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Domestic violence perpetrators convince Australian police that they’re the victims

When police in Victoria, Australia, get a domestic violence call, about 12% of the time they issue an intervention order against the wrong person, according to Women’s Legal Service Victoria. When it happens, the victim may be arrested, barred from the home, and deemed a danger to his or her children.

The perpetrators, typically men, present themselves as the victims and say their partners are psychotic or on medication. Although it can be very difficult to police to determine who is telling the truth, one organization, called No To Violence, believes that with training police can get better at correctly assessing domestic violence situations.

When police misjudge domestic violence, victims are slapped with intervention order applications, on

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Perpetrators are great liars.


Seems to me the police could ask for proof that the victims are on medication.


Perpetrators see THEMSELVES as victims!

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