get away with her murder and throw her into the sea because Joran Vandersloot got away with the Holloway murder on Aruba so he carry’s out his scheme not realizing the authorities would be wise to a copy cat murder the 2nd time around. Now will Aruba become the island of choice for men who wish to bump off their girl friends! LOL!!
I agree it is almost comical. However, I don’t want to jest over the death of that poor victim after having been a victim of a spath myself.
One thing I think is important to point out. She met this guy on an online dating site where most spaths congregate to meet potential victims so this should be a warning sign to a lot of young women of what happens when you go looking for a supposed “sugar daddy.”

You think since she was 91……and they were married over 20 years, he could wait for the ‘natural’ end…..it’s not like she had tons left in her!
It sounded like it was a rocky deal….restraining orders etc….so he proly got desperate and offed her to collect before she cut him out and divorced him.
Poor woman!!!!

The Aruba deal…..her boyfriend was interviewed recently. NOT the Aruba boyfriend……didn’t sound as if she’d known this dude very long and for him to have a Life ins. policy? Hmmmmm. She lied to the ‘real’ boyfriend saying she was in (i think) NJ visiting her famiily and they surprised her with a impromptu trip to Aruba…..imagine him not only finding out she was NOT with her family in Aruba….but also cheating AND MISSING!!!!! Oh the spin that poor guys head is taking!

Again…..we ALL have a responsibility to live ‘above’ board….honest, take the high road and stop taking the ‘edge’ in a situation…….I think overall…..WE WILL REMAIN SAFE and be the winners of happiness!

I am going to be serious and ask for some input..My narcissist mother is dying. Hospice is with her at the rest home. Not many of you know my history with her (Ox does)..I can talk about my x spath bf here, but when it comes to my mother it is always to painful and unbelieveable to discuss. Dysfunctional doesnt even begin to describe my family. Well I was told this moring she is asking to see me, she asked to see ____ my middle name, she never calls me that but alot of my maternal relatives do/did. So I dont want to go see her, my N brother will be there but that is beside the point…There is just so much pain. Will she do me more harm? one more jab with her wicked tounge? tell me again how I did her so wrong? When I was the one that kept her up on that pedastle for 50 plus years….All of my family knows she is ‘crazy’..a history of mental hospitals etc..3 face lifts..countless boob jobs…lies…coniving..manipulative….
I can seriously say I can not label my x bf…he was toxic for sure…but my mother is with no doubt a Narcissist that has done so much damage to me and my sister and countless others, has seperated family – cousins, aunts, uncles with her drama and lies…I have a half brother who will not go see her, my older full brother will but he is just like her and he got all her money and my dads money,,,not that i give a shit about money but he made sure he got it all…and then there is my sister who took her life – a direct result of mothers craziness…So will I regret not going to see her for the rest of my life?….any input is appreciated…I may not respond for a few days as I will not have internet access till sunday eve…oh my

Hens, I just posted on another thread about N parents. You might find it addresses some of this.

It’s really easy for me to say, “don’t go.” since I’m not in your shoes and I’m not feeling the guilt and the pull.

But really, what are the chances that she has changed? zero.
From what I’ve read, they will slime you even more from their death bed. In fact, their desire to see their offspring is just that:They have some more venom that hasn’t been used up. If you have an overwhelming desire to be a martyr, then go.

So ask yourself what possible good outcome could result? Then evaluate how likely is that outcome.

Great advice skylar. hens: I had this same situation once,when I was 16 and my Grandmother – let me rephrase that: ABUSIVE Grandmother- was on her death bed and I went and was sorry I did because it left me with that ‘final jab’. I really could have lived without it but that’s how they are. They will ‘jab’ you even in the end. The final decision is yours to make, hens, and your’s alone. I wish that you could go there and hear some conscious and some true repenting and apology to yourself. That isn’t always the case, though, as we all know.

Aw….((((hens)))) I am so sorry you are going through this. I will be praying for you and hoping all turns out well. Take good care of yourself and remember that you are loved and thought about, with great admiration. xxoo Dupey


hens sweetie – is there anything to be gained by going? anything to be lost by the visit?

from what you say there is nothing to be gained and much to be lost.

i will be direct: don’t go, save henry. there is no one else to be saved now.

Hens-I’m sorry you are in the position where you have to make this decision. I think I do gotta agree with onestep though.


