Documentary searches for stories of female bigamists

Lovefraud has recently been contacted by a television production company that is preparing a documentary about female bigamists for TLC, home of shows such as Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

If you’re a guy who’s been involved with a female bigamist, and you’d like to participate in the show, please e-mail [email protected]

UPDATE July 1, 2009: Production is on hold for the time being.

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There is an error I need to address, and I don’t have anywhere else to put this, so:

Donna said:

Passing Through did initiate this controversy by characterizing the information [OxDrover] presented related to sexually transmitted diseases as “misogynistic,”

That is not true. At no point did I state that OD’s STI info was “misogynistic”. I stated my opinion that the word “skank” is misogynistic, which I stand by.

OD said:

The son of a woman I know had a baby with this skank (he was also a skank)”

My exact words were:

I find this misogynistic slur offensive. The typical use of these slurs to disproportionately vilify women for their sexuality does not disappear when the slurs are applied to men.

At no other point did I use the word “misogynistic” or anything similar to it to describe anything else OD said, including the STI information she relayed.

I apologize for putting this comment in the wrong place, but I could not allow an inaccurate representation of my words to remain without comment.

Thank you Donna for the invite. I myself don’t know anyone that would fit into this type of documentary but hope some other members might be able too. I would love to see the show once it’s completed so I hope you will keep me inform when the documentary is aired. Thanks again for the invite and am sorry I can’t help. 🙁

James: I think this is one time when we might be HAPPY we can’t help — LOL! As much difficulty as we have recovering from the lies and fraud in the general Lovefraud story line, that takes the drama yet another level.

Any men who tangled with that sort of romantic con artist deserve all the support we can give them.

Again, I am struck by the helpfulness and kindness of virtually everyone on this site, even in the case of disagreements.

That makes it all the more obvious when one rare individual posts a comment that is clearly off-topic, placed for maximum visibility, and designed to vilify, impugn, and stir up contention. The narcissism shines through.

Let’s encourage each other in NO CONTACT.

Rune, No doubt you are right about not having this happen to me as well. Would have hurt me that much more.

oh, Rune

Yes, I am a true believable when it come to NC. Funny but now I am thinking about this I did this twice to my bio mother in fact twice once at 13 then again in my thirties before I even knew what NC meant. All I knew is that she wasn’t good for me and I for her.

I’m glad that lovefraud is getting respect from television producers, etc. We need Donna on Oprah!

Dear JAH,,
Yep, Donna on Oprah! Unfortunately, I’m not sure Oprah “gets it” about Ns & Ps. Oprah has a huge audience though, and is a good source of MUCH information, just not about Ps (as I have seen) I am not a “regular” watcher of her shows, though, so maybe I missed something.

Since I do not subscribe to cable or dish TV I don’t get TLC but when I have seen it, it is usually a pretty good watch. I hope the show does get some information out there!!!

what a wonderful idea about Oprah. Donna, you should consider this. I think it will reach many women and it will ring true for so many who have not yet discovered the site. It really has to be public – what we all go through – to protect the innocent and to put questions in the minds of those who cannot explain what is happening to them as we speak. I vote for Oprah

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