Domestic violence realistically portrayed on Law & Order: SVU TV show

Allison Leotta, novelist and former sex crimes prosecutor awards kudos to the television show Law & Order: SVU for airing an episode that realisticly portrays domestic violence. The episode depicts a male pop star beating his superstar singer girlfriend to death which is similar to the real-life incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna except for the death part. Rihanna dropped the charges against her boyfriend Chris Brown as many victims often do. Leotta says 80% of similar cases end the way the show did with a dead victim..

Leave Him or Die: SVU’s Warning to Rihanna and You on

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Donna, I appreciate this article and link, and I wish – oh, how I wish – that courses in domestic violence were a requirement to graduate from high school.

We, as a culture and planet, do not talk about domestic violence and abuse. We don’t do it because it is still stigmatized and the dynamics are known only to a select handful of professionals.

Stockholm Syndrome is poorly named because it is associated with a specific event. This syndrome had been universally recognized as a component to ANY situation where an individual is dehumanized and dismantled, then reconstructed as per the abuser’s whims. I was a victim of this syndrome, myself, and I had NO idea that this was even associated with abuse. In fact, I “knew” that I was living in a terrible relationship, and I also “knew” that it was abusive. But, I did not “know” that there was no cure for it. I did not “know” that my continued bargaining with the abuser would NEVER amount to any changes or improvements.

Domestic Violence and abuse is becoming more, and more common and has reached epidemic proportions. There is NO cure for domestic violence and abuse. None. No amount of counseling, anti-depressants, or pleading is ever going to break the cycle. The only thing that breaks the cycle is when the victim leaves, or dies.

Again, thank you for this article and link.

Brightest blessings

raggedy ann

This was a great article I intend to share. Thanks for posting it.
I want to point out, though, that the 80% figure was used to indicate that 80% of domestic violence homicides involved prior domestic violence incidents. She wasn’t saying that 80% of the women who stay with an abuser end up killed. She did also say that 80% of criminal domestic violence cases are put at risk or ended because of the victim staying with or protecting the abuser.
There are actually factors that put abusers at greater or smaller risk of reoffending, but as she implies and we all know, odds are he will.

Ox Drover

I saw this show, Donna, and it was one of the better episodes, though I do watch this show on a regular basis and in general the shows are good, this one was VERY good in portraying domestic violence in a REALISTIC manner, rather than a kidnapping or other much more rare event that people can’t “identify” with, this is a show that any victim of physical Domestic Violence could identify with.

Thanks for the article about it.

Thank you so much for posting this article Donna!I didn’t see the show last night.I don’t like to watch shows with a violent theme.But that show was teaching a lesson that really needs to be learned!

I’ve seen domestic violence since I was a child,and endured it myself.Every woman THINKS SHE CAN HANDLE IT.Unfortunately many never see what’s coming at ’em until it’s too late.We have to LEARN how to protect our minds and bodies BEFORE the event.I agree that there should be a required course (with credits) about domestic violence in HS.

So informative, thank you for posting this article.


Silent Witnesses:

A Silent Witness represents women violently killed in L***** County from 1989- Present. These women lived, worked and raised their children in L***** County. They were brutally killed by someone who supposedly loved them. Through this exhibit Genesis House is committed to break the silence about domestic violence and provide awareness in the community of our services or shelter to women and children who need help in regards to violent or abusive situations. These are the Wives, daughters, and other women that had been brutally murdered in the County in which I reside. I remember most of these in the news. Society still does not take these sociopaths and predators serious enough…….

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