Doctor kills his kids, wants more

Guy Turcotte, a cardiologist from Quebec, stabbed his two young children 46 times. Turcotte says he doesn’t remember. His wife says it was revenge for her leaving him. A jury said he was not criminally responsible, so the doctor wants to resume his life.

Read Child-killing Quebec doctor says he wants to find love again, have more kids, on TheTyee.ca.

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A minister of my acquaintance (one I particularly did not like because of his over bearing and narcissistic behavior toward me) was arrested in July for internet stalking of a minor (actually he was sending pictures of his “junk” to a 40 year old deputy not the 14 year old girl he thought he was LOL) and the church wanted to hush it up like a “dark secret” even though it was on the news and in the paper.

I went to the hearing for this man in court, I was the ONLY one there that he knew, the church people chose not to go and stand up to him, but to let him sneak off into court without anyone he knew there to shame him or embarrass him for what he had done.

Of course he wrote a “sincere” letter of apology to the churches at which he had preached—it was all a BIG MISTAKE, though it took place over a one year period of time.

I think those that cover up for the bad guys are just as bad, just as guilty as the actual criminal.

TALK ABOUT A PSYCHOPATH!!!! This guy has got his doctors SNOWED. That’s the thing about “professionals”–they are people subject to being snowed like the rest of us but sometimes BECAUSE they are “educated professionals” they are narcissistic enough about their own abilities that they don’t realize they can be snowed.

Dr. Hare said the way he told the “real psychopath” was the inmate who was actually able to get money out of him (they all tried) was the one. LOL

That’s the problem with psychiatrists, they are part of the “helping” profession. That means they want to help. The problem with that is that, for a psychopath, any attempt to help is ENABLING. They are addicted to other people’s “help”. Actually their addiction is to any type of attention. For them it is ALL supply.

The only way to help a spath is to ignore him. This is the only type of consequence that he “feels”. He can’t stand being ignored. Any other consequence is DRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA!

That’s why doctors can’t help spaths. What kind of doctor ignores his patients? lol.

Everything about spaths is 180 degrees the opposite of normal people. I can just imagine what an psychiatric appointment for a spath would be like if doctors knew that spaths need to be ignored.

Spath shows up to the doctor’s office. Receptionist ignores him. There’s a sign on the door, it says, “spaths enter here.” Spath goes in. Doctor is seated at his desk.
There’s a sign that says, “spath sit here.” Spath sits. Doctor continues working at his desk, avoiding eye contact with the spath. After an hour, a bell goes off. An automated voice tells the spath, “Exit.” Spath’s insurance gets billed for 1 hour of treatment.

Hey, Sky, how about a sign that says “Spaths enter here” and it leads to a place there IS NO EXIT?

Seriously though, this guy is a physician, as well as a psychopath, and he knows how to FAKE depression illness…well somewhat…but just how “quickly” he got cured makes me see he is faking.


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