Donna Andersen and Casey Jones interview tonight

Donna Andersen will appear on the True Facts with Jon Leiberman radio show tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Joining Donna in the interview is Casey Jones, a Lovefraud reader who is launching a website called Women Against Con Men. It’s a place where the names and photos of con artists can be posted.

Jon Leiberman, formerly a reporter with America’s Most Wanted, asks the women about their experiences with con men. Even though both lost a lot of money, they also both managed to turn the tables on the swindlers.

Listen to the show live at Just click the Live Radio button.


Listen to the mp3 of the show on the following link. Scroll down to Thursday, 7 pm, True Facts with Jon Leiberman.

Donna Andersen and Casey Jones talk about their experiences in the second part of the show. In the first part, a woman talks about the death of her teenage son, the predators who she thinks are responsible, and the indifference of law enforcement. Truly tragic.




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Maverick, he has no conscience. How does a tick embed itself in a dogs ear and suck the blood? It is just what they do. What they are. Parasites.

He seems to have a reasonable family that are in law enforcement as well as principals of schools, etc… yet they continue to allow his deception and deceit and do nothing…. why?

This is maddening… my family would have a talk with me for sure if I or someone in my family was acting up. We would tell them to stop it! Get help! We certainly wouldn’t allow someone we knew was being like this and let them continue.

Also, the legal system let me down! I am sure many of us that have tried to take on the path realized that they can get out of most anything with little to any punishment… fraud, stealing, hot checks, perjury.. doesn’t matter there is always some reason they did what they did and the legal system does nothing… because it is a domestic case…. I say Bull …. Fraud is fraud.. I used to say nothing says love like fraud!

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