Domestic violence advocate murdered; boyfriend in custody

A week ago, Patricia Waschbisch of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, was honored for her work supporting the victims of domestic violence. On Sunday, she was found stabbed to death in her home. Police have her boyfriend, Brent Kaempf, in custody. According to public records, Kaempf has a history of domestic violence.

Coroner: Waschbisch died of stab wounds, on

Friends remember slain Peshtigo woman as devote parent, advocate, on

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How ironic and sad!This story just shows that it can happen to ANYONE…even someone who has been helping DV victims!I hope that boyfriend gets the death sentence!

Olga Rodriguez

Very, very sad situation indeed. It can happen to anyone and that shame we feel! It is even more difficult for one who helps victims of DV to come out and admit what they are going through! My heart aches!


Details from their last argument in the criminal complaint attached to this article, see pdf


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