Well, the softie that I am, I say go, but it’s easy for me to say that since I wasn’t the one abused by her. There has been so much abuse to people on here and it is extremely sad. If she is truly dying, I am not sure how venomous she could be, but I guess she could even whisper wickedness…I don’t know. I’m kind of rambling and just saying what comes from my heart, but only YOU can make that final decision. If you don’t go, you will always wonder and if you do go and she apologizes for all the horrible things she did to you, you may be able to walk away feeling some peace. If you do go and she gives you more poison, well, hey, you were already used to that, right? I hope I was some help and not harm. x


louise: you said, ‘If you do go and she gives you more poison, well, hey, you were already used to that, right? ‘ please, tell me you are kidding.

Louise, slime is hard to get off. Though I tell OneJoy that the goal is to not take it personally, the narcissists are very adept at making sure that we do. It’s part of being human to take things personally. To be slimed by a dying person must be one of the stickiest slimes imaginable.

I just say let her go if she is trying to die and not get slimed again. I don’t think evil people change just cuz they’re dying.

Maybe I just have an attitude right now-I don’t know.

Hens ~ I don’t have an answer for you. I’d really hate to see you get hurt anymore by her. I will keep you in my prayers in the hopes that you will be guided to the right decision for you. Sending you a big HUG and lots of love. Take care of YOU, no matter what.

h2h 🙂


‘To be slimed by a dying person must be one of the stickiest slimes imaginable. ‘ such an important point sky.

Dear Henry,

I DO understand the ambivalence you have about going to see her or not….but it is UP TO YOU TO DECIDE.

I made my decision about my egg donor, I will NOT go see her or allow her to see me, and won’t be at her funeral (I am her only child). There are some things that are just too horrific to “pretend it didn’t happen” even in the face of final exits.

I have forgiven my egg donor for the things she did, the things she neglected to do, for the lies she has told, and the pain it has caused, but does that mean I want to see her again? NO! Does that mean none of that stuff happened? NO! Does that mean I want to be around someone who would do the things that she did to me? NO, I don’t, and her getting old alone, and even if she wants to see me, is very UN-FORTUNATE, but I have NO desire to be with someone who would do me the way she did. Seeing her will NOT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER EITHER ABOUT HER OR ABOUT MYSELF because if she “swore on a stack of Bibles” that she was sorry for what she did, it wouldn’t make me feel any better about her. It wouldn’t make our “relationship” any better.

BTW your mom is not an N, she is a PSYCHOPATH who is also VERY NARCISSISTIC…. people who are not psychopathic do not do the things she did as a pattern in their lives.

(((hens)))- FUBR a/k/a f..ked up beyond reason. I’m sorry you are having to deal with such a horrible situation.
You must look out for you!! However this also means being able to sleep at night with the decision you make. The pain will not go away whether you go or not..sadly. If YOU decide to go make sure it is for YOU and not an obligation you feel you must comply with or some thoughts of hearing kind words or finding some peaceful closure.
I do not know your story so I can only tell you what I would hope i would be able to do if placed in that situation. I would go despite the pain. I would face that “demon” one last time. Why? Because you can, because you are beautiful, because you can hold your head up high one last time knowing the truth of what’s in front of you. That is for you!!
Remember that saying ” you can’t make it snow last Christmas” well baby it’s the truth.
I wish you the best.. My thoughts are with you! God bless!

wish I had some words of wisdom.
Whatever you decide to do… we’ll be here for you.

Hi SuperChic!

My advice to you is this…..do NOT give more than you can afford to lose. Whatever you decide to do…….

I have been thinking just how much I operated off guilt. I was programmed by my mother.
It still creeps in…….I dismiss my own needs and emotions to please others because this is easier than living with the guilt of not ‘supporting’ others.

I have to remind myself daily…….”WHY’ am I doing ‘this’.
(whatever pushes me in a direction of ‘action’).

Good luck Hens…..your in my thoughts darlen!!!

Dearest hens,
Hi, darlin hens, i am inclined to go with Sky and others here, DONT GO. remember they NEVER EVER Change. You will gain NOTHING from it.Pray for her from a distance if you like then leave her to God.I just have a horrible feeling it will make it WORSE for you, and you dont need WORSE at this point in your life.You are doing so well!As Sky said so well,a dying slime is the worst slime of all.Also, you may bump into your sicko Narc brother, Im sure you need THAT like a case of galloping clap!!
Much Love and HUGs whatever you decide!


Hugs to you. I’m sorry.

This is about HER – not about YOU- you’re not initiating this, she is, I have to say, I’m with majority vote here in that it’s likely to not go well.

Maybe you can do something else where you can control the situation better – like sending a letter to her and having somebody read it out loud to her saying one thing you appreciated about her – whatever it is, you get my drift.
Control the interaction so you don’t get hurt.



