Doctor is Joran Van der Sloot’s “guardian angel”

A 55-year-old radiologist from Florida, Dr. Mary Hamer, believes Joran Van der Sloot is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and is the subject of an international conspiracy. Van der Sloot is the Dutchman who is suspected in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and confessed to the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru. He sits in a Lima jail.

Watch the video interview Dr. Hamer did with Dutch media: Joran van der Sloot’s guardian angel

Read: ‘I’m Van der Sloot’s guardian angel’: Divorced Florida radiologist, 55, pays bills for 24-year-old ‘double killer’ ”¦ and even visits him in Peruvian jail, on Dailymail.co.uk.

Video of Hamer attempting to see Van der Sloot in prison: Joran Van der Sloot’s admirer: Dr. Mary Hamer says she’s the accused killer’s ‘guardian angel,’ on HuffingtonPost.com.

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Please don’t get offended. You wrote!

‘Perhaps imagining how he could use it to get what he needed ”“ attention. Kind of like an infant Walter Mitty, daydreaming of an alter ego with super powers in his finger’.

It’s just highly unlikely that a baby this age would think like this. Maybe older –yes

But as someone with a vivid imagination to another–believe me–I can get carried away too

Peace and love

Oh, yes – that was me taking poetic license. I have that tendency. 🙂

Honestly, I’m not sure his age. But the baby was staring at his hand intently. He was not looking around, his gaze was still and focused on that hand.

Something about it had his mind occupied.

When I pulled up, I just happened to line up my driver’s seat in direct line with his “bird”. I know he was probably already doing it before I even pulled up, so it was not intended toward me or anyone.

The reason it really struck me, at the time, was because I was learning that spaths are infantile, emotionally arrested individuals AND that they are obsessed with symbols.

It just made the whole thing all the more hilareous.

I love that you stood up to the bullies by cussing at them. They really do look for innocence and you moved out of their crosshairs by appearing less innocent. Bullies are cowards, they only pick on people who can’t fight back.

Babies are facinated by their hands at that age. All babies. But they are more likely to be thinking, ‘What’s this==does this belong to me’.

There you’ve got me started with the imagination.

Quit it LOL


Can’t or won’t fight back. I am a won’t person as I try to practice non-violence. Just a personal attitude–but with a spath that’s impossible.

Do violence back or no contact. I chose the peaceful route.


Well I’m off. This introverted gal has extroverted enough for one day and she’s exhausted. Need to recharge. Blissful solitude.

Thanks for listening


later, littlewhitehorse!

You sure didn’t offend me, Sky. I do think it’s poetic license to suppose he was doing it on purpose of having seen it before. But I do think that the response he got afterwards by his parents to it will remain somewhere stuck in his subconscious. He was getting to the age where babies either experiment with communication or start walking.


Just a thought. At this age–could this be when we either we internalise the parents reaction as ‘I am bad’ as opposed to a PD’s reaction externalising as ‘you are bad’ . And this becomes a lifelong pattern until we heal from these messages.


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