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Divorce, custody battle, money, murder

In a sensational case from New York City, Shele Danishefsky Colvin, a wealth manager for UBS, was found dead in her bathtub in 2009. At the time, she was in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody battle with her husband, Roderick Colvin. Her death occurred the day before she was to go to her attorney to cut him out of her will. Last month, the Manhattan government office that handles estate disputes, filed a wrongful death civil suit against Colvin, to block him from inheriting Danishefsky’s money. And that’s just the beginning of the story. Read:

Ex-husband accused of strangling wealth manager wife to death in civil suit, on

Judge blocks Roderick Colvin from slain wife Shele Colvin’s $1.6 life insurance payout; orders hearing, on

Man who ‘killed’ wife went against family’s wishes in her burial, on

‘Killer’ wants NY to pay his legal fees, on

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Ox Drover

You know, this guy sounds like a real @#$#@, I feel very sorry for the parents of his murdered wife, who arenow being denied the chance to see their grandchildren by this #$#$% who wants the state to pay for the lawyer to help him keep the kids away from their folks.

When he goes to prison for murdering their mother (hopefully) who in the heck will raise these poor children?

You know, if you look for it, the news is full of stories that are just as heart breaking as this one is….and supposedly there are only 1-4% psychopaths in our society???? I think there are more!


Oxy, I’d say it’s closer to 25% with a large helping of fence sitters. The truly good people are only about 10 or 20 percent, IMO. Our culture encourages narcissism and a sense of entitlement, so it’s not surprising.

My spath had strategically convinced me to make a will and leave him everything. The first thing I did when I realized what he was about, was to destroy the will and make a new one. But I didn’t tell him. It’s best never to discuss those type of things with anyone. And if anyone is eager to get you to settle your affairs, run away, that should settle it.

Ox Drover


Back before my husband and my step father died, C had married the P-DIL and we were concerned about what would happen after we were all “gone.” We did not want the wives of either of my sons (the only heirs for all 4 of us) to be able to take the farm or the family’s assets, so we set up the trust so that in the even that I died before mom that the farm would go into a trust that could not be sold, mortgaged or otherwise lost to the sons, and they would have their homes here but in the event of a divorce the wife could leave with her suitcase, and not our farm or part of it. At the death of both my sons, the farm would go to A) a biological heir and it specifically stated no adopted child B) if no child, then to a named charity.

The reason for no adopted child clause was to keep a wife from having our sons adopt her kid so that she and or the kid could get control of the farm….in fact, son C had stated that he could adopt the psycho-biatch’s kids to get around a trust….I guess that was her idea, but because of his comment we put in there that NO adopted kids would be eligible.

This estate planning was all done about 1999. But unfortunately, I did tell son C because I wanted his then-wife to know she would never get the “big pay day” she was hoping for by marrying C, and he apparently told Patrick about the conditions of the trust and at that time was when he started planning to “get me”—-It took him almost 7 years to find a convict friend who was NOT on parole to pull his long con. Patrick is very capable of a long con and convincing enough to do so and get cooperation from other convicts.

the phoenix

Wow, what a real piece of work that one is… I would agree with Skylar that there are a lot more spaths walking among us, some of them just haven’t shown the signs yet. Yet… Because we know eventually they will.

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