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Donna Andersen and Casey Jones interview tonight

Donna Andersen will appear on the True Facts with Jon Leiberman radio show tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Joining Donna in the interview is Casey Jones, a Lovefraud reader who is launching a website called Women Against Con Men. It’s a place where the names and photos of con artists can be posted.

Jon Leiberman, formerly a reporter with America’s Most Wanted, asks the women about their experiences with con men. Even though both lost a lot of money, they also both managed to turn the tables on the swindlers.

Listen to the show live at Just click the Live Radio button.


Listen to the mp3 of the show on the following link. Scroll down to Thursday, 7 pm, True Facts with Jon Leiberman.

Donna Andersen and Casey Jones talk about their experiences in the second part of the show. In the first part, a woman talks about the death of her teenage son, the predators who she thinks are responsible, and the indifference of law enforcement. Truly tragic.




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Hope to heal

I will not be able to listen to the show at that time. Will it be available at afterward?


I have been on lovefraud for about two years now and have been comforted by knowing that there are others who understand what one goes through when dealing with a sociopath. It has taken me over 2 1/2 years to even begin to untangle my life from my path. I have been to more court, been sued, he didn’t show up, taken him to contempt, he didn’t show up and most recently, even though I could prove he had lied and perjured himself in our domestic case, the court did nothing…nothing to punish him for his misdeeds, instead, ultimately I was punished for doing the right thing?!!! how in the world does one reconcile that? Also, I had suspicions that he was on to his next victim and that now is confirmed. I am at a moral crossroads…. I want to warn her, as no one should have to endure this cruel mental torture by him, but I know he will file some sort of restraining order, or sue my for slander even though I have black and white proof of his forging my signature multiple times and taking thousands of dollars from me…. but will she listen? Do I just need to give up the idea that perhaps I could save one person from his devastation? Those of you who have been in the same situation, please advise. I would hate that someone could potentially save me from harm and did nothing.

Please advise.


maverickwest – you are FREE. Walk away……RUN and don’t look back. His new girlfriend will not listen to you. He will have already told her that you are mad. Save your energy, look after you.


Thank you for your response… but I feel an obligation to help others in regards to him. I was wife #6, he said I was wife #3, he will use and discard her and how sad that will be.


Wife #6 – PETITE where are you? Are you reading this? Ring any bells?

I can understand your desire to help his victim Maverick. I tried to help the one my ex hooked up with. You are a GOOD person. But believe me when I say you cannot save her. She has to save herself.

He will have told her all sorts of lies about you already so she will just think you are bitter/twisted and trying to get him back (as if?!)

Ox Drover

Dear Maverickwest,

Yep, he has already told her that you are CRAZY and a stalker, because he “cleaned up in front” to protect himself from you telling her the truth. I have BEEN WARNED and I did not listen, I have WARNED and they did not listen. While I agree that you want to “save” this woman from the kind of pain you went through…even if you did “save” her (not likely) he will move on to the next and the next and the next….at what point do you plan to stop trying to protect his potential victims? See, it is never ending.

That is the sad part about this is that they will just keep moving on and moving on and moving on….

Glad that you are here, just keep reading and learning and healing and taking care of yourself. (((hugs))) and again Welcome and God bless.


See you all later – It’s a lovely evening here and I’m off to the pub xx


How true what you say, he has probably filled her mind with what a true…. i am and that poor pitiful man needs someone who understands him, supports him and loves him… not to mention has a home, money, job and is vulnerable. Ox you are right… I can not save them all… there will be another one even if stop this one relationship. Don’t get it… he can’t even have sex anymore… and lives on SSN Disability and Medicare…. how in the world does he do it? How does he live with himself? I know it will be good for awhile with her until he is enmeshed himself in her life and than watch out as the money disappears like water.

Ox Drover

Maverick, he has no conscience. How does a tick embed itself in a dogs ear and suck the blood? It is just what they do. What they are. Parasites.


He seems to have a reasonable family that are in law enforcement as well as principals of schools, etc… yet they continue to allow his deception and deceit and do nothing…. why?


This is maddening… my family would have a talk with me for sure if I or someone in my family was acting up. We would tell them to stop it! Get help! We certainly wouldn’t allow someone we knew was being like this and let them continue.


Also, the legal system let me down! I am sure many of us that have tried to take on the path realized that they can get out of most anything with little to any punishment… fraud, stealing, hot checks, perjury.. doesn’t matter there is always some reason they did what they did and the legal system does nothing… because it is a domestic case…. I say Bull …. Fraud is fraud.. I used to say nothing says love like fraud!

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