SK – good ideas!

Super Kid,
that is an excellent suggestion. He can get to say his goodbyes without actually being in her presence. Nice!

Thank you all for your input. My mind was made up long ago. It is guilt that makes me feel as if I should go. I would give anything if I could go and hold her hand and tell her goodbye. I just cant, and I cant explain a life time of anguish she has caused so many. I hope she goee peaceful, there will be people with her that still see the mask she wears so well.
I will attend the funeral “when she goes” funerals are for the living and I have nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. So now I wait on the phone to ring..and she could linger for months.
There is nothing good that could come from me going to see her .
Thanks again to all my friends here at LF…

Dear Henry,

I’m glad that you have made up your mind not to go see her, for YOU….because YOU are the one that has to take care of YOU….she made her own bed and it is not your responsibility to make HER feel better at this point in time. That was and still IS her responsibility, not yours.

I have no intention of attending the funeral for my egg donor, because the funerals ARE for the living and I have no need to be there to comfort myself when she passes. Her friends can comfort each other, I will be just fine with myself and don’t need them to tell me what a wonderful person she was. They didn’t know her very well, only the mask she wore. That may sound harsh, but it is my decision, and I am NOT going to feel guilty over it because guilt is what we should feel when we have done something wrong. I don’t think doing something like staying away from someone who has hurt us is “wrong” or anything we need to feel guilty about.


ah hens, so glad to hear. that guilt and obligation fog swirls around us and its our job to keep shining the light.


oxy – both my parents wrote that they didn’t want funerals or services. I will go against this when they die. for my mom – i want whoever is left who can wish her goodbye to come with me to the side of the woods and we can talk about her.

and my dad, wellllll…..I want to do the eulogy! 🙂 oh yah, wrath of the narcissist’s daughter! and no, i am not kidding.

Dear One,

I hear ya, and you know, I thought (before hand) that when my P sperm donor died I would LOVE to expose him—but you know, when it came down to the time, I realized he was NO LONGER IMPORTANT in my life. I got papers from his estate and a copy of his will in the summer of Chaos (2007) and he had left me and 2 of my half sibs out of his estate “and they know the reasons why” and left everything he had to my youngest hlaf sib who is I think just like him….but anyway, I realized then that I didn’t A) want his money or B) anything else to do with him even to expose him.

I read about his funeral on the internet and realized that it was a production put on by my half brother to show how important the sperm donor was, but no one was there except people from universities he had given money to. The clone mini-me son is the only person in the world who even liked him much less admired him.

I realized that me “doing the eulogy” would have not hurt him, and would just have rented him space in my head. NO ONE CARED about him, that is the BEST eulogy in the world.

As for the egg donor, I have no desire to be there either before, during, or after the memorial service. My relationship with her was murdered and buried a long time ago, she was the person who killed it, I buried it, mourned it and now it is RIP.


oxy – never in my wildest dreams would i have ever thought i would make such a declaration. but there it is. and it isn’t about ‘exposing’ him – it’s about speaking the truth. the people who know him will believe whatever they want about him. i don’t feel a need to change their minds; just want to speak mine.

1steprs – 99% of the people that know my mother have seen the evil behind the mask, not all of them have been victims however..I dont need to speak my mind, the ones that matter know the truth. My mom was beautiful on the outside, she was a great cook, a great house keeper, was very frugile. She loved animals. She was a hard worker…I have let go of the pain she has caused, I refuse to carry that after she is gone, it will go with her.I do know that she is a troubled soul, and yes evil to the core, soon she will be at rest and at peace.

I admire you for your attitude. It’s so hard and yet you’ve come to a conclusion, a difficult one at that. I wish you all the best.

Dear One,

We’ve all got to come to our own conclusions about our sires and dams, and you know I have realized in the last few months that MY TRUTH is MINE and I am caring less and less about what other people perceive of as “truth.” I’m just getting to the point I don’t really give a big Rat’s arse if that makes any sense to you. There was a time when I was SO INTENT on making sure that I had my say, or that others were told the TRUTH, but now I’m at a point I could care less…my sperm donor is dead and gone now 4 years and the world is still spinning. It doesn’t really make any difference to me what others think about him, or me It was about 40 years since I last laid eyes on the so-and-so. If people believe what he wrote in his “autobiography” or if they don’t it doesn’t effect me or my life. I think I have reached that NIRVANA of INDIFFERENCE with him, and am getting pretty darned close with the egg donor and that feels pretty darned GOOD.

The end product of the grief process is “acceptance” and I think that is where I am over most of the losses due to the psychopaths and their dupes. I think I am reaching that level of “acceptance” and “indifference” (as the case may be) and it actually feels pretty good to not be nursing that anger and angst, that sorrow or that pain.

I reached that level of “acceptance” several times but would then roller coaster back into anger or sadness, etc. then bounce back again…but I think I’ve begun to stay more in the “acceptance” level for longer and longer times so it seems that I am about to reach a conclusion to the worst of the roller coaster ride.

I’m getting closer and closer to that acceptance. My brain can “see” them more clearly now, with less and less FOG. I guess it just takes time. I can’t wait until it’s all gone.

Like OneJoy said, “not in my wildest dreams” would I have imagined wanting to stop loving my parents. I was so trauma bonded to them.

Hens, you are getting better and better when you choose to protect yourself instead of being a doormat for your mother’s wishes. She made her choices and your well being was not at the forefront of those choices. Now it’s your turn to be protected and the only one who will do that is you. (((Hugs)))

I am finding this conversation about family so interesting…

Once when I was divorcing, I saw a therapist for a bit, to help with the adjustment. After the obligatory “family history”part of the first session. He said, “I am blown away that you just related all that, and I believe your telling me the truth, but you related it as if you were telling a story about someone else. Totally unemotionally.”

Well. Yeah… I had talked about this stuff a gazillion time before. Cried about it, raged about it…ect. I was completely done feeling anything other than indifference. I was sick to death of talking about really…

I do believe though, that people who become involved with spaths got a warped view of love, staring from the cradle.

Like we are used to scouring barren landscapes for “Proof” of love, and no matter how small the kindness, we cling to it as “proof” with all our heart and soul.

I used to have the meanest things done to me, like my brother could beat the crap out of me that afternoon, and I would feel so bad, then that night, he would make sure I had, the “Good” pillow to sleep with that night, and I would feel better, like well, he was really mad at me, but he DID bring me the “good” pillow, so he must love me anyway. LOL!

I just notice that most people were not just “un-lucky” and ran into a spath. Rather they were born set-up.

I don’t really know . I just know, that I don’t feel much more than slight pity for my parents. My Father is passed. I didn’t attend is funeral. I KNEW it would be a nightmare, and it was. A huge screaming match between my mom and one of my sisters occurred. ( Weddings and funerals, I always try to avoid). I said my piece to him privately. My mom is 93 yrs old.
She still works part time, as the director of a group home in Florida, (Grove House). I will not be attending her funeral, I am sure. Like you said, oxy…I don’t really care what people think. I am at peace with my choices at this point.

IN studying the grief process (google Elizabeth Kubler-Ross) I know the steps don’t go 1-2-3-4-5 (with 5 being acceptance) they bounce around like a roller coaster from 1-4-2-1-4-5-2-3-1-4- etc. and you will get to acceptance, and I always assumed that you STAYED in acceptance when you got there finally. But I’ve realized this time through that acceptance, the calm, peaceful place that is the end point of the grief process is just like the other steps, you get there, and then you regress back to an earlier level, but then you get there again…..and eventually the roller coaster levels out with the highs lower and the lows higher and you finally get to the acceptance part and stay there….for longer and longer times without having a backward step. Your grief has come to a resolution and reaching acceptance of what IS and being able to stay there is the reward.

The other stages, of denial, sadness, anger, and bargaining are all done with.

With NC it is like a “death” even though the person isn’t dead.

ma’am i have read a few of these blogs and it made my stomach hurt. you are very intelegent but what im getting is the statement that the sociopath is an evil entity and i do not agree. ive seen many profiles of the sociopath and most characteristics can only be taken as a slight generality. the sociopath is very common in population and is not as portrayed in most cases honestly.

first off MOST SOCIOPATHS DONT KNOW THEY HAVE THE CHARACTERISTCS meaning and in consideration-

this evil that you speak of is not apparent to them, what i mean by that is the man whos trying to get in your pants subliminaly, does not veiw the situation like that in his head, he is incapable of doing so, OR the man who is playing suave to do such, who knows of his evil ulterior motive already has justified the matter…

see those are two different types of people, two different types of sociopaths, the second could be an evil entity YES, but you cannot not sum this up like that, i cant even begin to scratch the surface,

for every sociopath, there is a completely new and different diagnoses,

NO two people are sociopaths in the same respect,
NO two people thinks the same and want the same,

sociopaths are not EVIL, it is a way of thinking that allows evil to be done with lesser hesitation

Narcassist are not insecure, AT ALL-
THEY CANNOT BE a narcassist is not insecure because they do not see themselves in that light, THEY KNOW THEY ARE IT, and EXPECT TO BE SHOWN and DEEMED as such

if you are insecure you are not a narcassist its a paradox,

example a narcassist once told me he was insecure,

while the sociopath in him was trying to convince and play the role…

the thing with sociopaths is because they are so spontaneous and want it right then, after the fact when all is done and time passes after a while if they are being honest their actions lead into one another in a sequence, when they lye and are acting IT SHOWS,

BECAUSE the sociopath has no anchor, they are an entity and whatever is it at the time in their head whether its being insecure, they take on that role, to gain whatever of course, but the problem with that is YOU CANNOT be everything, you have to pick one or the other, certain things dont mix and your lies will surface, when this paradox occurs the sociopath or naracassist is forced to see that it was all an act, and sometimes they are speechless or maybe even frightened like a schitzo discovering his “voices” in his normal real time state of mind.

thats when the sociopath realizes they are the pathological predator you call evil.

Though the evil ones you are trying to make into the genre are the onesa who simply realize this pathological bullshit they feed everyone, and simply dont care.

Um…..pardon me, tauren, but the sociopaths that I have been exposed to certainly have a clear pattern to their behaviors, and they know precisely that their behaviors are creating a wake of damage – direct, and collateral.

A sociopath’s intent is, indeed, “evil” by definition: they intend to do as they please without empathy or remorse for their choices. Whether it’s kicking the dog or relieving a target of their life’s savings, the intent is to TAKE, regardless of how.

Although it is true that no two people are the same, including sociopaths, there is a distinct pattern of behaviors that are unique to their ilk and can be specifically predictable.

Sociopaths never “realize” anything – they deny and are pleased to do so. They rationalize and defend their actions and it is quite likely that they would go stark raving mad if they “realized” the boundless damages that their choices and behaviors have inflicted.

please don’t feed the spaths.
They are all delusional and their word salad “speaks for itself”.

Everything they say is 180 degrees the opposite of the truth because they lie, even to themselves. The things they believe are a defense mechanism set up to keep themselves from feeling and knowing that overwhelming sense of shame about who they are. This is the survival strategy of an infant.

Please click on the report button.

Good morning Skylar,
LOL I ain’t feedin no spaths…to early in the morn. Word salad, yup. I think it’s almost time to start planting again, don’t you?

ACK…….sorry……will do!

Sorry you missed the great pumkin..again! I love Charlie Brown’s lil sister (with her naturally curly hair) when she finds out the GP ain’t coming. I said to husband “watch this, she gives him hell” LOL First words out her mouth? “I’ve been ROBBED, you blockhead” LOLOLOL

All sociopaths are not evil by definition. Not all sociopaths are able to” kinda think out of the box” like we do.
– ignorance doesnt directly convert to evil.
soooo i guess a child who never hears the word of god is goin to hell its a very similar concept if you truly get the mindset.

thats word salad im proud of honestly

and skylar,
you have no idea who i am. do you practice what you preach, im not tellin you, because i dont know you, just asking, Becasue it honestly does make me feel better yes.

You cant say a sociopath doesnt realize they just deny. Thats invalid also. SOCIOPATHY AS A CONCEPT, WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY TO GIVE IT ITS JUSTICE BECAUSE THE DEFINTIONS MAKE YOU SAY THINGS LIKE THAT. AND yes we all know and associate the word, but its way deeper than that HONESTLY.

Although it is true that no two people are the same, including sociopaths, there is a distinct pattern of behaviors that are unique to their ilk and can be specifically predictable. YOU SAID THIS, now is this consistant with a definition or a concept.

Going over some earlier posts on this thread, I found this quote written by SAFEGUARD:

“Once when I was divorcing, I saw a therapist for a bit, to help with the adjustment. After the obligatory “family history”part of the first session. He said, “I am blown away that you just related all that, and I believe your telling me the truth, but you related it as if you were telling a story about someone else. Totally unemotionally.”

Interestingly enough I had a therapist tell me almost word for word this same phrase…..when I went to her after my first husband had left my two young kids and me literally homeless and broke in the “divorce from hell.”

In so many ways, I didn’t emotionally react to HORRIFIC EVENTS. It was a total disconnect. This is also the same therapist who told me I had the “THICKEST pair of rose colored glasses she ever saw.” LOL Talk about DENIAL!!!!! I think if any one was ever crowned “queen of denial” it would be me!!! The CROWN though for the “queen of denial” (or “king”) should be a sharp tap with the cyber cast iron skillet—the big one!!!!!

You know you’re doing right (good) when the dark keeps knocking down the door 🙂 If that makes sense 😀

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